Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde

This original post written August 2012. Scroll down for recent update. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising.

No more tears?  I would rather have no more formaldehyde.  I just might get my wish.

Don’t cry! They finally are concerned about your safety!

Today, the personal care giant announced that it would voluntarily (after consistent pressure from the public and groups like EWG) remove hidden formaldehyde, specifically quaternium-15, from their baby products like baby shampoo and baby washes.  Didn’t know that quaternium-15 releases formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is “hidden” in ingredient names like “DMDM hydantoin“, and “1,4 dioxane” (which is “hidden” in listed ingredients like “fragrance”.  It’s all a big fun game, you see.).

“There’s a very lively public discussion going on about the safety of ingredients in personal care products,” said Susan Nettesheim, VP for product stewardship and toxicology for J & J. This “lively discussion” has been going on since 2011.

Lively discussion?  If someone was selling you shampoo for your baby that had cancer causing agents hidden in it, I hardly think the discussion with that person would be “lively”.

About the known cancer causing (as listed on the US EPA carcinogen list) chemicals, Ms Nettesheim says, ““…as a scientist I will sit here and tell you these things are perfectly safe.”  (I wonder what shampoo she uses on her kids)

To J & J’s credit, they are also going to phase out other harmful chemicals like pthalates and parabens which have estrogen-like properties and are suspected to be linked to hormone related cancers.  They plan to phase these chemicals out in their adult brands as well.  Johnson & Johnson also operates under squeaky clean names like Neutrogena, Aveno, and Clean & Clear.

Hopefully this will have a domino effect and other big names will follow.  I would score this as a victory for everyone who wants to wash their kid’s hair without risk of exposing them to carcinogens.

I would advise you to wait to use the new J & J products until you see the big bright labels that say “No more carcinogens!”

As The Savvy Sister says ” Your skin is a carrier…NOT a barrier!”

Read more here.

Check your currents brand’s safety here at Good Guide

and here at EWG’s data base.

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The NEW Formula!!


So here we are in 2015 and the “new formula” of baby shampoo is here! Before you get all excited, let’s take a look at the ingredients in the “NEW FORMULA”, shall we?:

  • water (so far so good…)
  • PEG-80 (that’s polyethelyen glycol-80…this chemical scored a 5 out of 10 on the hazard list and is a high concern to be contaminated with ethylene oxide which scored a 10 because of it’s high risk of cancer causing actions. It also has a high concern to be contaminated with 1,4 dioxane , which we know activates cancer.)
  • Cocamidopropyl bentaine (a “soap-like” product that scores  4 for skin irritation)
  • sodium trideceth sulfate (this one’s OK)
  • PEG-150 Distearate (a soap-like agent…scores a 3)
  • Phenoxyethanol (a chemical preservative scoring a 3 for EYE IRRITATION!!!!!)
  • Glycerin (OK)
  • Citric Acid (from fruits, it’s OK)
  • fragrance (here’s that word again…any chemicals can be hidden in this ingredient as the industry does not have to disclose what their “fragrance” consists of. Unless it says “natural fragrance” or “fragrance from essential oils” you can assume it’s not good)
  • sodium benzoate (a preservative restricted in Japan, it scores a 3)
  • tetrasodium EDTA (scores a 3)
  • polyquaternium-10 (similar to the quaternium-15, but safe.  This is one of the few ingredients that scores a 0 for hazards)
  • ethylhexylglycerin (preservative scoring a 1)
  • sodium hydroxide (scoring a 3, this buffering agent can cause EYE IRRITATION)
  • potassium acrylates copolymer (a binding agent scoring a 2)
  • artificial color yellow 6 (scores a 0, but does your kid really care what color his shampoo is?
  • artifical color yellow 10 (scores a 0-3 depending on how much you use it…again, is this necessary?)


I love the way it says “our babies will inherit our planet”. Our babies who, if they could talk, would be spreading the message that using this many chemicals in a friggin’ baby shampoo is unhealthy for everyone.

It only takes 26 seconds for that shampoo to get into your baby’s bloodstream and go to every organ of their body.  Would you feed this shampoo to them? If you’re using it, you are.  When your baby shampoo says “keep out of reach of children” it’s got to make you think….

There are 17 ingredients in this shampoo and only 2 of them aren’t chemicals!! Water and glycerin.

Dr Bronners is my choice for soap for the whole family. I’ve been using them for years and everything about their products and company screams NATURAL GOOD ENERGY! Click here for they baby stuff

On a more disturbing note…..

Johnson & Johnson is involved in a class action lawsuit based on their talcum powder causing ovarian cancer.  This was well known but not listed on the “precaution statements” on the label.  Very disturbing considering baby powder is used on baby girls millions of times a day… See the 2015 lawsuit here.



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  1. Ulitmately J&J baby products – lotion contains Mineral oil, which causes skin cancer or ageing before time. SO, it is yes harmful I believe.

  2. I am a grandmother, and I was raised on Johnson and Johnson products, my kids were raised on Johnson and Johnson products, and my 7 year old granddaughters have been bathed in Johnson and Johnson bath products. To date, we are all fine. I would just like to know how we all survived???? Don’t you think this is just carrying everything just a little to far. I love the way we all smell and am tired of everything talking out fragrance. Do you want all of us to go around and stink???? Personally, I like to smell clean and fresh after bathing. Give me a break.

    • Hi and so glad that you are fine! I’m not sure you read the article because if you did, you would know that I never said that anyone who uses this will get sick. There are thousands of products on the market that help you smell terrific and don’t have the harmful chemicals that have been shown to proliferate cancer. Taking out fragrance does not mean that there is no fragrance, it just means replacing it with a healthier natural one. Do you like the way roses smell? How about honeysuckle or gardenia? Those are all natural scents that aren’t made in a lab. Thank you for taking the time to write!

  3. Hi I have been looking for safe baby products for my baby , so doing research online which one to choose, and i found this video about J&J, is it all true please guide and need help

    • HI! There are plenty of easy recipes that you can make at home using ingredients like olive oil for your baby. You can check this one, but there are many more. You don’t have to buy things from the store! Good luck!

    • Hey, I can’t see the video but basically you want to stick with the J&J Naturals range over their normal range – it’s a little harder to come by and more expensive but doesn’t have the chemicals. As recommended by midwives, we didn’t use anything in the bath for the first 6 weeks, then went on to a tiny drop of J&J Naturals Moisture Rich Wash. However our baby now has eczema so we use Aveeno Oil now. Hope this helps!


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      • Plain organic castile soap is much better and more gentle…. J & J Naturals has 16 ingredients!! Many of them derived from soy. Why not just use organic olive oil and a few drops of pure organic castile soap? That’s what your grandmother used!

  4. Hi, I am from Bulgaria and just understood about this J&J issues. I used 3 big bottles of their shampoo for my baby, which is now 1 year old.! Are these bottles enough for health issues?
    I am really shocked and I hate them!!!

  5. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that J&J have a different range of products that don’t have these chemicals in, and that in some countries this other range is now the only range you can get, whereas in others it’s just a more expensive version. Do you know what this range is called? Possibly the organic range? I’m pregnant with my first and trying to find the right products to use! Thanks, Carly

  6. John nailed it above. People don’t understand chemistry 101

  7. On a slightly differently note, johnson & johnson are going through a massive law suit for putting titanium hips in people knowing it can make you seriously ill, my best friend had to have her hip replaced.

  8. I just want people to know I am a parent that has a child that was diagnosed at the age of 23 months in1999 with leukemia. I as a parent used Johnson and Johnson products all my child. To know that these chemicals were in the product and may be linked to the question of WHY MY CHILD. Makes me so mad…..I can bet they didn’t use there products on there children. My son lives to this day and still has medical problems.

  9. I recently got a small tattoo on my foot. About an inch tall. It is a heart with no shading just a few lines. I was recommended to use j&j head to toes body wash improved on it because it if it sensitive and safe for babies it is safe for your tattoo. Well I used it for 6 days at morning and night for about 3 seconds on the tattoo to clean it before I rinsed it off. My mom tagged in a post on fb last night about own j&just is harmful and now I am freaked out. On the 4th day of the tattoo it began to dry over so I don’t think it is open anymore but my question is should I be as freaked out as I am right now?! Why would they put this stuff in a baby prodyct?!

    • You just had synthetic ink pushed into several layers of your skin permanently via a needle and your freaking out about the soap? LOL 🙂 Nothing to freak out about at all. Chilling is much healthier. May I suggest using a combo or almond oil and coconut oil to keep that tattoo looking great? And don’t forget the sunscreen!

  10. would like to know about the Aveeno lotion shampoo and diaper cream i just bought it and now cause its done by johnson and johnson im scared to use it .. pls help me ..

    • No need to fear anything, really, I am just talking about making good choices. You can check this product yourself on the websites I cited, or look at the ingredients and look them up for safety so you can make your own choice.

      • As a responsible human being you really need to adjust the title of this article. You incite panic in women just like that with a flashy unfounded headline. Have some decency.

        • I assure you I am as responsible as the day is long (that’s 24 hours by the way). Panic cannot be incited, just the same way peace and love cannot be incited. Panic exists from the past experiences and opinions and thoughts of the panic-ee. I do appreciate you taking the time to reprimand me though…I feel like I’m back in middle school 🙂

        • There are laws in I believe every state that beg to differ with your opinion of panic. Yell bomb in a movie theater and see the panic ensue. The title of this headline follows the same lines.

          PS. You seem like an intelligent feminist, so when responding to a comment things like the 24 hrs in a day comment and feeling like your in middle school really deteriorate our ability to have a intelligent respectful difference of opinion.

