cancer treatment

Chemobrain? or PTSD?

As much as 35% of all people that have gone through treatment for cancer have full blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And up to 80% exhibit some symptoms related to PTSD. We most often think of PTSD as something that… Read More ›

Auditory Xanax for Anxiety

There’s more to treating anxiety than just popping pills. One of the biggest problems with cancer patients is their level and management of anxiety.  But anxiety is not just a psychological issue, it’s a very real physical issue.  Anxiety causes… Read More ›

Here’s How to Cure Cancer

I didn’t need an excuse to travel to 78 degree-and-sunny West Palm Beach Florida, but the Annie Appleseed Project Convention was an excellent one!  I think I would have attended even if it were held in 5-below-snow-and-ice Chicago. For those… Read More ›