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Chiropractic for cancer care

Lots of traffic means road rage

To those who are pissed at us

Cancer perks

This breast cancer survivor says. “Step away from the pink!”

Alcohol/Caffeine combo drinks

Couple wins $11 million and gives it away…that’s happiness

Healthy living blogs

3 seconds to better health

Life lessons from an Alzheimer’s patient

Don’t pin me down! (my acupuncture experience)

Harvard Study finds BPA in Canned Soup

Finally, there’s proof validating acupuncture!

Skinny Santas and other tidbits

The history of medicine in 6 lines

You can’t force your a-ha moment

How Long Will You Live? Take this test to find out.

When Good Doctors Go Bad…12 Ways to Tell

I Want What This Wild Chick Has (85 year old mayor helen McCallion)

Want to Live Longer? Start Worrying

This One’s Got Me Fired Up!

Do you Have Ugly Feet? (natural home pedicure)

Is Organic Worth it? (5 things you should buy organic-and 5 things you shouldn’t)

How Flossing Can Save Your Life (learn how flossing can not only save your teeth, but your life as well)

Test Tube Meat?

Thoughts About Food and Changing You Career from a Vegan Chef

Too Bad you Can’t Smell This (chili in a cast iron pot)

I’m Not Preparing for the Apocalypse, I’m Just Having a Snack

New Stride Spark Chewing Gum with Vitamins

My Hugs Experiment

Should I get the H1N1 Vaccine?

What Your Poop Says About You

Would your head glow in the dark if you got 100 dental x-rays?

Brazilian Blowout–Is It Safe? 

Why don’t men get check ups?

Smoking Hot or Smoking Not? 

What’s in your “Naturally Derived” Hand Soap? 

Good News/Bad News About Women and Breast Cancer 

Shame On You Dr! 

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead 

My solution to BPA in canned soup–Streit’s! 

An Extraordinary Woman

Birthday Suit Basics (all about skin cancer)

Study shows breast feeding can reduce YOUR BABY’s risk of breast cancer

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