Izze soda…too good to be true?

I can’t stand how delicious Izze soda is.  From the colorful packaging, to the healthy ingredients, to the phenomenal taste,  I thought Izze might be too good to be true.

I tried my first Izze several years back.  I was never a soda drinker, but I was on vacation and thought I would try something “special” so I grabbed a bright orange Izze Clementine “sparkling juice” from the case and popped it open.  Wow.

It tasted so good I was afraid to look at the ingredients.  Afraid I would find high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors.  Or worse…find out that Izze is a subsidiary of Coke .

healthy soda

This stuff is so healthy it belongs in your fruit basket

I was amazed at what I found:

  • all natural ingredients
  • 70% pure fruit juice
  • no artificial anything
  • 2 servings of fruit in every bottle
  • started in 2002 by two guys who wanted to make a great drink and give back to the world
  • they got the name “Izze” from one of the founders daughter’s name, Isabelle…come on…I mean…come on…it doesn’t get cuter than that!
With each click of the mouse, I liked the company more and more.  Their mission:

To be the nation’s leading, premium, aspirational, lifestyle-driven non-alcoholic sparkling beverage brand. We also strive to be socially responsible, mindful of the environment and promote our best asset – our people. 

They have several varieties of beverages:

  • Sparkling juice: just what is says…. just sparkling water and juice with no sugar or added color
  • Esque: low calorie sparkling water made with sparkling water (duh), juice, citric acid (a natural flavor preserver), colors created by carrot, blueberry, and radish juice. 50 calories per bottle NO ASPERTAME!
  • Fortified: same as sparkling juice but with added vitamins B and C
  • Sparkling soda: The newest addition to the linup, these beverages contain natural birch and ginger oils with sugar and natural flavors and colors.

Izze also gives back in many ways…both locally and globally.

I really hope this company is for real.  Please don’t tell me about some secret ties to Nestle or Merck Pharmaceuticals…I don’t want to hear it.
Let’s just enjoy our favorite ice cold Izze ….sparkling blueberry… in peace, OK? (Even though I know they’ve already sold to pepsi…sniff….)


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  1. What I sent to IZZY this week and how they responded: (March 13, 2017):
    “We have been big consumers of IZZE grapefruit and other flavors of your sodas. However, in reading the label that apple juice is one of the products you use in these drinks, we are now reconsidering, since apples are one of the heaviest pesticide sprayed crops and are listed by consumer groups concerned with pesticides as one of the “dirty dozen”,
    Can you please send information on the pesticide practices of the apple suppliers you use? We are of course deeply concerned with anyone who uses the carcinogenic and insect killing ROUNDUP. But we are concerned about the use of any pesticides in our food and in the environment. Thank you.”

    Their response:

    Thank you for the chance to respond to your concerns. All raw material suppliers for IZZE are required to meet all local, EPA and FDA requirements for the use of pesticides. We stand by the safety and quality of all our ingredients.

    I hope this response is helpful.

    IZZE Beverages
    Consumer Relations”

  2. This may be a very, very old post… but just so everyone who cares now knows, Izze is now owned by PepsiCo (check on amazon and they are responding to buyer reviews) and still there is no answer anywhere as to whether the juice being used in the non-organic version has GMO fruit in it. I’m frustrated, because I also love the product, but will not be tricked by the evil of PepsiCo.

    • Ugh. I know. This is am old post. One by one my favorite food companies have been plucked up by big manufacturers it sucks@!!! I wish they would jyst stop screwing us!!

  3. Late to the thread but still hoping someone has an answer for me!

    I’m in Nova Scotia Canada and looking for the Izze clementine and although a local store used to sell it ages ago I can’t find it ANYWHERE any more… I checked Amazon and the prices are through the roof.

    Does anyone know where I can find some?

  4. And even with zero added sugars… it still has the same calories per ounce as standard “unhealthy” sodas.

  5. I am trying to stop drinking soda and bought the IZZE on a whim. Nice packaging. Somehting told me to research this new and wonderful tasting drink. SO glad i did ! Thanks for all the posts ! I am thinking H20 with lemon and maybe cucumbers or strawberries….