        • A title of a post and yelling “bomb” in a crowded theater is about as far apart as Marty Feldman’s eyes.
          PS While I seem like an intelligent feminist, I’m really not…I’m just a cheeky chick out to spread what I know and help others. I’m a sucker for sarcasm, sorry. hmm…deteriorate our ability….are there two of you? BTW I respect you 🙂

        • I followed “our” with conversation and difference of opinion. Felt like that would have been pretty easy to tie to the two of us having a back and forth.

          I couldnt disagree more, your post has a topic that makes people believe their is actually substantiated proof that these products have the ability to cause cancer. At best there are a couple of potential cancer causing chemicals used in some johnson and johnson products but even then no studies to tie any actually cases of cancers.

          So I would say the title of this post and yelling bomb in the movie theater suffer from Patau syndrome. Thats a cute eye refernce for your feldman comment. Ill save you the time of looking it up a symptom of that syndrome can be close set eyes that may actually fuse together.

          I fully support spreading knowledge as long as you responsible spread all the facts and not use scare tactics to highlight one side of the coin instead of the full topic

    • i believe shes just trying to help i just needed to know .. thanks for the info susan

  11. I’ll be honest, I’m sure a ton of the people involved in this blog have used J&J for YEARS. They haves used it, their parents used it on them and nothing bad happened to anybody. I dont dispute any of the facts you have posted because ive done no personal research. I will say I think this is a super small issue to worry about since their products have been used for YEARS with no conclusive study that I could find that says any of their products have caused any type of issues.

    • OK…First of all…the “people involved in this blog” would be me. My mom DID use Johnsons and I developed stage III breast cancer at the age of 40. Now hold your horses….. I am IN NO WAY saying that the shampoo caused my cancer LOL 🙂 But I do believe that exposure to chemicals (I was a nurse exposed to formaldehyde in nursing school, radiation when I worked in the lab, drank milk and diet soda etc etc etc…..)
      Second, sure there are people that smoke for 50 years and never get lunch cancer too.
      Please re-read the post. I never said “this product causes cancer”. What I do say is that the synthetic chemical ingredients used are ones that “promote” cancer. Chemicals are very interesting, you see. Get exposed to one chemical and it causes a 10x cellular level reaction, but exposure to two chemicals at the same time cause a 200x reaction…not a 20x reaction as you would expect. So the more cancer promoting chemicals you use, the worse it is. Kids are especially sensitive to chemical exposure because their bodies are developing and growing.
      This product is not necessary to use. There are plenty of other ones that you can choose to safely wash your kids hair.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I’m glad your not worried because worry can cause stress that leads to heart disease.

  12. I’m shocked!!The FDA is not doing a good job.I know products are being produced by the number,but since this is such a critical matter it should be a national concern.

  13. This is exactly why I use and trust Arbonne. They are a fantastic company with amazing pure products. This is great information that everyone should read. Thank you.

  14. So… you know that our bodies MAKE formaldehyde, right?

    • Thanks so much for your nice comment. But you know there’s a big difference between what your body makes and what is introduced into your system from chemically produced formaldehyde, right?

  15. Did you know that the Kirkland brand baby wipes that costco sells also has formaldehyde?

  16. If you care to find out what is in Johnson’s products you could check out It is a great website that explains that Johnson and Johnson’s consumer’s safety is their first priority. Also, all of the products are FDA regulated. J&J has been around for well over 100 years and has gotten to know how to perfect their products. They are constantly listening to what consumer’s have to say about their products because consumer’s are of the utmost importance to J&J. According to people these days, anything you put on your body or in your body can cause cancer. I feel as if we live in a generation of worry warts where nothing will ever be good enough, and when it comes to baby products that is understandable. But why not go right to the source and see what is actually in the product, why it is in there, and how much is in the product. There is also a great Johnson’s baby Naturals Line that may be more suitable if people are worried about such things.

    • Thanks for your comment! I have to take your comment one sentence at a time:
      It may be true that J&J’s consumer safety is their #1 priority, but if that’s true, then why are they changing their formula? If it was safe in the first place, they wouldn’t be changing it.
      True J&J has been around for over 100 years, but so have the cigarette companies.
      “According to PEOPLE THESE DAYS” anything you put on or in your body can cause cancer”….well…..if the state of California and the US EPA says it causes cancer…as in formaldehyde…I would tend to believe it. those who want to close their eyes to the chemicals present in todays products can do that if they wish, but I want to know what I’m putting on my body…especially if I’m using it on my kids.
      I did go to the right source. I am not blaming J&J…just reporting on a story that THEY released.

      There are plenty of safe TRULY natural products out there to use on kids.
      If you look at J&J “Natural line as you say, they list all the ingredients except when they get to the end it says “The remaining ingredients are essential to blend the product together and maintain effectiveness.” but they don’t list what they are! Hello!
      there’s too much money involved in their line for them to come clean now (no pun intended)

      • Well Said…Susan. I would love to send you some of our products, We have amazing scores on the EWG 0-1-2-3 !!! I am a part of the Founders Circle & on the HPA Advisory board. Many people are sharing this article still today. Safe to say you did a great job on this. 😉
        my contact info is below I’d love to chat with you or send you some stuff to try on your own family.

        All the best,


      • You’re spreading lies and paranoia, that’s all our bodies make formaldehyde and things like methanol get broken down into formaldehyde (and other byproducts) , naturally produced blood concentrations are around 2-3μg of formaldehyde per gram of blood & it is a pretty damn important chemical; we need it to form DNA and amino acids

  17. Anyone looking for a healthy way for children or adults should research, the products are 100% vegan with No parabens. If you need more information I am a consultant

  18. You may have said this but what do you use instead of these?

    • The are many brands of Organic and Non Toxic Products that care baby products……also check out all your products at

    • Thanks for your question! There are dozens of companies out there that have your baby’s best interest at heart. Some of them are (but are not limited to) Badger brand (one of my personal faves), California baby, or Dr Bronners castile lavender soap. You don’t need any chemcial (no matter how “safe” a company tells you theirs is”) to wash a baby’s butt. And please don’t use baby oil…that’s just pertoleum…ya, like motor oil. Try a natural oil that you make yourself like a combo of organic coconut, organic grapeseed and organic calendula after bath. Thanks for your question!

      • Susan you are so very right…..everything one puts on their skin goes into their bloodstream, people would be way healthier, without the very toxic overload from chemicals in skincare etc…..

        • It’s not the entire story about why disease exists, but it’s certainly a big chapter 🙂

        • I am a victim of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, and because of that I have to stay totally chemical (toxic) free, my poisoning is from a Johnson and Johnson med…..

  19. Thanks for spreading awareness!

  20. Love the Good Guide site! I will be utilizing this constantly!!! Much obliged concerning imparting.

  21. Very alarming news, indeed.

    There was also a time when the popular rumor was about SLS in shampoo and conditioner causes cancer. This has been debunked since. But who the heck knows what these other chemicals in regular shampoo can do to us in the longterm.

    • Thanks for your comment! SLS DOES promote cancer…Sodium Laureth Sulfate…NOT Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a potent irritant so should not be used if you have skin conditions like eczema, but Sodium Laureth Sulfate can contain 1,5,dioxane is which IS a cancer CAUSING agent. That’s where the rumor started….

  22. Use only natural products…

    thanks for sharing!!!

  23. They still haven’t taken these chemicals out, like they promised! It’s still in the “No more tears” soap.

  24. I’m a nurse and have worked labor and delivery nursing at a few hospitals thus far. Each of these hospitals supply Johnson Johnson’s baby wash for the babies first bath, of course unless the parents bring their own.

    I do believe that there are much better cleansers out there, however there are many people who have been using this product for years, and the kids have grown up completely healthy. In today’s society, absolutely everything causes harm to the body. I highly doubt using this product will do just that, especially after being sold as a top baby brand for several years.

    I do certainly find this information interesting, and can’t wait to look further into it 🙂 thanks for sharing

    • I’m a nurse as well and I appreciate your comments. I don’t think anyone would ever think that using shampoo would kill you. What I’m saying is that the chemicals in THIS shampoo are on the “cancer causing chemicals” list. So why are hospitals using a shampoo that has chemicals that are the “cancer causing chemicals” list?
      It’s like saying “Yeah, grandpa smoked and he lived to be 80” Does that mean that smoking doesn’t cause cancer?

    • The best thing that happened to me was
      Discovering Arbonne.

      Everything from skincare, hair/body, nutrition/supplements, makeup and more.

      Not only are these products exactly what they say they are, being pure, safe and beneficial, but I also stand by the Ethics and Green Commitment. They have the Swiss Flag approval. I am so proud to be able to share these amazing products and show anyone else, if they wish to do so, how to turn an everyday expense into an income.

      Arbonne Ingredient Policy: Transparency and Honesty.

      I am more than happy to help anyone!!

  25. Are you kidding me with this?? This “Good Guide” has Johnson and Johnson listed as one of the “BEST” companies out there.. They are one of the worlds largest purchases of unethical palm, they test ALL their products on animals, their ingredients are mostly synthetic and — Do I need to go on? That website is completely untrustworthy. Sell outs, if you ask me.

  26. It is amazing that this blog has confirmed my suspicions about J&J all of this time. What else is amazing is that I find myself reading labels on all beauty products now. Especially the product for my children. Would you believe that a lot of the products also contain yellow #5 and red #40?? These are the same chemicals that are found in candy! It takes me hours just to go through the store now because I am addicted to reading labels. I look in other people’s shopping cart and they have so much name-brand beauty products in their cart. I wonder if they really know what they are putting in their hair and on their skin. I am tempted to share my blog with them, but I just say prayer for them and keep on minding my own business. Nowadays, I would just prefer to make my own soap or purchase natural alternatives.

