Balance Rising Event Recap!!

I was trying to “come down” from the experience I had yesterday at this event that I co-organized, but then I thought “WHY DO I WANT TO?”

The elevated level of mood and positive vibe was exactly the effect we were trying to cultivate when we planned this idea.

Mara and I knew that the universe had something in mind for us to collaborate on and so we’ve been keeping our hearts open and just trusting that it would happen in the right time.  Trust, my friend, is a powerful thing.  Trust = Faith, and faith can move mountains.

So as the pieces fell into place, and the day started, I knew it was going to be amazingly special.

Here was the schedule for the day:

schedule copy


Cindy teaches us that “we all can support each other!”

The first thing on the schedule was a healing yoga session by Cindy Olah.  Cindy has amazing insight into the mind/body spirit aspects of yoga and she always has useful suggestions for how to go deeper into your practice and how to make your life better.  I’ve learned so much from her.  She has the kind of energy that you just feel immediately comfortable with her and she’s great at coaching bingers as well as very experienced yoginis.  You can find her studio, Sacred Garden Yoga here. I love her classes, and she often has great events at the studio that really broaden your mind and make you feel great.

Jonathan Adams from the band Montana Skies played guitar for the entire 1 hour session and then treated us to his meditative music during Savasana.

I don’t think anyone wanted it to end….

Next was a demo by Chuice! Chucie was our gracious host for this event and we were honored with Ladell Hill, the creator, and Dr Sujit Sharma, the CEO when they came in and told us about this delicious whole plant-basses drink! Attendees will receive a discount code via e-mail if you want to start “Chuicing”!

Jon was the first speaker and he talked about using the specific wavelengths of sound you hear in singing bowls to help relieve stress and anxiety.  We’re not just taking about “relaxing music” here….he uses certain tones to match the wavelengths of your brain to actually help your brain synchronize to the brain waves that produce relaxation.  You can download his recordings on his website SonicYogi here. I also interview Jon and you can see that here.  Jon has an amazing ability to authentically “be his loving soul” if that makes any sense (if you’ve ever met him, you’ll know exactly what I mean)

If you missed our event, you can see Jon on Tedx.

Next up was Eli English ND to talk about stress management  and the use of the technology known as the Quantum Biofeedback system.  She had some great info and answered a lot of questions.  You can schedule a session with Dr Eli by going to her website or stopping by her store The Herb Shop on Marietta Square.

We all were then immersed into thinking about creating the life we would love.   Joyce Dillon helped us with tools and got us thinking about what were the obstacles that are keeping us from achieving our true purpose.  Joyce does online counseling sessions and has lots of events of her own.  You can check out everything here.

Then it was time for lunch!!! Woo Hoo!! A great event has to have great food and luckily we hooked up with Sucheta Rawal from Go Eat Give to prepare a delicious whole food plant-based meal for us!



The menu consisted of bean cakes with fresh salsa, quinoa salad with cranberries and pine nuts,asian ginger slaw, fresh berry salad, and mixed roasted vegetables.

For snacks were the Moroccan Carrot Dip and the Insane Vegan Chocolate Drizzle (otherwise known as Vegan Fudge) with banana chips and gluten free pretzels, raw apple chips with cinnamon (dehydrated by yours truly). To drink we had assorted hot herbal teas, cucumber/lemon water, and iced herbal tea.

Click here for the PDF with all of Sucheta’s recipes.  From a peek at the comments, everyone loved the food as much as we did. When everyone left, and we cleaned up, we had another helping (well…it was dinner time)  and took the rest home. (WAY too good to leave behind)

Then Sucheta told us all about her travel/food/service organization Go Eat Give. I think we all will be going to her events that take place around Atlanta and around the world! Check out everything Go Eat Give has going on and sign up for this newsletter!

Mara and I want to always give back when we organize these events, and we were honored to give $400 from this event to Go Eat Give from the sale of the tickets.

Unknown-2Then we were “pumped up” by Cynthia Belmer while Jon played some dancing music and we all got the blood flowing and raised the energy in the room!! Cynthia helped us envision forgiveness and told us a beautiful story about a girl and her necklace that taught us that the love we are searching for is within ourselves.  Cynthia is a talented counselor and love coach. You can sign up for a free session with her here, and check out her book Meeting Freedom.  Cynthia’s insight will help you discover things about yourself you never even knew.  She’s holding a 1/2 day self-love workshop on May 30th. You can get all that info here.

Next was Laina Orlando who blew us away with her authenticity and message of connecting with the divine.  She told us of her “awakening” experience and invited us to explore our own journey to “The Power of Awareness”.  Laina is a wonderful counselor and holds many classes. Please check out her website as she has so much to offer and sign up for her daily inspirations!

laina 2 copy

The last session was from Mara Anthony, co-creator of Balance Rising (and most excellent good friend) who showed us how to move our energy by using simple Qigong movements. Mara is such an excellent teacher and I think we all wanted to learn more! Mara is a certified Medical Qigong practitioner and with my history of cancer, and the session she has done for me, I can say she is excellent! You can contact Mara for private Qigong sessions here.

We wanted to give something fun and healing to everyone who attended, so we gave out goodie bags.  In the goodie bags everyone received

  • a BPA-free, aluminum-free water bottle that helps you to create blessed water
  • a Organic Bliss Mocha Java energy bar
  • a Kiss Softly natural lip balm from my company MOON-Organics (check all my natural MOON goodies!)
  • a sprout kit and glass sprouting jar (OK…it’s a mason jar) with organic broccoli seeds
  • lots of great info from the following:

Pam Brooks Crump and her amazing WECAN group. Click here.

Eric Atwood and his amazing speaking circles group. Click here.

Dr Eli English

Compassionate Atlanta Click here.

My favorite natural food store, Nature’s Corner, was mentioned as well and you can find them here.

Now for the THANK YOU part of the post: Thank you….

1.  God the Gracious Divine who brought Mara and myself together and continually gives us the spirit and energy we need to do the work that we are called to do.

2.  Everyone who purchased a ticket and provided the positive energy, open minds, and open hearts in order to make this event the success it was.

3.  All the incredible speakers that gave their time and energy to this event and made it the uplifting, inspiring event it was.

4.  All the volunteers that helped out and did all the hard work from helping prep the food, to helping set up and break down, to keeping the water filled and the snacks looking good, to video taping the entire event (THANK YOU ANNIE AND AMANDA!!)

5.  Chuice for letting us use their space

Please send your pictures of your sprouts when they start growing and any other pictures from the event!   We’d love to post them on our website!!

Stay tuned for the next Balance Rising event!!

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10 replies

  1. Sounds like an AMAZING day. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Love it.. Can I share this?

  3. It was certainly a “juicy” event, and I don’t mind levitating until next time!

    Coleslaw was my favorite food, and of course the berries with chocolate drizzle (yum!)

  4. When you are open you are always connected to where you need to be at that moment. What a blessing this event was. Everyone was powerful in their own way. The food was yummy.. Thank you, Susan and Mara.

  5. WOW!! What a great day and an awesome event…I NEED to be at the next one!!

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