    • YES! Thanks for your comment! Make sure your H2O is chlorine filtered and cucumber & lemon juice make the water alkaline and pack an extra super health punch! Add strawberries if they are organic. The pesticides tend to hide in the small nooks and crannies of the outside of the berry and will taint your water. Go get ’em!

  6. It is always interesting to read the posts here, some informative, some a bit off the wall and some just plain fun.
    I’ve pretty much weaned myself off Izze, not because of the ingredients or alleged ingredients but because of the corporate owners, Pepsi have been spending insane amounts of money to keep people from knowing if genetically modified organisms (gotta be careful how I spell that word!) are in the food they buy. Pepis, along with Coke, the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the big Chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow have spent tens of millions of bucks in California, Washington state, Oregon and Colorado to defeat labeling laws. They are also suing Vermont and Maui, Hawaii for passing such laws. Guess I’ll stick to water, sigh…

  7. I drink Izze Sparkling Blackberry. The ingredients are listed as juice and sparkling water. Is it still considered a soda? I used to drink an abhorrent amount of soda (not Coke but a terrible kind none thr less) and so I am trying to find healthier alternatives. The water in the area I live in has… an off taste and quite frankly smells wierd. I’ve been buying bottled water since I moved here about 6ish months ago. But I like to have a bit of variety. If Izze is not what it seems, do you have suggestions of other drinks to be had between my bottles of water?

    • Thanks for your comment and BRAVO for trying to drink healthier options! Izze is 4 sure better than “soda” with its extremely high sugar content, caramel coloring and formaldehyde, so that’s that. When I coach folks to eat healthier I give them a “good better best” option. So good would be to switch from soda to Izze, yes. Better would be to go to lemonade made with filtered water (filtered by activated charcoal like a “brita” or fridge filter) with organic sugar and lemon juice. Best is filtered water with fresh (not bottled) lemon or lime juice. (There is a “bestest” which is distilled water with a pinch of baking soda and pink salt) I don’t recommend bottled water for many reasons…BPA, acidic, no idea of what is really in it…enviornmental waste…among others. You can see more about water here: https://sisterearthorganics.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/water-water-everywhere-but-which-one-should-i-drink-2/

      If you water smells weird, it could be for many reasons. The most common is chlorine, but it could be sulfur (does it smell like the bathroom in a bean-serving restaurant?)Activated charcoal will remove weird chlorine taste and those filters are pretty cheap. You can even get a water bottle with a little filter on top that filters as you drink!
      Don’t give up! Keep improving as there’s always room for it!

      • I actually saw a water bottle with a filter and thought about buying it. My husband is in the military and we move a lot, the place with the smelly water is in Monterey Bay, California. I feel like if i get used to tap water some where we move again and I have to start afresh. I also might be sensitive to water. Most tap water tastes “funny” to me even when other people say it tastes fine.
        What is pink salt?
        Also, you reccomend water and fresh lemon juice. I had a friend talking about doing some thing where you put things like strawberries or cucumbers in water over night to flavor it. Have you ever tried anything like that? Does it
        actually taste good? This is the first blog where someone has actually answered my questions so kudos on that! Thank you!

        • Pink salt is salt mined from the mountains of the Himilayans. You can read about healthy salt here: https://sisterearthorganics.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/whats-so-great-about-sea-salt/
          Sure, the fruit flavored water is great! The lemons are to make the water more alkaline. Cucumbers and limes do it too. Acidic water is not healthy (as is acidic foods like processed, meat, alcohol, coffee and more) so the lemon water makes it more able to feed your cells. The fruit will make it taste good, so go for it! Avoid the tempation to buy on of those “soda making” machines because that will make the water more acidic by adding CO2 gas.

          Of course I answer my comments! I’m a real person with a life mission of helping others get answers. Thanks for your comment!

        • I recommend homemade sparkling juice, use non-organic, pulp-free orange juice and mix it with seltzer water.