  27. Is it only the shampoo or all Johnson products
    Im confused

  28. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  29. What do you think is the best baby products selling company in area? Tell me the detail answers.

    • My kids are in college now, so I’m out of the loop when it comes to knowing about baby products. I will tell you wheat I tell anyone who asks for my opinion on baby or adult products. RESEARCH!FIND OUT! FEEL CONFIDENT! When I am looking at buying a new makeup (for example) I look at the entire list of ingredients. If there’s something that I am not familiar with, I look it up on at least 3 different sites to see if it’s safe for me. Then I look at the company…who are they? are they owned by one person or by a group? why was the company started? do they practice fair employment ? to they buy their ingredients using fair trade consideration? When I call them for questions are they able to answer what I want to know? I can’t make a blanket approval of a company or product because you have to know that what you’re using on yourself or your baby is something you feel good about based on your research and your standards.
      I have had it happen where I use one product from a good company, but a second product from the same company contains ingredients that I don’t feel good about.
      Choosing product…food…and everything else is what we should be doing for ourselves and our families every day with everything we use. If we did this, then the companies that don’t care about doing the right thing would be gone and we would have only the companies we can trust…that’s how business works.
      Thanks for your comment. I must commend your company for your Honest Co kids toothpaste (which I am familiar with from doing a post on the dangers of fluoride) for leaving the fluoride out 🙂

  30. Arbonne has the safest and most incredible quality of products on the market as well as most of the things we use on a regular basis. You can also be provided with a list of ingredients for each product with their function and where it comes from to show the integrity of the product and how there are no harmful fillers. They have Swiss standards because they’ve banned thousands of harmful chemicals, while the US has only banned a few.

  31. This is horseshit and untrue. Makes me LOL

  32. even the ‘all natural’ baby wash? ):

    • The natural wash contains citric acid, sodium benzoate and sodium hydroxide. (which are not harmful to date, but still not “natural”)It also contains 7 other ingredients that are chemical ingredients derived from plant sources, but they are not plant sources (I can take coconuts, mix them with synthetic chemicals and still say it’s “derived from plants”)

      You will have to be the judge on the purity of this product. While it certainly is better than sodium laureth sulfate, and formaldehyde, there are truly 100% natural washes out there. I still stand by Dr Bronners

      • Everyone, J&J also is the maker of the antibiotic Levaquin, which has permanently damaged 100,000’s victims, and J&J has taken NO responsibility for doing so.

  33. Disgusting company! I would also recommend that you read Pandora’s Lunchbox by Melanie Warner about the processed food industry. The people that create the crap for us to eat admit they don’t feed it to their family. It’s pretty sad! Very informative book.

  34. Love the Good Guide site! I will be using this all the time!!! Thanks for sharing.

  35. thanks for the info…for most of my life I’ve had to avoid scented lotions, perfumes, etc….hard to find unscented shampoo though. Even things labeled unscented have a masking “scent”, supposedly to make the ingredients used seem neutral and less chemical smelling. I now use organic coconut oil for moisturizer.

  36. It’s terrible. How could J&J even think of adding such stuff in baby care products to start with?

  37. I enjoyed learning more about this situation! It truly bothers me that the people running this and other companies like it have no care for other human beings…I had heard that this had been a problem in the past and thought it was just that PAST and handled appropriately…
    Needless to say at the first I heard of it happening again I removed every trace of J&J from my home and all other products created by J&J! So I have a question in here I promise, Burt’s Bees says 98.?% is all natural…should I be worried about this or what should I be looking for to give some indicator of what is okay to buy! I’ve read that among the best are Babyganics, California Baby, Method, and Burt’s Baby…is that correct? Your info is researched better than the others I have tried to search myself. Thank you very much!

    • You can’t really go by a company because they might make one product that is fine, but put chemicals in their other products. each thing you use should be looked at closely. I just hate that Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox now….another company making cancer causing products…..

  38. “To there credit”? Really?

  39. I am a Midwife & am very ashamed to say that the hospital I work for hands J&J products out to patients as ‘freebies’. I suspect it’s because J&J provide them to us as a bit of free marketing for them. I’ve always known their products were full of rubbish but this disgusts me. How is the average consumer going to be protected from these terrible products? Thanks for this very informative article.

  40. thanks for sharing… have a baby on the way… :S was just wondering what the alternatives were…

  41. Facebook appears to not be letting me post this article – hmmm anyone else having the same problem?

  42. Happy that u shared this info but joebi need a go to So what products are safe to use then?

  43. Thank you so much for the info! I threw out all off my stock of J&J products for my 3 kids yesterday before reading the full article. Now having read it, the aveno is out too! How can they sleep at night? Thanks again!

  44. So is it only in the shampoos and washes, not their lotions? What should I use on her if Aveeno is distributed by J&J also, (which I just noticed on the back of the bottle)? I have a newborn & countless bottles of their washes. I seriously want to cry right now.

    • Don’t just go by brands. You have to get familiar with questionable ingredients and look for those in the ingredient list. There are many brands that don’t use any chemical preservatives or artificial fragrance, or colors etc. This isn’t only for babies it’s for you too!

  45. Please everyone checkout ALL your products at there you will see detailed break down of over 70,000 products, the chemicals contain, organs that may be damaged and ratings of safety of 0-10, 0 the safest 10 deadly, then checkout consultant # 3035, baby products etc, ALL rated 0, meaning totally of ALL chemicals and 100% organic

  46. Johnson & Johnson Inc. Reference – 015518175A
    Dear Naomi,

    Thank you for your contact regarding JOHNSON’S® products.

    Johnson & Johnson Inc. and all Johnson & Johnson consumer companies worldwide have been providing consumers with trusted, safe and effective personal care products for themselves and their children for more than 100 years. We believe that our products are among those that consumers choose most often because of our extremely stringent and rigorously applied safety policy.

    Some of the ingredients in our products may contain 1,4-dioxane as an incidental ingredient at extremely low levels. Trace levels of 1,4 dioxane can result from processes that make our products gentle to the skin and eyes. We do not add 1,4 dioxane directly to our products and we are leaders in taking measures to ensure that any amounts of 1,4 dioxane are at extremely low levels by using the best commercially available technologies for reducing trace amounts.

    Formaldehyde is not directly added to our products. To prevent the growth of bacteria in personal care products, which could cause skin irritation and infection, we use a preservative known as quaternium-15 in some of our products. Quaternium-15 is a formaldehyde-releasing preservative, which ensures that the actual level of free formaldehyde in the product remains very low, but is sufficient to prevent or eliminate bacterial growth, especially during usage. Formaldehyde poses no hazard at these trace levels. In fact, formaldehyde is a product of metabolism of all living organisms and occurs naturally in plants, animals, humans, air, water and food.

    All ingredients considered for inclusion in our products are reviewed by experts (MD’s, toxicologists or biologists) prior to selection. In addition to these evaluations, all our final formulations are assessed for both safety and efficacy. Throughout the life of our products, we continually monitor consumer experiences and regularly review evolving scientific data to ensure that our product portfolio is the best available for doctors, nurses, and families in Canada and around the world.

    Experts such as doctors, toxicologists and clinical scientists regularly review the safety data for all ingredients used in our products. In addition, we evaluate all our final formulations with consumers for safety. Once our products are in the marketplace, we continually monitor consumer experiences and review evolving scientific data.

    Should you require further information, I invite you to e-mail us again or call our Consumer Care Center at 1-866-565-2229. We are open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET and we will be happy to assist you.

    Ashley K.
    Consumer Care Centre


  47. What if my child did indeed get diagnosed with cancer at 13 months old? I never knew about this ….. this is crazy!!!! And downright outrageous!!!

  48. I worked for J&J for many years and when I had my first child 7 years ago had access to heavily discounted J&J baby products. I instead chose to buy brands that were organic and most importantly paraben, SLS free and those that only contained naturally derived plant extracts. We still only use natural products and I’m so glad I made that choice for my babies and myself!

  49. Thank-you all for sharing I would like to add that my husband Peter Walker who teaches developmental baby massage teacher training has been for the last decade warning his students in the UK and Japan against the dangers of using the Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil” . This is a mineral oil not a natural product containing petroleum why would we need and want to put this on our babies and children’s skin ? anything put on our skin is absorbed by our blood within minutes and now we learn of formaldehyde which is linked to cancer is in Johnson and Johnson baby wash ! We have to protect our children say NO !!!

    • I have been trying to spread the understanding about what “baby oil” really is (a by-product of petroleum just like motor oil) and that it does nothing to help the skin become healthy. you body actually tries to reject it (that’s why it is a laxative!) It’s great that you are getting the word out. if more people understand, they will make a change! Thanks for the comment!

  50. This is so annoying how companies can get away with such. I am a midwife and it disgusts me what advice women are given on what to put on their babies skin. I am very aware of products containing nasties and so much so I have came across a fantastic product that I now promote. It’s called arbonne. It’s got the Swiss flag approval and has been green from very start over 30 years ago. These products not only are safe pure and beneficial, they have fantastic results. Please check out for more information. This company does not pay for advertising and rely on word of mouth recommendation.

  51. There was such uproar after this was released back in August 2012 that J&J had to do a total turnaround after pressure from Breast Cancer Fund and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. This statement was released back in August 2012 about reformulating all their products by 2015 to remove all harsh chemicals.

  52. When they say no more tears, they mean no more tears in your hair.

  53. just though you might want to know that even head and shoulders contains formaldehyde under the name of DMDM hydantoin

  54. This drives me crazy! On a different note my 86 year old mother was taking chewable gummy vitamins and I was so upset when I saw that there was red dye, blue dye and yellow dye in them! I also went looking for some liquid soap to use instead of bar soap in the shower most of the soaps have dyes in them! The FDA is not doing there job……money talks and people are suffering because of it! I love your blog!

