How To Get Happy and Live Longer

How I reduced my risk of death 40% for $20

You have the power, just turn on the tap

I love this place where thousands died

Do you take a breath? or is it given to you?

Can a positive attitude improve your physical health?

Couple wins $11 million and gives it away

3 Seconds to Better Health

How Long Will You Live? Take this test to find out

I Want What This Wild Chick Has

Want to Live Longer?…Start Worrying!

Are You Really Alive? (see the poll)

Spirituality Could Be a “God”send for your health

Healthy and Happy Living…is it possible!

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead! 

Look at this picture the next time you want to…

I Think I Found the Cause to my Cancer

Want to change your perceptive? Watch this:


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  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing it. Very inspiring 🙂

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