Look at this picture the next time you want to…..

inspiring photos

…complain about anything (especially that your shoes hurt)

…feel sorry for yourself

…skip trying something because you’re afraid you’ll fail

…see the face of pure joy

I find myself looking at this amazing little guy a lot.

(His name is Cody McCasland and he was born prematurely and not expected to live.  Click here or on his picture to hear about his amazing inspiring story and maybe learn a lesson or two.)

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13 replies

  1. His smile is such an inspiration! He looks like he’s about to get a gold medal or something. I’m betting that this kid is going places in life. Great post sister, a picture really is worth a thousand words!

  2. Check out the grin on his face, and his sparkling eyes – so full of life! Very challenging indeed!!

  3. The story is beautiful and inspiring. He has such a great smile that is also very touching. Thank you for sharing this story!

  4. Or when you think that you are not feeling for exercise today … Very inspirational

  5. I did too! Shared it in my fb =)

  6. This is really inspiring… Thanks for posting this!

  7. He makes us all just enjoying “being” What a bundle of love and happiness Cody is.

  8. Absolutely inspiring … thanks for sharing!


  9. He just makes you want to smile right along with him! His name should be perspective because that’s exactly what he provides to the rest of us. Thanks for sharing!

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