  55. … not just J&J …please look closely at all your household products. The ingredient listing…check them out ..trouble is
    in everything! Yes, it is scarey…but be informed its better than learning of a cancer diagnosis and wonder, gee how did I get cancer?…from our food to our household products. and follow the dollar…see who’s behind it. We are all worth it!

    • Some ingredients are cancer causing (like cigarettes and asbestos) and some chemicals are cancer “proliferating”. That is, they increase the activity of cancer cells that are in your body. Paraben preservatives are a good example. Both kinds of chemicals should be avoided when possible

  56. Thanks for jsharing this. I’m currently using baby shampoo no tears on my baby. Will change products immediatley.

    I don’t know if you agree but if J & J are a serious company shouldn’t they recall all their products distributed?

    • Have you heard of Arbonne!! They are the only products that I trust for my family! They have everything we need-shampo, conditioner, lotion, makeup, skin care, baby line, vitamins, protein shakes. Everything in the safest of the safest!! Highly recommend! 🙂

  57. I knew j & j wasn’t very good with products but this just tops it!!! Do you have any suggestions as to what would be very safe to use on babies?? I normally use just water and a olive oil soap ( only if needed) but I am due my 4th bundle of joy soon and those first poos require something to get rid if the tar like texture!! 🙂 would be great to see some suggestions on some yummy but very natural products even home made I love xxx

    • There are many many good companies out there. I can only comment on what I personally use and I can say that Badger ( makes wonderful prodcuts as well as Mountain Rose Herbs and Dr Bronners. Making your own is very easy and there are many great books for doing that as well. good luck and congrats!

      • Check out all the victims of fluoroquinolone toxicity, on facebook, 100,000’s by Levaquin an antibiotic by J&J , they are taking no resposibitiy for the damage, just go to The Wall of Pain on facebook. so very sad…

  58. I remember the no more tears shampoo it was an orangy colour and it stung my eyes like no shampoo I have ever used since!

  59. I remember the no more tears shampoo it was an orangey colur and it stung my eyes like no shampoo I have ever used since!

  60. The giant conglomerates are soul-less beasts concerned only about money. They are headed by highly performing psychopaths. Take a few minutes to go learn about psychopaths in society – try wikipedia for a start, then you will begin to understand how these companies can do things like add toxins and poisons to their ingredients lists. Psychopaths are obsessed by power and greed. They have no empathy, compassion, caring, love, morals, guilt or remorse. They compulsively lie because the to tell the truth, one requires morals and a level of guilt. Sounds like the corporations they run?

    They will likely remove the offending toxin and replace it with another in order to reinstate their image as a “caring”, “family” company (psychopaths can appear to be kind and considerate if it gets them what they want). Consider the carciogen sodium lauryl sulfate, when too many people discovered how bad it was and made it so unpopular, they created sodium laureth sulfate. They use all these toxic products because they are cheap. Your safety is not their concern. It doesn’t even hit their radar. Only your money is of interest to them and they will do anything to get it. Anything. Use your wallet to stop them. It is the only way they will get the message.

    • J AND J Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are damaging people everyday for the last 30 years, its called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, reseach it do not ever let it happen to you or yours, disabling damage, no cure or treatment, millions have been victims, J and Jknows about it and does nothing about it,,,

  61. Wow!! What will they think of next?? Thanks for sharing this .. I will share on Facebook. Namaste!!

  62. Coming from the momma of a child with a brain tumor, this seriously pisses me off! What is wrong with these companies! It’s so frustrating that they have to be exposed to do the right thing. ugh!

  63. Do you mind suggesting a healthy, organic brand of baby products (shampoo, body wash, lotion and sunscreen)?

  64. i was shocked…i use it to clean my eyelashes,i wnt use it anymore. shame on them,trying to trick us into thinking al was gentle, thanks for telling us…no wonder my eyelashes didnt get advised by a doctor.

  65. Great article! Could you elaborate on this: ” Your skin is a carrier…NOT a barrier!”
    Thanks (:

  66. The Body Shop already sell an adult range of pthalate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners – on fact a whole hair Cate range. It is also neutral and dorms harm the environment.
    I use it and although it doesn’t froth quite as much as your ‘normal’ shampoos is wonderful and just as effective as any other range. I very much recommend it.

  67. Why are these cancer causing ingredients in products like this in the first place? Is it just because they can? Or was there a need for making the product work?


  69. my daughter had cancer when she was 7 i often wonder what did i do wrong!!! i dont think i did anything wrong but i think J&J did…she will be 3 years in remission this june am so lucky to still have her

  70. My son has been using Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Products for his whole life – he just turned 7. Is my son going to get cancer because people are so reckless and deceiving by putting harmful & fatal chemicals in baby/kid products?

  71. What brand(s) of baby care would you recommend? Having baby #2 this summer, and feeling perry bad about the J&J shampoo I’ve been using for my 2 yo son!

  72. Wow that makes me so MAD and feel like crying at the same time. We used this shampoo and body wash with all my beautiful children. My oldest is my hero because he has survived cancer and my husband and I went through the hardest thing we have ever been through. Makes you sit there and wonder if all could have been helped if only we used something else to wash our child with. In nova scotia where we live the Radition and Chemo he received where free but all the many prescriptions he had to have to help him being sick from getting painful mouth sores to make sure he didn’t die from so easy as the common cold or get phenomia where not. We sent every second day at the hospital almost for 3 months getting Radition, Chemo and Blood tests not including living at the hospital for 8 days straight after his surgery. Just think of the cost of parking at $15 a day. But you know what for my husband and I it wasn’t the money it was being there for your son who needed us we didn’t ask anyone for help didn’t do what others do fundraising ( yes we could had used help). We just did what needed to be done be there anyway we could for our son.

  73. I would like your references or source were you are getting your information please so I csn follow-up.

  74. I just got a bunch of J & J products at my baby shower… Thanks for hiding ingredients. That was really ethical. Now I can’t use any of those gifts.

  75. I was educated on this last year and shocked with horror since then ive followed every clip i could find on j&j there last statment was that they would “endeavour” to have all chemicals removed by 2015, totally unacceptable to me, as mother’s who have just brought there creation of life into this world are using j&j products and don’t event know what they contain, i think its shocking that the laws & legislations allowed this, but hey its all money and politics.

  76. Thanks for the information! Do you know of a brand that is natural that I could use on my child instead?

  77. So in regards to this attical I called J&J and they stated that this information is true however back in 2006 was when they started to change this from their products and that this attical is old! Also the lavender body wash and shampoo have a trace amounts in, one would have to bath their baby 660 times a day for 35+ years for it to have an affect. Now I don’t know about you but my toddler is only washed once a day and as he gets older the products will be changed as he gets older. But with confidence I will continue to use this product (the lavender ones only) reading the label with them on the phone in the lavender shampoo Quaternium-15 is the world used for formaldehyde and it is 0000.0001% of not true formaldehyde. In other words its not real formaldehyde its a man made product that is similar to formaldehyde and again one would have to bath their baby 660 times in one day for 35+ years for it to cause cancer. So my thoughts baby carrots have more formaldehyde in it then this baby body wash and shampoo…. I will use this product before feeding my toddler baby carrots again!!!! Keep in mind folks that formaldehyde is found in over 1000 of products that we all consume daily!!!
    Hope you all have a better out look on this article!!! I still appreciate the information that was given today…. It’s just too bad that this artical was done in 2006 and no where does it show that its 6 years old and that J&J have already made the changes that they needed to. This products are safe for babies

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Janet!
      I’m not sure who you spoke to in the J&J offices, but the announcement by J&J was made via a press relesae on August 13, 2012 (my post is dated August 2012. They stated that they would not finish all the changes to their products until sometime in 2015.

      In my opinion, a comparison can never be made between a man-made chemical that is produced in a lab and a natural vegetable like a carrot. Again, these are my opinions. I don’t use any personal care product (nor does my family use them) if it isn’t something I would put in my mouth. now I don’t go around making a habit of eating my soap or my deodorant, but I could and it would be perfectly harmless. Again, my opinion, but if you can use a 100% natural product without any cancer-causing agents, why not use that instead?

  78. As a commenter above said quite nicely:

    “DMDM hydantoin ( … is a by-product of the process used to make the shampoo and is usually found in trace quantities. …the chemists who came up with the idea didn’t do it so the ingredients list could be used to “fool customers” – it’s so that the formaldehyde can be delivered slowly, as needed to keep the shampoo microbe free.
    The fact is, using baby shampoo from J&J poses no risk to the infant! It’s actually included to REDUCE the risk of injury by killing bacteria, etc.”

    I don’t agree with hiding ingredients in a list, (People have the right to know exactly what they are getting) but I imagine they do it for this very reason! People see a word like “formaldihyde” and freak out, knowing virtually nothing about it’s uses and applications except for a very narrow definition. Like the vaccines and its antimicrobial use in the shampoos, chemicals like this have a lot of different uses (which have been used to our advantage without our knowledge for years. )
    There is some truth to the statement that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  79. I’m glad that parents are wising up to chemicals they put on their kids skin, but how about the presence of formaldehyde in vaccinations?? I’m more worried about that to be honest!

  80. Thank you this was a very informative article for myself. I used only j and j with my first son. I have my second son on the way and I definitely will not be using their products again!

  81. Arbonne and Melaleuca are not as safe as you think, it’s all in the ingredients I’m afraid! I’ve looked them up on the EWG’s site and was very disappointed in the ratings they received. I found Ava Anderson non toxic which rated much much safer.

