Couple wins $11 million and gives it away

Health is not just about how many sit ups you can do. A healthy mind is a happy mind.

How many of us can say that we are truly happy with the things we have–and don’t want any more?

A couple from Ontario is a great example of true happiness.  They won $11 million, and after “taking care of their family” donated the remaining $10.9 million to their local hospital, churches, the Red Cross and others. Read the story here.

Some might call this an act of stupidity.  I have to think that they realized money will not make them happy, but giving that money away obviously did make them happy.

Maybe the contributing factor was that the woman has cancer and is currently being treated.

I can tell you from experience, looking death square in the face puts things into perspective.  That new car or piece of jewelry just doesn’t have the same appeal as a hug from your kids or the one you love.

“…it’s not about getting what you want….it’s about wanting what you get.”

-Cheryl Crow

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4 replies

  1. Thank you for sharing your take on money. Sometimes I need to hear it from someone who knows and has had a life altering experience. I am lucky I don’t have a brick to the head yet although sometimes the way I am carelessly living my life and taking my health for granted….I really need one.

    I so admire this couple. Stories like this make me teary that there are good people in this world.

  2. She could have donated it to the Scott Charity, it’s a very prestigious charity, from what I hear…. *looks around*

    Nice story. I admire stuff like this. Money isn’t important unless its needed 😉

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