How I reduced my risk of death 40% for $20

By creating a cheap (albeit unattractive) standing workstation for my computer, I have reduced my risk of  dying from heart disease, diabetes and maybe even cancer by 40%!

Because I run a home based business, write a blog, and am working on my fist published book, I sit a lot.  The only thing worse than developing wide-ass from sitting too much is dying prematurely. (You’re right…..maybe that’s a toss up)  Excellent research of late suggests that those who sit for more than 6 hours a day significantly increase their risk of death.  This is independent of their weight and if they are marathon runners.

So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying a standing work station, I decided to put my creative ingenuity to work and make one.

I went to a local “everything store” (i.e Target) and purchased a plastic square file box and a roll of non-slip rubber shelving.  I found another cardboard box there that was in the trash bin and took it for free. (You could use any box)

I placed the computer screen on the box and secured it with duct tape. (the pink tape is optional)

Turning the box gives me a great storage area

Turning the box gives me a great storage area

I put another piece of tape on the top to keep the screen from tilting.

Then I placed the box on the chair and covered it with the non-slip rubber sheet. (this was meant to be used as shelf lining)

the back of the chair is the perfect height for typing!

the back of the chair is the perfect height for typing!

The back of the chair I was using comes righ to my waist and it’s very comfy for typing. I can actually type much faster like this. The mouse stays put when it’s on the non-skid surface.

Then I secured it with a bungee cord I found in the garage. A belt would also do I guess.

The bungee went around the non-skid stuff and secures it perfectly to the chair

The bungee went around the non-skid stuff and secures it perfectly to the chair

Voila! Instand standing work station! now I don’t feel so guilty working so late.  I’ve also added a cushioned mat to stand on and to ease stress on my back I occasionally put one foot up on a pile of books.  So far it works great.

Another plus is that I’m a bit farther from the screen and because my eyes have “matured” it’s the perfect distance.

Standing also let’s me stretch and bend during my time here.  I can also improve my sex life while I work and I feel like my breathing is better.


No, I won’t win the contest for the prettiest office space, but I don’t think I’ll let that bother me.

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15 replies

  1. This is such a good idea! Better than sitting down all day with the added health risks.
    I run a campaign on my WordPress, check it out for information about the risk of sitting and the benefits of walking.

  2. Creative, frugal, AND good for your health. Brilliant! I think so much better when I’m standing. The stand-up desks you can buy are super expensive, though. What a great solution!

  3. Hahhahahaha! Well done you! Clever woman!

  4. This is AWESOME! I don’t work from home, but I have been doing a lot of sitting lately because I am not working or in school at the moment. I was JUST trying to figure out a way to set up a standing style desk so I could blog standing up!! There are so many articles going around about sitting too much!! I get crazy paranoid haha. This is great seriously, I love the DIY aspect!

    • It looks stupid I know but who gives a ship….In just the few days that I’ve started this I really feel much better and I’m not so worried that I blog too much. Now I can keep blogging…and blogging…and blogging…..

  5. Oh, could we see a photo of you putting it to use? That would be great 🙂

  6. You are right, it isn’t the prettiest ;D but it is your solution for you, and it works. PInk tape is a nice touch! As for me, I stand a lot with my cooking so I try and take the opportunity to march in place if I am doing non-chopping tasks, and no one is around. As a matter of fact I was caught in the act when I was skinning my chickpeas last week, marching along to some age-inappropriate music. My daughter tried to take a sneaky video, but I caught *her* first. Phew! I do like your lo-fi solution to the prospect of workstation-induced wide-ass. You could patent it 😀

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