    • If you have any questions on ANY Arbonne product your consultant can pull up a complete ingredient list and it will list the function and source of each ingredient. No hidden surprises.

    • Yes Zarah I found AvaAnderson after I was toxic from an antiboitic, and can no longer use chemically laden products on my body, house, pet. I became a consultant #3035, 2 yrs ago, I feel their products have greatly improved my life, I am able to detox and stay toxic free, and that is huge in my life.

  82. “Don’t cry! They finally are concerned about your safety!” I hardly think this is true. I don’t think for a second that J&J would have taken it out unless there was a possible financial loss at hand. I don’t trust them, because if they were a reliable company and cared about its customers and babies in the first place they wouldn’t have harmful ingredients in it in the first place!

  83. My oldest always cried when he got the “no more tears” in his eyes. Said it stung like the dickens. Now I know why. Ugh. I don’t use that stuff on my youngest… I’ll have to check to make sure what I do use is safe.

  84. Ever since my son died of leukemia I always wondered in the back of my mind if it was because of something I did – like using a product that contained a cancer-causing chemical – that triggered it because leukemia is caused by these types of things.

    • Suzze I am so sorry for your loss. Please don’t think that way. That’s not the way chemicals work. If one thing caused 100% of people to contract cnacer, then we’d all have it. Please e-mail me privately if you’d like to talk. Hugs

      • It’s nice to have someone comment who has been through some of what we have. Thank you

      • I have used Johnson and Johnson baby gel for about six years now. I put it on while my skin was still wet from getting out the shower that’s what I used as a lotion everyday. Now I have tiny black spots every where. I haven’t used the product since I seen the lawsuit on T.V. saying the talcum powder by J&J caused them ovarian cancer. I made a doctor’s appointment just so I can be sure my skin isn’t irritated by the product.I think this is terrible they haven’t taken responsibility for their actions. As I read it keeps getting worse..what if I do have skin cancer from using their product. I’m so pissed. I see spots on my face as well. Savvy Sister your an angel.

    • It’s not funny but funny you write that cause I ask myself the same thing almost everyday. Was it something I did or didn’t do. My oldest got a Wilm’s Tumor and did Radition and 6 months of Chemo. He his my hero and in now 4 years remission and I thank someone everyday he did live. My thoughts are with you and if every need to bitch or just talk just do so. Everyone says they know how you feel but it’s totally different until you go though something like this yourself.

  85. What is most appalling is that the formulations for European babies has always been free of ALL those ingredients. The ingredients are banned in the EU and have been for a long time. Why not just bring the European formulation to North America?!

  86. As if companies can do these kinds of things to consumers…. Just upsets me more that I have this product and have used it for 2 years on my toddler… This is wrong on so many levels… We protect our children to find out what I have been using to wash him with has this crap in it….. I’m appalled at this point and don’t for the life of me understand how this is legal??? As if…. Well to find a new shampoo and body wash for Tank is now my number one task for today and I don’t think I can resume j &j even if they “take it out” what’s to say they don’t just cover up another lie…..
    Thank you so much for this information…. Hope you have a great day!!!

  87. This is ste second article about J&J .. First was about losing their license .. I started using Arbonne pure-safe-beneficial … Have you heard of them? Xx

  88. thank god a dont use ur products, terrible, why arae u stil selling them!!!!!!!!

  89. OMG I had no idea, Thank you so much for informing us, We have a 6mth old baby and use these products as I thought they were safe for out little one

  90. I’ve been doing some reading on this, concerned as my daughter is a year now and we have always used the No More Tears shampoo. Luckily for those in the UK, our regulations don’t allow such nasty ingredients to be used so the brand is safe. It’s about time the USA government & companies caught up and put health before wealth.

  91. I have found this site to be invaluable:
    You can search any product.

  92. Can you recommend another good brand that is available here in aus please?

  93. I checked my son’s bath products. We recently upgraded him to “big boy” shampoo, Suave Kids 2-in-1 shampoo: Wild Watermelon.
    This shampoo DOES list DMDM Hydantion as an ingredient.
    We also had some J&J baby body wash we are getting rid of. Thanks for the article!

  94. As a 1st time parent with my son Jackson we used nothing but brand name products for him whether it was diapers, formulas, and care products like J & J’s line. When he was born, almost 6 yrs ago the newest, greatest thing on the market was their “Bedtime Lavender collection.” Now I can’t even bathe him in the bathtub regularly because he is accessed through his mediport for his weekly cancer treatments and nightly ivs!!! I am beyond enraged right now!!!

  95. My daughter was 21 months old at diagnosis of a rare form of cancer called Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma…all we ever used was Johnson and Johnson. She underwent a year of treatment and is 6 now and doing great. But cancer has a mind of its own and we know it can return at anytime. Is there any kind of information on what types of cancer it could be linked to? I am literally going upstairs and throwing it all out…so so sad

  96. It’s so hard. If it’s not GMO’s it’s this. How do we continue as parents To live the organic way when we have politicians and government backing these companies. Thank you for sharing.

  97. the no poo is looking better and better….no shampoo but baking soda mixed with water…i hope thats safe…:(

  98. I lost my 5 year old daughter to leukemia two years ago June 19th. All we ever used to bath her was J&J Head to Toe Baby Wash. There is scientific proof of the link of formaldehyde to cause leukemia. This news makes me just want to scream and bang my fists.

  99. I can’t believe they were doing this. It makes me wonder what other products they are putting formaldehyde in. I am allergic to formaldehyde so this scares me even more.

  100. Do you know if this includes the J&J naturals?

  101. Great info. Thanks.

  102. Interesting as I have 2 young children!!! But what is recommended instead I am new to all this organic stuff!!

  103. How can j&j get away with this? Someone needs jail time or worse. Who knows how many people have gotten cancer from their products.

  104. Thanks for letting us know me and my husband us this for all 5 of are children

  105. Are they recalling their products? I have a lot of lotions and bath washes that we’re baby shower gifts that I don’t want to throw away, yet I don’t want to use them on my children. Thanks

  106. I just bought 2 baby bath kits, regular and nighttime. We are expecting our first child in a few weeks. I certainly will not be using these products. Do you know if J&J will reimburse for purchased unopened products?

  107. triclosan blocks the metabolism of thyroid hormone. It’s in tooth paste, mouth wash & antibacteria soap. Wheat has been so hybridized over the decades that it provokes diabests & is addictive. It’s baby’s 1st food – Pablum. We are the rats in the biggest consumer experiment in history. Make a fortune first ask;health questions second. Thank you for your good work

  108. Interesting article-I will be the first to point out that I haven’t researched this particular issue. However, I would just like to say that simply because a product contains a certain ingredient does not mean it is harmful. For example, no one would take a fish oil supplement if this were the case (d/t the Mercury), but as it stands the amount ingested is so minute that it is irrelevant. What Ms. Nettesheim is refering to “as a scientist” is that there probably are not any systematic reviews or randomized controlled trials documenting adverse effects as a result of this ingredient (editorials & expert opinion are the lowest levels of scientific evidence).

  109. We used J and J on my son. He developed cancer. He battled for 3.5 years. If there’s ever a link between an ingredient and cancer, it should be FORBIDDEN. Information like this infuriates me. I will not say that his cancer was caused from products we chose to use on him. We will never know the trigger. Just wish we’d had the opportunity to make a more informed decision with appropriate, not misleading and negligent product labelling.

  110. Hi, I understood parabens is term as bleaching agent. Last June,,I ve developed severe bouts of rashes all over esp after a shower cream bath and whitening moisturizer. Very tormented as I can’t get a proper rest. So many doctors visitations till it took a toll on me. I m beginning to get allergy to fragrance, plastic bags carriers, chairs, PVC bags. And have switch to organic soap, to lessen my itch.. I wonder is there a sunblock moisturizer which isn’t oily esp for humid Singapore..Thank you..

  111. I would love to help families live a less- toxic, no formaldehyde lifestyle! Please contact me at:

  112. This is why I created a baby safe line with my beauty products. I have very sensative skin- as a holisitc health coach, drugless practitioner, and soon to be naturopathic doctor- I wish people would stop using these harmful things on their children and quit feeding their children harmful foods. I’m not all about making money with my business I am about getting awareness out there and helping people making healthier decisions! Here is a link to my etsy website if anyone is interested – you can also find me on facebook and like my page Healthy by Choice

  113. Time magazine has a bit of a different report. They say that the formaldehyde isn’t an added ingredient. It is released over time when certain chemicals mix. The same with the 1,4 dioxane.It is released as a by product of a process used to process certain chemicals. And Johnson & Johnson isn’t the only company that uses those chemicals or processes. I think it is wonderful that Johnson & Johnson is stepping up to the plate & taking action to make their products safer. What are the other companies doing?

  114. I am in LOVE with Arbonne’s Baby products…free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils (that’s another one that we need to avoid), fragrances, dyes, etc. I have been using these products on my babies for 6 years!
    These are simply the best products out there! If you would like a sample, I am happy to send you one!

  115. So grateful I was introduced to Arbonne products from my friend! Its scary to think that we’ve been using products for years and years and its only now that they’re doing something about it! Part of what I do is teach people how to use safer, more beneficial products by turning their current expense into an income. Not only do we earn an income from our personal care products but they’re safe for the entire family to use! Makes you feel happy and a sense of relief.