    • I drink 3/4 Perrier water and 1/4 cranberry juice with ice and a lemon wedge it is very good

  8. there are many drinks out there that use the REAL ESSENTIALS OILS and REAL SPICES to make their drinks such as Q-kola and their line of drinks way less sugar than izze by the way and also virgils root beer that puts essential oils of brich oil but actually soooo much sugar i cant drink that anymore.there are also many drink as of this past month from tiny companies (before the big corporations “deflower” them ) that have their drinks sweetened with vitamin rich honey even if its not local and raw its still honey and not raw cane sugar

  9. research a bit more,izze soda was first owned by one person he sold to pepsi company
    they have twisted and made unpure as corporations can do izze citrus flavors are not from the oils of the skins of the citrus fruits they are sent to a lab to make them…but wait it gets worse they are contracted with this company called synomac something like that and they use aborted kidney tissue cells to make their flavors as far as the berrie flavors you cannot take from a real plant and extract a berrie flavor unlike the citrus fruits so they have natural flavors which really are fake flavors but ifs really the way they go about making their fake flavors thats freaky using the aborted kdney cell tissues
    go check out children of god..www.cogforlife.org i think they speak of all the letters they sent to the pepsi corporation on this topic they have proof

  10. Op, you are so far left, it’s disgusting. Don’t like coke or Pepsi? Don’t drink it? Don’t like their bizness ethics? Move somewhere where capitalism doesn’t exist…came here to read about izze drink, not a democrat campaign. *sigh*

  11. What do you look into to determine the consciousness of the company? And do you find trusted, unbiased sources? As a writer, that is always a concern for me. Thanks, Jennie

    • Look at the pay margin of CEO:worker (Average USA companies make on average 354 times the pay of an average worker…but some have rations of 1700:1)
      Look at the origin of the company formed by two buddies or by a conglomerate of millionaires?
      what is their mission? Do they want to promote health and wellness? or just sell junk for profit?
      Do they use workers in “sweat shop” countries? Are you using something that was put together by a 9 year old?
      Do they give back to the community? what are they doing to help their surroundings?
      Do they offer full disclosure? If you can’t get the answers to these questions, it’s probably because they don’t want you to know
      Who do they source their supplies from? Countries that have lax quality assurance standards?
      One company I always use and trust is Mountain Rose Herbs Check out their answers to these questions and you’ll see what I mean
      Thanks for the question!

  12. Izze is healthy and delicious. I tried it a few years ago just because my niece Izzie was coming to visit and I saw only healthful ingredients on the label. I wasn’t disappointed!

  13. When I e-mailed them this:

    “I read that you say it may be vegan friendly. But, the example that you gave of what vegan may pertain to isn’t completely accurate. Here is a quote from the founder of the term that may clear things up a little on what veganism actually entails when used. A person who is called vegan is usually a person following a path of veganism or a vegan lifestyle.

    “The word ‘veganism’ denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practical — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.” — Quoted Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society 1944.

    Vegan does not denote a diet. Vegans do follow a plant-based diet though. So it would be more accurate to say that if it contains no animal products or their byproducts (such as eggs, milk, vomit, urine, feces, etc) that it would be either ‘Vegan friendly’ or ‘plant-based’.

    Some people forget that insects are a sub-category of the animal species. So honey (bee vomit) is not a part of a vegans’ plant-based diet.

    So with what I just shared with you about what ‘vegan’ pertains to can you tell me if it actually is ‘vegan-friendly’ or ‘plant-based’? When it said ‘natural flavors’ & ‘citric acid’. I wasn’t sure. Since ‘natural flavors’ could mean that it’s from feces, urine, bee vomit, etc. And ‘citric acid’ could come from either plant or animal sources.

    I hope I didn’t bother you. The terms ‘vegan-friendly’ & ‘plant-based’ even though more accurate & appropriated than the term vegan for labeling food products is just a suggestion. I do understand that the term ‘vegan’ is shorter than my suggestions though even though not entirely accurate since vegan is one who follows a path of veganism.

