Chemicals/Environmental Hazards

Check here for great resources for cancer patients and their families!

Fluoridated Water…Friend or Foe?

Is Your Deodorant Causing Cancer? 

Do you want paper?…or high density polyethelyne? 

Trying to eat healthy? Start With Your Cookware! 

What Chemical do you drink and bathe in? 

Would Your Head Glow if You Got 100 Dental x-rays? 

Can you disinfect with UV light? 

Soup may be Harmful to Your Health? A Harvard Study says yes

How to get a Clean “Happy” Home 

Brazilian Blowout…is it safe? 

Lead in lipstick?

Where is DEET hiding and is it bad? (reporting on the new OFF  clip on repellant)

What’s in your “naturally derived” hand soap?

Water water everywhere…but which one should I drink?

Johnson & Johnson admits: we use formaldehyde in our baby products

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  1. Hello I am from India how can I know that j&j product are safe for my baby

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