  116. So what should we use on our sweet babies?

  117. For those of you using Melaleuca products, I hate to be a “Debbie Downer” but I used to use them too after the lady in my neighborhood that sells the stuff hounded me for years. But thankfully, my husband and I not long after, discovered a man named KEVIN TRUDEAU and we dropped Melaleuca PDQ!! (Pretty Darn Quick)
    We read ALL Kevin Trudeau’s books cover to cover and did LOTS of our own research. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient in anything you use, eat, drink, put on your skin or in your hair, it is NOT safe for you! Anything organic or all-natural has simple ingredients in it that anyone over the age of, say, 5 can pronounce. Example, my family only eats ice cream that has these ingredients: organic cream, all-natural flavor. Period. Or we make our own. With organic fruit. The sour cream we buy: Organic cream. Period. Most of Melaleuca’s products are FULL of ingredients that my family couldn’t pronounce even if
    We typed it into the computer and it pronounced it for us first. Not good. Lord only knows the alternate dangerous chemical for some of those ingredients! Kevin Trudeau has exposed SO MANY government “secrets/lies” that he has been put behind bars more times than he can count. The government has even offered him outrageously ridiculous amounts of money to keep his mouth shut and stop writing his books. He’s not gonna stop….he’s one of the “good guys” and he’s done years and years of research and he tells it like it is. I will always trust his findings. He’s never been wrong so far. Everything we’ve tried from his books has done exactly what he’s said it will do. We make our own laundry soap, dish soap, window cleaner, dishwasher tablets, fabric softener, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, disinfectant cleaner, windshield washer fluid, baby wipes, and several dozen more recipes for stuff we use. Read Kevin Trudeau. Yeah I know you’re shaking your head right now..but you will truly be amazed to find out exactly just how much sense he makes. Honest.

  118. You are aware that formaldahyde is a common product in metabolism. Your body makes endogenous formaldehyde from the foods you eat and drink. While its probably not a bad thing to remove it, I don’t believe that it is responsibe for cancer, unless someone would like to show a CREDIBLE peer reviewed study that hsows as much. Specificall, topically appiled formaldehyde in concentrations similar to the those used in the product.

  119. I still don’t think I’ll be using their products. They have know about this for awhile and are just now doing something about it. What else do they know and aren’t telling us? I’d rather support companies who are using real natural products, non-gmo’s and organics.

  120. My heart was sinking into my chest reading this….thinking of ‘loving the baby smell’ all the while I could be harming my daughter. I would do anything to her protect her and feel like a schmuck :(. We all have sensitive akin in my household and while I have to use cetaphil, my husband uses both aveno and the oatmeal line of baby wash….. Thank you for sharing the info…..

  121. Thank you for sharing! What shampoo would you recommend I use on my five month old baby?

  122. Do you have any suggestions of which baby soap to use?

  123. Hi there I just read this article and I have been using Johnson products on my son and hes now 5 months do I stop? Which products do you reccomend?

    • i feel sick i have just gone and checked my shampoos and found the dangerous chemicals in all of my shampoos im disgusted!!they have all gone in bin. here are a few that contain the chemicals, herbal essences, dove shampoo

  124. Well you know what, when we know better…..we do better. I had heard a long time ago they use these types of carcinogens and others in their products…….so scary thinking its on these wee ones 😦
    This is why I use pure and safe products for my 10 grandkids and family members. Try the ABC by Arbonne. It’s safe for all of us! Go to – no parabens, mineral oil……we know want we don’t put in our stuff.

  125. So what’s with the commerical where “Fisk Johnson” talk’s about only the finest ingredient’s go into their product’s. Shame on him!

  126. Why do they use formaldehyde anyhow? Thanks for the info. We tend to think if it is good for babies, it must be mild and gentle. So many rude awakenings these days!

  127. So what are some safe options? Are all of the “tear-free” products worth being skeptical about?

  128. ChristL: This news report was actually released by Johnson & Johnson. We all make our own choices about products. I am just here to give information so you can do that. Peace.

    • It would be useful if this information was accompanied by some actual data, not just insensate fearmongering.

      • If you read the post, I am just telling everyone what Johnson & Johnson is saying. It’s their press release. Fear is unhealthy and I don’t promote fear, but I do promote healthy living. I don’t know everything (but please don’t tell my husband!)

    • Being a nurse, do you also warn people on the dangers of immunizations? Because I’d like to add that not only does Johnson & Johnson’s baby products contain cancer causing formaldehyde, so do immunization. While it is not ok to touch or inhale the substance, it is however ok to injected into live human bodies. Just a little food for thought. (:

  129. So with all this info.. What IS safe to use on your baby? All we have is Johnson and Johnson and aveeno. Please advise.

    • There are dozens of brands out there depending where you live and what you have access to. Babies don’t need harsh soaps. Whatever you find, you need to do your homework on who is making it? How was the company started? what is their philosophy? What are all the ingredients? etc. etc. Hard work, but the payoff is great!

  130. For those of you who are looking for natural baby products, Arbonne is natural and doesn’t contain cancer causing ingredients. It’s botanically based and is formulated with green science. Arbonne is 100% vegan certified, this means there are no animal products or by-products and no animal testing. Visit

    • I don’t endorse any particular brand, but it’s great to have options! Thanks!

      • Arbonne is one of those MLM (aka “pyramid”) businesses that I refuse to support!
        I’m sure Johnson & Johnson would also be free of Animal Products, by-products too…

        Parents have been using J&J for how many years? I think this story is fear-mongering at best.

      • just for the record
        98. ChrisL | May 16, 2013 at 1:04 pm
        i would certainly be checking J&J for no animal fats and no animal by products, as well as no mineral oils. and they definitely have artificial fragrances etc that is one of the number one reasons babies get reactions from these products. they need the artificial fragrances to hide the animal fat and mineral oil smell!

        Also ARBONNE is NOT a pyramid selling company at all and i would much rather support this company for its ethics and green commitment to the world than to J&J!!!!!

        i know SS you say not too endorse products but this has opened up a can of worms and everyone is saying which products they use. Please check out ARBONNE, who promote and educate PURE SAFE skincare

        jo xo

  131. Which brands do you recommend?

  132. Doesn’t Monsanto own J&J? I know they own and destroy most of what we eat, drink, and use! This is scary since I now have 8 grandkids. Thanks for the info!

  133. So when will we stop injecting it into our kids through vaccines?

    • I don’t know the answer to that one 😦

    • No formaldahyde in vaccines for children & babies. However repeated exposure day after day, month after month to J & J’s products.
      They supply Maternity hospital with their products, they supply florists with their sample products to be sent with flowers. Big business, big money! Not much different to the tobacco companies who still claim their products don’t kill.

  134. I sent this link to our local news station.. Hopefully they share it!!! Horrible!

  135. Thankful to be partnered with a small US manufacturer who will never be selling to a large manufacturer and who cares about their ingredients. Melaleuca’s model of doing business is unique and so are their safer for your home, family and earth ingredients. I’m happy to give them my business and blessed to share in their revenues by sharing about the company word-of-mouth. Let me know if you’d like to learn more – Georgeanne Z

  136. What the heck else kind of products are we supposed to use? Everything has dangerous stuff…
    Pisses me off.

    • AVA ANderson Non Toxic, consultant #3035 baby, pet, home, body, skin products all organic and totally free of harmful chemicals, please check out all you products out at you will be amazed how products contain harmful toxins, Ava products are 100% safe.

  137. I wonder how much their stock will drop?
    Once again, the little guy investors take the hit while the fat cats at the top collect huge bonuses without regard for the problems their products create for their customers!

  138. I’m disgusted with this company as many others, It may be time to just, make my own for the safety of my family. No freaking wonder there is soo much F^%*(() in the world! Shame on J&J!!!

  139. HOLD ON. Just because the word “fragrance” is listed, DOES NOT mean there is “cancer hidden in words”. Please. The word fragrance is required by the FDA to describe any addition fragrancing component, synthetic or not. Even 100% natural oils must be listed as “fragrance”. Please be careful with the disinformation and blind activism. There’s no need to vilify hundreds of reputable cosmetic companies. We beg you for responsible journalism.

  140. unbelievable that such a trusted company would jepordize kids health.

    • There’s no recall because what’s even more shocking is that ITS ALL LEGAL! We have regulation, but it says there can be a certain amount of formaldehyde in products and that’s OK. That is why you can’t depend on the government to help protect you. You have to make choices for yourself. Thanks for your comment!

    • I’m sure if you asked any individual person in the company, they don’t want to harm kids, but unfortunately when the human being becomes a corporation with shareholders and a profit margin, the values of the individual disappear and the values of the company take over. There are plenty of companies that can make a good profit (I’m not against profit) AND work to maintain good karma. Just sayin’ 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

  141. I used J&J on all my babies. This makes me sad and scared.

  142. Good Lord…is nothing sacred???

  143. ANOTHER TERRIBLE LIFE CHANGING EVENT IS FLUOROQUINOLONE TOXICITY, BY J&J’s antibiotic Levaquin, brutal damage for life, disability, yes even death, please research it,

  144. I use Johnson & Johnson! I had no idea! I’ve been using the soap on my toddler since she was born.

  145. Fragrance is listed under pretty much everything we use (on our babies and ourselves). So is all “fragrance” bad…..or how do we know which to avoid?

    Also, I checked all of my J&J product labels and did not see DMDM hydantoin listed on any of them. Fragrance is listed on baby shampoo, my shampoo (different brand), lotion, deo, etc.

    • Yes, fragrance is listed as parfum in some cases. Look for essential oils for nice smelling stuff. Synthetic chemicals may smell good, but they are not good for you. You just have to do your homework 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  146. Everyone should look into using Ava Anderson products that are free of cancer causing agents. Check out their website for everything from baby products to skin care to make up to cleaning agents.

  147. This strikes me as fear-mongering.

    Your body produces formaldehyde as part of its natural processes – amino-acid synthesis, for one. I’ve seen estimates in medical texts that a healthy adult body produces and metabolizes 50,000 milligrams of formaldehyde daily.