    Thanks for listening. Again I hope I wasn’t a catalyst for stirring up anger or hatred or any negative energy. It wasn’t my attention. Just trying to be more accurate & truthful & respectful to the term that is used too often to just denote a diet. You hear people calling themselves Vegan who go & buy a new pair of leather (most likely stolen animal skin) boots. When they are not on the path of veganism. They are just following a plant-based diet.”

    And this was there response:

    “Thank you for your email message regarding IZZE. Please know that there are no established FDA standards for the term ‘vegan’, nor is there a legal definition for the term. A common definition for a vegan is ‘a vegan (most commonly pronounced VEE-gun) is a person who does not eat animal products, including meat, fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy.’ IZZE, and the natural flavor in the product can be considered vegan.

    They didn’t even mention bee vomit (honey). So, I’m not so sure if it’s Vegan friendly or not. It sounded like they didn’t do much research into what’s actually kosher with Vegans. It looks more like a cut & paste response to me.

  14. Tried these for the first time tonight! I’m on a no soda challenge, but thought “what the heck, it’s a special night.” I had to look up to see if they were for real! Thanks for the post! I hope they ARE for real!!

  15. I had no idea about how healthier izze was when I first tried it. I’ve been lookin for alternatives to soda lately. Vitamin water was probably worse, but then I looked at izze soda, which tasted good enough to be any regular soda, and I was in a but of shock.
    Now I just need a steady source of this stuff

    More “CRAP” in food…LITERALLY!!!

    Is castoreum the “natural flavor” in Izze drinks??? If they won’t tell U what it is…it could be! READ ON…

    The dried perineal glands of the beaver contain castoreum — a food additive usually listed as ‘natural flavoring’ in the ingredient list. This food flavoring is extracted from the castor sac scent glands, located between the anus and genitalia, of male and female adult beavers. It has been used for over 80 years in both foods and beverages as a vanilla, raspberry and strawberry flavoring. The FDA says it’s GRAS, meaning it’s “generally recognized as safe.” You won’t see this one on the food label because it’s generally listed as “natural flavoring.” It’s natural all right AND DISGUSTING. My question is, “Who was the nutcake that looked at this by-product of slaughtered beavers, knowing its’ origin, took a bite and decided ‘This tastes like vanilla’ and was able to sell this to food processors as a NATURAL FLAVORING?” (More genius than nutcake, I suppose). AND, Ladies, it gets worse, this product is also used in perfumes… ANOTHER GREAT BIG, WHO KNEW???

    • BTW, Izze drinks taste great and are my favorite. It would be nice to know though, exactly what the “natural flavor” is … all other ingredients are listed by name. Hey, if it is castoreum, at least I know and would feel better about the product…as far as the vegans, however, I think they would be very displeased…just saying!!!

    • Thanks Joseph, for taking the time to enlighten us and nauseate us all at the same time.

      • For those questioning the validity of castoreum, i can corroborate. The perineal gland is the most lucrative piece of the beaver trade now that the fur industry is considered “politically incorrect”. The perineal gland is used to make “natural” flavorings and scents, similar to the way whale blubber is.

        The “natural’ word used in natural flavorings mean that the source is a natural (non-chemical) source. Not that it is from the flavor of the food or beverage you are consuming. To make this even worse, the FDA classifies these natural sources as “GRAS”. Generally Regarded As Safe. In other words, we are too lazy to really determine their safety, so we consider them safe unless proven otherwise later.

        Avoid anything with “natural flavorings” as an ingredient.

      • Today at lunch I asked my husband do you want beavers drink (IZZE ) with your tuna? .. He said ok he had the peach I had the clementine…….horrible but I bought so many that I will finish them all….. I won’t buy it anymore…..I don’t drink any soda so I take it in the movie theatrer and eat it wit GMO popcorn……..

    • What an interesting comment! I can’t believe there is much truth to it but interesting just the same. I seriously doubt there are enough beavers in the world to supply enough of any animal part for Izze, much less any other food with castoreum in it. I suspect most food additives are made from oil seeds, such as castor beans. I didn’t realize it was April first already!

