Johnson & Johnson sucks

They work hard to gain your trust..…then they know they can screw you.

Johnson & Johnson has spent billions building the name of “family trusted products” for babies and adults, so it may surprise you to learn that a court has just awarded $72 million to a (now) deceased plaintiff who died of Ovarian cancer from using the high talc content products from Johnson & Johnon.  You may be surprised….I am not.

You can read the whole story here.

There were several things that turned my stomach reading this article, but some of the highlights were:

  • Johnson & Johnson knew that there was a link between using talc for personal care and ovarian cancer, but they pretended like that information didn’t exist.“They tried to cover up and influence the boards that regulate cosmetics,” a  juror said, adding “They could have at least put a warning label on the box but they didn’t. They did nothing.”
  • One memo from a Johnson & Johnson medical consultant compared ignoring the risks associated with talc use and ovarian cancer to denying the link between cigarettes and lung cancer — in other words, “denying the obvious in the face of all evidence to the contrary,” the Associated Press reported.
  • But this is most disturbing thing: As consumers became aware of talc use and the cancer risk, sales declined.  So Johnson & Johnson developed a sales plan to target blacks and Hispanics to use the powder instead.

You may have read my previous article about how Johnson & Johnson admitted to using cancer causing formaldehyde in their baby shampoos for years, and are just now removing it.  But take a look at the current ingredient list in my post….it’s really no better.

It only takes 26 second for what you put on your body to go IN your body and go to all your organs.

26 seconds

For babies and kids the effects are far worse.

That is the reason I chose to throw out all my store bought products and make my own.

It may be tricky to boycott all Johnson & Johnson products because they are into our lives big-time. their sub companies include these companies which makes hundreds of other products.

Advanced Sterilization Products[83]
ALZA Corporation
ANIMAS Corporation
BabyCenter, L.L.C.
Biosense Webster, Inc.[84]
Centocor Ortho Biotech, Inc.
Children With Diabetes, Inc.
Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.
Crucell nv
DePuy, Inc.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
Ethicon, Inc.
Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group (GPSG)
Groupe Vendôme SA
Independence Technology, LLC
Information Technology Services
Janssen Pharmaceutica
Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, L.P.
Johnson & Johnson, Group of Consumer Companies, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.
Johnson & Johnson – Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co.
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C.
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Services, L.L.C.
LifeScan, Inc.
McNeil Consumer Healthcare
McNeil Nutritionals
Mentor Worldwide, L.L.C.
Noramco, Inc.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. OCD (Sold in 2014)
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
Ortho-Neutrogena (a merge of Neutrogena and Ortho Dermatological)
Personal Products Company
Pharmaceutical Group Strategic Marketing (PGSM)
Peninsula Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
PriCara, Inc.
Scios Inc.
Tasmanian Alkaloids
Transform Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Veridex, LLC

In January 2016, an $800 million class action lawsuit was filed against Johnson & Johnson for hiding side effects of Levaquin, a powerful antibiotic.

Seems the moneymakers at J&J are having a stressful year…..

Please join me in boycotting all Johnson & Johnson products.  You can start with the one’s that say “Johnson & Johnson” on them and popular brands like Band-aid, Tylenol and Neutrogena skincare products.

Please know that the only one that will protect you is you.  No government agency can do itmaxresdefault

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  1. Reblogged this on The Opportunist and commented:
    This is too important not to reblog…. Please you have been alerted – pay attention to what you put on and into your body.

  2. Excellent article, Susan. We are not as enthralled to J&J over here but they do still have a presence. I am remembering all of their sweet, soft-focused commercials over the years as I was growing up in the US and it is making my stomach turn. Thanks for highlighting all of the other affiliated companies as well. Sharing.

  3. I thought about you and your past post on j and j when I heard about this yesterday. I will not buy anything from them again! They will not be poisoning my children

  4. Done!! Big corporate crap! I’ll never use their products. Thanks for the great post!

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