Healthy and Happy Living… is possible!

I hear you! I hear all of you that I  have supported and given advice to over the past 5 years. You asked me to post my thoughts and advice about how to live a healthy and happy life.


This blog is dedicated to all of you who have health issues and realize that you need to make a change, or to those who don’t have health issues and want to keep it that way.

  My “brick to the head” was my Stage III breast cancer diagnosis in 2005.  For the past 5 years I have been researching, reading and going to seminars in the hope that I can make good, positive but “do-able” changes in my life to prevent me from a reoccurrence and also to help my 2 daughters live healthy and hopefully avoid my path of illness.

My daily choices are made after answering 2 questions:

  1.  Will it promote my health?

   2.  Can I be happy including this in my life?

For example: broccoli……will it promote my health? YES! Can I be happy including this in my life?…….well……if the answer is that I would rather drink battery acid than eat broccoli, then don’t eat it!

Here are some points about this blog:

   *this is not a blog to tell you what to do.  Rather it gives you options to choose.  Whether you choose them or not is totally up to you

   *I will substantiate everything I do with references-whether they are web sites, or books or seminars I have attended.

  *I am a registered nurse and that makes me a professional, but it does not make me an expert on everything.

  *I am not your health professional, so please check with your doctor or health provider before you adopt any routines sites here

   *I am not getting any money for endorsing certain products.   If I say it’s good, it’s because that is what I think because I use it.

   *I believe everyone has the right to be happy and healthy and I think having information can do that for you

  *I believe in hard facts…not myths on half-truths

So check out the posts to come! I’d love to share and learn with you!

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  1. Awesome — I’ll spread the word!

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