Diet, Nutrition, and Exercise

Please click here for great resources for cancer patients and their families!

5 Things you Can Do in 30 Seconds to Dramatically Improve Your Health


I’m a lazy so and so…. (how to get yourself started with a smart exercise program)

10 ways to Get the Most Out of Your Walking (a list of things your can do to give your walking a boost)

I’m “Just Doing It”…properly (it pays to get fitted for exercise shoes)

Guest blogger Forks to Feet


Study find Omega 3 rich diet halts cancer

Week #1 of the “Meatless Monday Challenge”

Week #2 of the “Meatless Monday Challenge”

Week #3 of the “Meatless Monday Challenge”

Week #4 of the “Meatless Monday Challenge”

Week #5 of the “Meatless Monday Challenge”

Week #6 of the “Meatless Monday Challenge”

The right water

Monsanto woes and a yeast free bread recipe

An unhealthy recycle bin

My new delicious and guilt-free food obsessions

Rejoice! Chocolate is good for you!

You can turn your mushrooms into Vitamin D factories

Exactly what is detox? (do you really need to cleanse to detox?)

Grab your Nuts and Go (a list of the most popular nuts and why they are so good for you)

Cow’s Milk is for Baby Cows (dairy may not be as healthy as you think, and there are many great alternatives)

Bill Clinton Got it right! The Benefits of a Vegan Diet (Bill Clinton just announced that he is a vegan–here’s why)

What Do Oprah and Bill Clinton have in common?

Are Blackberries Really Black? (the amazing blackberry–no technology involved)

Comfort Foods Without the Guilt (how you can have your comfort foods and eat them too)

My Solution for BPA in Canned Soup (you can have your BPA free soup…and eat it too)

Curry Up and Get Healthy (the amazing health benefits of curry)

Just Found the Ultimate Iced Tea (Sweet Leaf is the best!)

More “color enhanced throughout feed” Salmon Please! (farm raised vs wild salmon and what is that coloring they add?)

Shiitake Mushrooms…they’re good to you, treat them right! (how to cook and store shiitake mushrooms)

Skinny Santas and Other Tidbits (fun facts)

New Stride Spark Chewing Gun with Vitamin B6 and B12..please spit it out! (do you want to get your vitamins from a gum?)

You Don’t Know Jack About Pumpkins (pumpkins are great–and not just for Halloween)

Think You’re Choosing the Healthiest Take-Out? (compare take out foods and choose the right one)

Using Food as Medicine (foods have medicinal properties)

You Are Sweet Enough (see why too much sugar and other sweeteners are doing to you and some fact about HFCS)

New High fructose Corn Syrup Study…we are right!

You’re Not Hallucinating…Mushrooms Are Magic! (mushrooms have incredible cancer fighting properties)

The Oprah Show goes vegan (a summary of Oprah’s show where over 300 of her staff went vegan for a week)

Why you should be cooking in cast iron (cast iron is a healthy way to cook)

Freeze Dried Foods–not just for the apocalypse! (have you seen the new freeze dried foods?)

Little boys developing breasts? The soy controversy (is soy the same as estrogen?)

Soy…are you for? or against?  (more of the soy story)

Is MSG b-a-d? (learn about MSG in all it’s glory)

What’s so great about sea salt? (what is it and why do i want to use it?)

Is Organic Worth It? (5 things that are worth the extra money, and 5 things that are not

Drink Like the Professionals (make this natural protein energy shake)

Want to Lose Weight? Count Your Distractions, Not Your Calories

Trying To Eat Healthy? Start With Your Cookware

Cigarette cancer warnings on hot dogs? (one group think’s we should put warnings on hot dog labels)
What’s so Great About Sea Salt?

Ugly on the outside, yes, but… 

My 30 gram Protein Salad 

Earth Balance buttery spread fooled my family

Which water is best to drink?

See what happens when you leave a McDonald’s hamburger out for 2 years 

Get the skinny on healthy fats


Do the “D”…Vitmain D (many don’t know the vitamin D story, do you?)

New 2010 RDA for Vitamin D–I’m not buying what they’re selling

The Slimy, Smelly (but healthy) Fish Oil Story (omega 3 fatty acids and why they’re needed)

Science is beginning to Unlock the Secret Health Benefits of Garlic (garlic has a purpose besides tasting great)

Strontium for Osteoporosis..if you’ve never heard of it, you will

Even Ironman needs iron

A new “food-drug” for depression …folic acid

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