      • I also question the “Natural “Flavoring” part of the ingredient list. According to my research on the internet this Natural Flavor can really but just about anything from MSG’s to Aspartame.

        • Yeah, every time I call a company out on this they say it’s “components derived from nature that enhance flavor” but they can’t tell me exactly what the heck it is!

    • That is horrible make me want to throw up I’m so happy I eat organic food I really got to like Izze drinks but now hearing this I can’t drink that anymore.

    • Hah who was the nutcake that came up with this idea of natural flavoring I would love to give him or her a peace of my opinion.

  17. Commenting on this after doing an ingredient search….are you guys still drinking this stuff? 2 1/2 tbsp of sugar per beverage folks. We Americans do love our sugar, don’t we!

    • Hmmmm…not sure where you’re getting your info from, but the ingredients in izzy do not contain added “sugar”. Do you mean the natural sugar in the fruit juice? If so, the regular izzy contains 20 grams of “carbs” which is less than half the “carbs” or “sugar” of a can of soda. (If you’re talking teaspoons here, a can of coke has 10-12 teaspoons and a bottle of regular izzy has 6 teaspoons which is 2 tablespoons as 1 teaspoon has 4.2 grams)
      But you can’t really compare two different types of sugar as far as health and metabolism. Fructose, glucose and sucrose (which is what we all know of as “sugar”) and high fructose corn syrup as all different forms of sugar. Yes, they are all carbs, but a bit different.
      Soda usually uses high fructose corn syrup to sweeten their product which is far more damaging than fruit juice.

      So if someone is trying to cut back on chemical laden high fructose corn syrup containing, caramel cancer causing soda, izzy is a good choice when you just have it once in a while in place of a can of Coke

      Thanks for your comment! please keep reading and commenting!

  18. Love the grapefruit Izze soda in bottles. I haven’t seen blueberry but I’ll look for it. Unfortunately, I heard that 1. Pepsi bought out Izze in 2006 and 2. All soda cans have BPA in them. You should only drink bottled drinks.

  19. I must admit I am addicted to Izze, especially the clementine flavor.
    That said, as an organic farmer, I question anything labeled as “natural”. No agency considers the word natural to mean anything in the food biz, anyone can use the word for any product. My concern is that nowhere on the label does it say where the “natural” ingredients are grown, I’m guessing China for the clementines. The other bit of info you might find interesting is that Pepsi owns the IZZE company. They have stayed out of the way, from what I’ve heard but none the less, they bought the founders out three or four years ago.

    • Thanks for your great comment farmer John (sorry…) I agree with the “natural” thing…where are they getting their stuff? I will have to check on their web site, because they make it very clear that they are NOT owned by another big corporation…….(have I been duped again? sob) I am going to call them and I will reply here. Thanks for the mission! (clementine shlementine…try the blueberry!)

  20. Wow, Izzy sounds like cool hip drink! I like the packaging, too. I’m a sucker for package designs. All natural is so attractive. I haven’t announced on my blog yet, but I’m preggie and I had enjoyed sparkling water during my first trimester. If I lived in the U.S. I would’ve tried the Izzy soda!!

    • Oh!! Congrats to you! How exciting! I bet your girls will just be great big sisters! SInce you haven’t officially announced it yet, I won’t tell anyone 🙂

      Izzy is great. I would not be surprised if went worldwide very soon. It’s so hard to find products that you believe in and they taste great.

      • Ok this is 2014… I discovered IZZE a year ago…. It was love with my first sparkling grapefruit juice…. anything new that we don’t know? Like those “natural ingredients ” are really not than natural? How do they carbonate the water? I love it still would like to know more…..

        • Ya join the friggin club. They do use “natural flavor” I hate the whole “natural flavor” thing as that could mean anything from fruit juice to the fluid that is excreted from a beavers asshole (I’m not kidding…google “castoreum”…parts of vanilla, raspberry and strawberry flavorings) I’ve just gone to fresh lemon juice in water, and when I want something for a treat, I eat a peach…I just give up….

