You have the power… just turn on the tap.

Water is powerful and can talk to us (as you’ll read later).

I started drinking my water this way for the past couple of weeks and I love it. I can drink so much more water than when I just drink water alone.

Start with chlorine filtered tap water or any chlorine-free water of your choice (but jeeze…NOT Vitamin Water). Then take fresh sprigs of rosemary  and fresh mint and tap them gently with a knife to open the leaves so you’ll get the flavor in the water.  Add a slice of lemon (Make sure you wash the outside of the lemon before you slice it). I don’t need any sweetener with this water because the mint tastes sweet.  You can switch up the herbs as you like.

herb water

herb water

Use a washable reusable straw as disposable straws never biodegrade.  Never.  The herbs will float, so drinking it with a straw, you won’t get any “stuff”. (although it’s kinda nice if you get a bit of mint)

Don’t add ice, as your body will use energy heating the water up inside your body.  Try to drink room temperature water and save that energy for healing.

Now for the most important part.

Say something nice to your water before you drink it.  Even saying the words “love” or “peace” will do the trick.  Or a nice blessing… 

“Bless this water and allow it to infuse my body and soul with health and happiness.”


“As a child of God, I bless this water that it may nourish my soul and enrich and heal my body.

or try Dr Masaru Emoto’s blessing:

“I love you water, I thank you water, I respect you water.”

Dr Emoto is from Japan and has done research on the powerful healing vibration of water.  He discovered that when water is frozen it forms crystals (no big shocker there) but the interesting thing is that the crystals form beautiful patterns when exposed to loving words or beautiful music, but form grey blobs when exposed to hateful words or ignored.

"Love and gratitude" crystal

“Love and gratitude” crystal

"You make me sick" crystal

“You make me sick” crystal

Dr Emoto explains that everything has resonance and so do emotions and intentions.  You can transfer the positive vibrations to other things.  he says, “We all have the ability to love. We can transfer this energy to anything.”

While some may think this is pure rubbish, what harm would it do to think loving and peaceful thoughts directed at the one liquid that is responsible for your life and health?

Think about the real sanctity of water. You are made of mostly water. It makes up most of our planet, and it is everywhere…from clouds, to dew to rivers, lakes and streams.  The very air you breathe is infused with it.

It loves you. Take a moment to love it back.

Water blessing

Water blessing

The supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to.
~ Lao-Tzu

Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium.
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

What the Bleep!?

Dr Emoto’s website

The Rice Experiment (two of the same jars of white rice infusing with opposite emotions to see the result)

A triple blind study on emotionally charged water crystals

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13 replies

  1. This water sounds delicious! I love the idea of saying a peacefully word before drinking!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for reminding me of Dr. Emoto! I read that book years ago & was blessing my water for a while & started forgetting. I plan to remember it for as long as I can now:)

  3. I have been saying, “I love you, water. I thank you, water. I respect you, water.” All day today. As a Hot Yogi, I already appreciated water so much, but now it is great to be able to express my gratitude out loud.
    Thank you for this information, you are truly savvy.

  4. Great Post! So glad we chatted about that on Sunday. I am gonna try the rice experiment!!!!

  5. What a great post – I am totally trying this out. I’ve also heard that because salt is a crystal that it retains emotion so I always bless my salt crystals when I’m cooking. Kinda kooky but makes me feel good ; )

  6. What an interesting look at this most prosaic but vital of elements. If I was a meaner person I would try and replicate Dr Emoto’s experiment for myself, but I think I will just talk nicely to my water instead. I already do the mint thing, but adding a sprig of rosemary sounds extra delish. I can almost smell it now!

  7. This is great. I love water. I’m thankful for water.

  8. Thank you for this — I am trying to be more ‘mindful’ and this will be added to my practice!

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