Auditory Xanax for Anxiety

There’s more to treating anxiety than just popping pills.

One of the biggest problems with cancer patients is their level and management of anxiety.  But anxiety is not just a psychological issue, it’s a very real physical issue.  Anxiety causes serious physical changes in the body like increased cortisol, increased blood pressure, and a delay in the body’s ability to heal.  Chronic anxiety and stress is the major contributing cause of most chronic illnesses.  It also can affect one’s social and personal life as well.

Sure you could take the #1 pharmaceutical prescribed by doctors today: Xanax (alprazolam).  But if you could solve your anxiety problem by listening to certain sounds for a few minutes a day, wouldn’t you?

Meet Jon Adams: kick-ass professional musician, Sound Therapist, and former anxiety sufferer.

Jon Adams is one half of the band known as "Montana Skies"

Jon Adams is one half of the band known as “Montana Skies”

Several years ago, Jon was debilitated with anxiety symptoms.  He literally was bed-ridden from his symptoms and was lost as to how to get out of the seemingly uncontrollable cycle of anxiety-producing-anxiety-producing more anxiety.  Jon knew that music helped with many mental and physical symptoms, but it was through experimentation with different sounds…specifically the tones of tibetan singing bowls….that he found his medicine.

It turns out that the frequency of the singing bowls can change our brain wave frequencies and tell the brain to relax, and in turn, tell the body to relax.  That’s right…auditory Xanxax…available 24/7….with no side effects or risk of dependency.

That was a lifesaving discovery for Jon.

You can hear Jon and learn more about that here:

Jon now helps others by performing personal “Sound Sessions”.  I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one such session and it was one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever experienced.  The session room is set up much like a massage room with a comfortable table and relaxing images.  With eyes closed, Jon started with some aromatherapy and hand massage.  Then I laid down and relaxed while he played a series of tones on the singing bowls and also played a Native American flute complete with echo reverb.  It was really a very unique experience.

My favorite part was when he placed the singing bowls on the chakras on my back and played them.  I could feel the reverberations echoing right through my core.  It was an amazing feeling!  I came out of that session feeling refreshed and totally zoned for relaxation.

Jon has a very valuable website called SonicYogi where he has recorded and made available for download lots of healing audios.  You can go there right now and have a listen.  Sample all the recordings and see what calls to you. He has some with nature sounds, and some correspond to a certain chakra, but they are all very professionally done (He is a professional musician after all…). You can download them for free! (But as you know, an enchange of energy is much more in tune with nature, whether it’s something in Paypal, some good energy, or honoring his work by sharing it, please consider doing so.)

At Jon's website, you can download free Sound Therapy samples

At Jon’s website, you can download free Sound Therapy samples. Click here.

And if you want to see if Jon will be playing in a city near you, check the band’s website Montana Skies.  His music partner, Jen,  is also his life partner.  They met in college as they were both music majors, and now they make beautiful music together! The guitar/cello fusion is a sound that’s not often heard and they kill songs you would not expect like House of the Rising Sun and Another Brick in the Wall as well as original pieces and music that you would expect to hear from a classical guitarist like Flamenco.  You can download music here as well.  Ya, Jon is a giver….

We all could use options for relaxation. Sound Therapy is a great one!

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  1. Hi Susan, thank you so much for sharing this amazing music with Jon & Jen, they are terrific! My mom was experiencing high anxiety this evening when I came to stay with her, she was physically shaking & all upset over nothing. As you know she is recovering from a recent fall and has been faciliating between anxiety & depression, this has helped tremendously, thank you!!!

  2. Sounds appealing. Listening to the video was quite relaxing. Plan to take time next week and peruse the website and gain a greater understanding of how to download to my IPad or telephone. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing the info on sound therapy – a possible alternative to Cymbalta.

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