    In addition, when we *are* exposed to formaldehyde, it is metabolized *very* quickly. Formaldehyde’s half-life in the blood is about 90 seconds. It is not bio-accumulative, either.

    In short, I’d worry a lot more about the estrogen mimics and endocrine disruptors and a lot less about the formaldehyde. In the quantities it could conceivably be present in consumer products, it’s harmless.

  148. i dont believe any of it my mom used j and j products on me and im fine and so is my baby so i think its all bull

  149. Thanks so much for the information as I await my second granddaughter next month… Shocked though, no recall?? My daughter is stocked for a few years!!

  150. Thank you so much for your information I use a lot of natural products but it is so hard to find products that are safe

  151. Is this US only or do the UK formulations also have this?

  152. you better not let your kids out in the sun.. i heard that causes cancer too.. ><

  153. If anyone is interested in hearing about ARBONNE, a PURE SAFE range that includes skincare, makeup and BABY RANGE don’t hesitate to contact me at The products are amazing, especially if any of your children suffer from excema. I just want to educate as many people as i can to use safer alternatives on their skin, and those of their loved ones. jo x

  154. I am so happy I switched to a company that has NO chemicals at all and NO hidden ingredients! shame on you J&J if any mommies wanna know about my company please contact me on fb Barbara j dunn bend ,or

  155. What baby products (shampoo, baby wash) are safe?

  156. I used lots of Johnson &Johnson products on my daughter who is 23 now. I went through breast cancer 21/2 yrs ago. If your products cause cancer and your aware of that. You should be shut down and no longer able to put any products on store shelves. This sickens me to know such a poplar brand could of harmed millions of people.

  157. I am curious if your research shows that using the products leads to a certain type of cancer….my 12 yr old recently died and we used J&J all the time, even when he was older because of his sensative skin.

    • Oh, that is terrible. I’m so sorry! Cancer is a very complex disease so there’s no way of knowing what “caused” your child’s cancer. Unfortunately there are a lot of “causes” out there today. Again, so sorry for your loss.

    • My daughter also has leukemia and is fighting… she is now 4 and was diagnosed at 13 months… I’m so sorry for your loss and I wonder the same thing.. can it be this product?

  158. Formaldehyde is found in many vaccines. Good to know so you can make an informative decision about vaccination

    • The thing is, the amount of formaldehyde found in any single vaccination or series of vaccinations is minuscule – no more than 0.1 milligram per shot.

      Your body produces formaldehyde from its own processes, which is broken down very quickly and excreted via urine or respiration.

      Even a baby’s small body contains FAR more formaldehyde from those processes than can be obtained via vaccines.

      • Jason, do you know that the umbilical cord of babies contains over 200 chemicals? They are under assault from birth. You need to read the book The Hundred Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald. The problem is with all of these chemicals that they may be miniscule on their own but now combine them with the hundreds and I mean literally hundreds of chemicals they come in contact with daily, the worst being the chemicals in babies and our bath water. No one has ever done done any studies to see how these chemicals react synergistically. They use these chemicals because their products can sit on the shelves indefinitely and never go bad. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and what we put on is just as important as what we put in. People are mistaken if they think that just because it is being sold to us makes it safe. They are only interested in selling product and making money for the shareholders, period!

    • Formaldahyde is not used in babies or childrens vaccine anymore & has not been for quite some time. There is a minute amount in the Flu vaccine to preserve its efficacy. As a Child & Family Nurse I have been advising parents not to use J & J products for years, due to the adverse reactions I repeatedly saw from their use. Baby powder which is so popular with women as well as using it on their babies, has been implicated in cancer of the cervix. These days it is very easy to find natural products for babies & adults & also lots of recipes for making your own products.

      • As a pediatric RN, you may want to check your facts Sandy, choose one preservative in the vaccine ingredients and go check out your MSDS and see what kind of neurological issues you would get if not handled properly, but yeah sure go inject that stuff in your babies REALLY!!!

      • Sandy, you can go right to the website and pull up vaccine ingredients and you will see it there as plain as day!

        • There is a film out, called THE EAST, its a must see, about Fluoroquinolone Poisoning, it is fictional, but very true the writers, who also act in it, did extensive research into everyday poisoning, from chemicals, antibiotics, water and more, it is a real eye opener for people who do not believe this is happening…IMO it will be the #1 Film of 2013….

  159. Why on earth would you ever trust these big corporations again? Wait until they’ve removed the carcinogens? How about voting with your dollar for companies that would never hide carcinogens in their baby shampoo in the first place? Or make your own.

  160. Will there be a recall? I just bought 2 big bottles of head-to-toe wash 😦

  161. I’m reading this and omg i us baby aveno i don’t see any of the hidden things on back.. And in the thing its says nothing about baby aveno dose anyone know if is in baby aveno??

  162. You must trust the company you purchase your products from. Not all information on the internet is valid. The source of these oxybenzone concerns is the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG). Chief Scientist Dr. John Bailey with the Personal Care Products Council, a group representing the interests of the cosmetics industry, says the following about the EWG findings: “EWG’s report lacks scientific credibility”; “EWG’s allegations are in direct conflict with the established scientific and FDA safety assessments of sunscreen products and their ingredients, including those from scientific and regulatory bodies in the European Union, Canada, and several other countries”; “EWG invents its own sunscreen product rating system based on very questionable scientific methodology […] proven to be inaccurate and unreliable by sunscreen experts around the world”.[13]

  163. What baby wash would you suggest using on babies?

    • I don’t like to post any endorsements because it looks like I am taking $$ from companies and I assure you I DONT!
      But if you want to use something safe and gentle I would suggest using plain organic liquid castile soap. you can find this at many places, but I get mine from I have used their products to make my own products for years.

      You can add some essential oil to the soap as well. For babies lavender is safe. (make sure it’s lavendula angustifolia)

      I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Bronners! ( Both of these companies also practive fair trade and fair corporate practices. Good energy all the way around (that will end up with your little one)

  164. Unbelievable! Childs’ skin is so sensitive and we have a TRUSTED provider putting embalming fluid in tge pridycts. Just like every other ckmpany, in it for the MONEY!

  165. Clare, this is BS!

    Formaldehyde is a specific chemical, as are 1,4-dioxane (,4-Dioxane) and DMDM hydantoin ( The former is a by-product of the process used to make the shampoo and is usually found in trace quantities. The latter slowly breaks down within the shampoo in order to release tiny amounts of formaldehyde as it’s used up in it’s primary purpose- antimicrobial preservative. And I assure you, the chemists who came up with the idea didn’t do it so the ingredients list could be used to “fool customers” – it’s so that the formaldehyde can be delivered slowly, as needed to keep the shampoo microbe free.

    Formaldehyde itself is a gas at room temperature, so you can imagine that only very small amounts are able to be dissolved in the shampoo in the first place. It has been shown to cause cancer in people who inhale large quantities released in the workplace at WAY higher concentrations and longer exposure times (

    The fact is, using baby shampoo from J&J poses no risk to the infant! It’s actually included to REDUCE the risk of injury by killing bacteria, etc.

    • Thanks for taking your time and posting this response. I guess my question is Darrell, how much formaldehyde would OK for someone to put on their baby’s skin? and why, when there are better, safer antibacterial agents out there to use would you use one that is listed as a carcinogen on the EPA and FDA’s dangerous chemical list?

      J&J also said they would be removing parabens and pthalates from their products. We’ve known that parabens and pthalates are endocrine disruptors for decades, but because they are still legal and cheap, companies continue to use them.

      There are over 500 chemicals that are legal for use in this country that are banned in others.

  166. I don’t understand why they would do such a thing! Also they use johnson products in the hospitals as well out of all places. That’s just so twisted how they would make these for babies! Yet my 2 and a half month old baby uses it. Now I know not to use it

    • They are not the only company to use chemicals that pose a health risk. the fact is, there are too many chemicals in personal care products these days that they cannot possibly all be tested and there are no labeling laws. There are very sly ways for companies to hide dangers in their products. I am only in favor of full disclosure. just tell us what’s in the damn product so we can make up our own minds as to whether we want to use it.

      That’s all I’m sayin

  167. if companys can hide all this stuff in everything, what makes you think they stop making it the same way? i say they make new labels to say it dont contain it but im sure they dont change the product

  168. I am very blessed to have friends who are into checking labels, They warned me away from Aveeno and Burt’s Bees and J/A/S/O/N. I don’t go to to EWG. I just ask if something is good and they tell me.

    (“Leaf and Bud Naturals” is the name of their store, if anyone is interested in products that have been thoroughly researched.)

    • What is wrong with Burt’s Bees products?

      • Many of their products are fine. They have a huge products line and are now manufacturing cosmetics. You just need to check the ingredient list and feel comfortable about the company that is making your stuff. They used to be a small trusted company but they were bought out by Clorox in 2008 when Clorox saw that people were starting to become concerned about using natural products. Whether it’s Burt’s Bees, Martha’s Mosquitoes (yeah I made that one up) just get informed and know what your putting on…and ultimately IN your body.
        Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • Good for you that you have friends who can do the work for you! Me, I’m not so blessed, and i don’t have the time to do the research as in depth as i’d like to. A few months ago my sister got me onto Conscious Cosmetics (aussie). I’ve been trusting their products ever since – they don’t make them they just sell products by other companies, that they safety-screen first. And thoroughly safety-screen. I called up and got the owner recently, she had a good chat to me and answered my questions. Apparently she was too just a consumer a few years back, who started researching into these toxic ingredients. She said she wants to educate not just sell products which makes me feel like i can trust her more. She also reckons EWG is ok as a starting base but it’s not accurate enough for her, and she goes directly to testing/scientific orgs for her info.