        • Thanks so much…. As soonest I finish with these bottles no more…. Now every time a drink one I see a beaver’s. A….hole ….hahaha

        • Izze may have ingredients grown in China, but I’m quite certain there are no beaver, or any other animal parts in it.

          On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 7:51 PM, The Savvy Sister wrote:

          > The Savvy Sister commented: “HAHA…not a pretty thought!!” >

        • Ingredients grown in China….that did it for me! I love that you are certain….I am only certain of two things…death…and Miley Cyrus taking her clothes off for the camera.

        • I won’t drink IZZE anymore when I found out it has beaver butt anal juice in it I thought I was going to throw up.

        • I didn’t say it DID have beaver butt juice…I said it COULD have beaver butt juice. That’s the problem with the ingredient “natural flavors”…you never know what that really means…

        • The FoodBabe said it’s beaver butt anal juice you can find this information on her website.

        • She must have an “in” with the manufacturer…I couldn’t get that info out of them…

        • I don’t blame you….

        • I drink Honest tea organic drinks and Sweet Leaf organic green tea and I also make organic ginger ale now no more Izzy!!

        • I don’t drink either since Honest Tea is owned by Coke and Sweet Leaf was just bought out by Nestle…two companies who will never get my $$

        • Well what the hell is there for us to drink?

        • There’s a wonderful drink that’s the healthiest thing in the world and it’s virtually free…it’s called water

        • I drink 6 glasses of water everyday but I also enjoy some other healthy drinks as well.
          What do you drink besides water?

        • I was never a juice drinker….I guess the way we grow up…no orange juice but lots of oranges and fruits.. Apart from water with a little organic pomagrate real juice……until my sister introduced me to IZZE … Like a year ago….. Oh, yeah the other liquid I have is a glass of Pinot noir good red wine and good for my heart!! And not daily….. Don’t drink ice tea I don’t like it….but I do love hot tea healthy ones….. We had reverse osmosis at home so I know drinking water it’s safe…..
          Water and lemon I like it…..still I have like 7 bottles of beaver I know I will finish them with my husband help…..but I also know I won’t touch it again….

        • You have reverse osmosis????

          Can I live at your house?

        • We did it 10 years ago…..worth every penny,,,. Only for drinking water ….. I have just filters for bathrooms…. by the way if you sent a video or picture I couldn’t open…it was blank….

        • *What the heck is reverse osmosis?*

          On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 12:15 PM, The Savvy Sister wrote:

          > Alicia commented: “I was never a juice drinker….I guess the way we > grow up…no orange juice but lots of oranges and fruits.. Apart from water > with a little organic pomagrate real juice……until my sister introduced > me to IZZE … Like a year ago….. Oh, yeah the othe” >

        • Reverse osmosis just a way of puerify water…..😄

        • I just got ingredients for my new drink…… Good water, (6 cups) tsp of grated ginger, sliced cucumber, zest of a lemon, lemon sliced, 1/3 cup of mint leave…..let mixture infuse overnight.
          I will let you know how it goes….otherwise I just go back to just good water with a little pomagrate juice,….nothing else add it….:)

        • That sounds wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

        • Ok be sure to let me know how it is.

  21. I’ve never heard of it! But if you’re posting about it… I’ll try and find some

  22. Sounds like such a nice soda – shame we don’t have it here 😦

  23. I want some Izze…sounds great 🙂 Like you, I thought too good to be true at first.

    Glad I can still check out your latest posts through tweets. Formerly on wordpress the subscription made things so much easier.

  24. Izze is one of my favorite sodas! Actually, the only soda I really like. When I first read the title of your blog post, I was so worried that it was going to be about the dark side of Izze! But what an amazing philosophy it has!

  25. Thanks for your mention in your post. I do agree about even healthy drinks being unhealthy because of sugar whether it’s natural or high fructose corn syrup. My suggestion is to use Izzy as a “step down” drink to gradually curb your tastes so that you can eventually get to water, which is really what we should all be drinking.

    When I like a little “treat” I will sometimes reach for one of these….but not as much as I used to 🙂


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