  169. it seems that shampoo, like toothpaste, serves no purpose

    • I am thankful our family found Melaleuca, a U.S. company based in Idaho Falls that manufactures responsibly and keeps their prices very reasonable so it’s easy for any American family to shop for safer and more effective products without straining the family budget. Their products are free of formaldehyde, ammonia, bleach, or any caustic chemicals. I tried several green companies before finding this company, and their products are far superior to any eco-friendly products I have used in the past, and cost a lot less. Our family has been shopping with them for two years, and we couldn’t be happier. I also help people set up shopping accounts with the company and then they shop online or by phone with Melaleuca wholesale factory direct. All of their products come with an empty bottle refund policy and their customer service is exceptional.

  170. I read up above that you do not recommend Burt’s Bees when suggesting to find healthier products. Can you explain a bit. I have used Burt’s Bees lotion on my skin. Is it not safe? And I am not surprised at all with J&J or any other large conglomerate.They only care about profit….and don’t give a hoot about the people using their products. (young or old)

    • Burt’s bees was started by a concerned bee keeper who wanted to share his stuff and his love of nature….but his ex-wife took all his money (most of the $191 million she sold it Clorox for) and Burt lives in a chicken coop (or that’s where he was living a few years ago) If you look at their formulations carefully, you will see some additions of a few chemicals that weren’t there before even though Clorox said when they purchased the company in 2008 that nothing would change. (Burt’s Bees tested positive for lead in their lip color, for example)
      Once a huge corporation takes over the company and starts messing with the motivation of the product, I refuse to buy it. It’s just bad energy to me….

  171. I think this artcle is bullshit. I would like to see the research and official statement from Johnson and johnson. This article is definitely fear mongering. Show me the research from the experts (Doctors and Research Technicians) and their credentials. Thanks.

  172. I used these products for years on my children in the 80’s. It’s horrifying to find this out now.

    • No use crying over spilled shampoo…healthy bodies are able to deal with a certain amount of these carcinogens very nicely. Babies are resilliant, but it’s getting harder to protect them from all the things that can harm their systems….not just personal care stuff… So now that they’re grown, if they eat a plant-based diet, are not over weight and exercise, your kids will be just fine despite the nasty hair washings 🙂

  173. This absolutely pisses me off, it is just disgusting!! I have been using J & J on my 2 month old daughter since she was born!! If the government wasnt so wkrried about killing everyone on earth maybe we wouldnt mind giving them our hard earnings!!

    • I feel your frustration, but the thing is, it’s not just J&J that’s guilty and we can’t rely on the government to help protect us from anything. It all rests on our shoulders to keep ourselves and our families safe an healthy. I’m sure your daughter is fine, but now that you know, you can find products that are healthier (and I don’t mean Burt’s Bees….)
      Thanks for your comment!

  174. All there products ? I have a bunch !! 😦 what exactly do I have to look for on the labels

    • sodium laureth sulfate (not lauryl) ,DMDM hydantoin, fragrance, parfum, diacetyl, etc.(there are many many more) Check out EWG’s site ( check your ingredients in the products you have. Everyone should be doing this especially if you’re using commercial products on your kids. You can type in the ingredient and the list will tell you how harmful it is. But it’s a lot easier to just go with products that you can trust and are natural. (We all know what “lavender” is for example. If you have to look up the ingredient….probably not healthy…)

      And it’s not just Johnson & Johnson products. Many many other products contain harmful ingredients as well. It’s up to you to find out if what is going into your kids bodies is healthy for them or not. Thanks for the comment! Your a good mom!

  175. I don’t understand why everyone gets so up-in-arms about formadahyde in their baby shampoo, yet ignores the fact that it is also found in every vaccination that they knowingly and willingly inject directly into their babies’ tiny bodies.

  176. This was really shocking how the hell we prefer these products for our baby daily uses, as Johnson & Johnson admits that their baby products are consisting of cancer causing formaldehyde that ultimately helps to increases the risk of cancer among the small babies.

  177. Thanks for sharing this important information and helping to create more awareness. I used these products for years and mistakenly trusted that they were safe for my children. I am thankful to know better now, and especially grateful to have found an American manufacturer that specializes in better, safer, and more affordable products for our family!

    • Hopefully with new labeling regulations and a better public awareness, we can foil the manufacturer’s plan to foil us.

      • is it ok t o use the jj baby powder i use daily on self 18 yearsmy kids also use daily as a personal hygine mojo as learned from mom

        • Any powder containing TALC should be avoided as the jury is still out on whether or not talc products lead to cancer. I’m not going to endorse any particular brand, just google “talc free baby powder” and make sure the powder is made from natural ingredients and nothing that you don’t recognize. You could just use pure organic arrowroot powder or organic corn starch which works just as well.

  178. OH NO!! I used J&J’s no more tears shampoo with all 3 of my kids!!! Drat! Thanks for the information.

  179. I didn’t know any of this. Thank you for sharing

  180. Whaa!?? Sometimes I feel like I am wearing a blindfold. Thanks 8)

  181. Thank you so much for this post! I have shared it on my facebook page for The Healthy Hippie as well as on my personal one. I know way too many mothers out there, and I would hate for them not to know the dangers of these BIG Name Brand Companies and their harmful products!

    MOON-Organics should one day come out with baby products! 😉

  182. Hi, it’s been a while since last time I visited your blog! I miss your research based information!

    What a disappointing news. I was totally shocked by the fact that trustworthy (for babies and moms) big company does this. Thank you for the info!

  183. Sad that these giant corporations get away with so much. Thanks for sharing the news.

  184. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Although my daughter is 16 and that boat has sailed regarding baby products, I really appreciate the link to the Good Guide and plan on popping it in a recommended links section on my blog for my US readers (don’t know how relevant it is to UK and others as different regs and products). And, doesn’t J&J market itself as ‘the family company’? Some family. As always, fantastic work. You consistently highlight such interesting, relevant and sometimes horrifying things. 😀

  185. Thanks for the very informative info.
    I hate when I learn these things, they scare the shit out of me!
    Why would anyone, knowingly expose kids to that??

  186. Alarming findings … thanks for spreading awareness!

      • Suave company lists the same ingredients in their shampoo and body wash. Might wanna check up on them too

        • Pretty much any large corporation big name is going to have to use chemical preservatives to keep their product from going bad in years because their product sits in a warehouse for years….Just look for natural products!! it’s easy right?

        • then what should we use other than johnsons? any suggestions?

        • There are dozens…no HUNDREDS of companies that can provide 100% natural products. Since I don’t have a baby anymore, I am not using these and I don’t endorse anything that I don’t use. Just google “natural organic baby skincare” and I’m sure pages will pop up. It’s up to YOU to check them out to make sure they are healthy!

    • I’ve always credited Johnson & Johnson with what I thought was a family run business who took great pride in what they put into there products and I have always told friends and family to buy there products when ever possible 😦 I am ashamed that I was fooled into believing this all these years… Johnson & Johnson Shameful!!!! I hope you change your ways because now I will be telling friends and family how deceitful you have been and to be wary of anything you say or products you sell…

    • our bodies make formaldehyde and things like methanol get broken down into formaldehyde (and other byproducts) , naturally produced blood concentrations are around 2-3μg of formaldehyde per gram of blood & it is a pretty damn important chemical; we need it to form DNA and amino acids

      • What our bodies produce is different from synthetic, man made chemicals that are introduced to our bodies/systems. Much like the formaldehyde that is injected with vaccines. It is not the same as the naturally occurring formaldehyde in any way, whether ingested, applied topically or injected.

      • Exactly. Take a deep breath everyone. A. It’s calming. B. Also, if you are anywhere near any fruits, vegetables, furniture, etc., that breath of fresh air had a lil’ formaldehyde in it too. Formaldehyde is a common byproduct of many reactions, because it is a single carbon, oxidized molecule (meaning any time an enzyme cleaves a single carbon group from a larger molecule, it could oxidize into the intermediate formaldehyde). And its an intermediate because under normal conditions (with light or heat) it will oxidize further. There’s no secret conspiracy to save a buck at the expense of everyone’s health. Unless you are drinking the shampoo through a straw, it will be harmless.

        • Thanks for taking the time to comment. As we all have our opinions about this situation, it is clear that Johnson & Johnson has chosen to remove this ingredient from they baby shampoo. Why would they remove something that was “harmless”? How much of a cancer-causing toxin are you comfortable purposefully exposing your baby to?

        • Susan – thats very easy to figure out. For a company such as J&J its much cheaper and efficient to change the ingredient than to spend millions in a counter marketing campaigns when people are being brainwashed by retarded liberals who won’t take the time to study chemistry 101. As Alex said, unless you are drinking the shampoo by the gallons, it’s harmless. A site even stated that to reach harmful levels of formaldehyde you would have to bather a baby 40 thousand times in one day. And lastly, toxicity is determined by the type of chemical AND the levels of it.

        • John thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to comment on this very important issue.
          I was going to delete your comment because of your derogatory remark and use of the very hurtful and inappropriate word “retarded”. I had a mentally challenged brother, and in case no one told you, that word is not used anywhere by anyone.
          To address you point, we are not taking about “toxicity” here. We are talking about the constant exposure to small amounts of TOXINS that over time, used daily on small infants and children, those whose bodies are developing, changing and hormonally growing, change DNA over time and lead to cancers and problems down the road. Yes, I understand the use of chemicals as POISONS…I’m not talking about that. As stated, I am talking about the effects of a longterm exposure.
          Again, this is an issue that is complex and I appreciate you taking the time to read the post.


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