Can you LOOK like you eat lots of sugar?

“Eating a high sugar diet accelerates the aging process”, says Heidi Waldorf, MD director of laser and cosmetic surgery at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

When we say “sugar” I am referring to refined processed sugar like the kind you find in cupcakes, cookies, Twinkies and soda.  Not natural sugar that occurs in fruits.

It happens when the sugar in your bloodstream gets bound to collagen and elastin, the stuff that keeps your face plump and tight.  The process is called gycation.  Without collagen and elastin, your face starts to sag leading to wrinkles.

It's too late for this poor pooch......but it's not too late for you.

But there is hope!

Cutting your sugary treats to just one small serving a day can have you seeing less wrinkles in as little as one month.

Love your Twinkies more than your youth? Besides feeding cancer cells, here’s a host of reasons to cut back on the powdery white stuff.

Info obtained from Health magazine March 2012

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11 replies

  1. Fruit contains fructose and glucose (unbound), and most contain sucrose (bound). Sucrose is table sugar. Fruit is the same as table sugar in terms of how it produces glycation and how it is absorbed and digested. The sugar in fruit can cause wrinkles too.

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, sugar is sugar, but the sugar in fruit is surrounded by fiber. It’s hard to overdose if you’re eating apples as opposed to cookies.
      Fruit also has beneficial properties (anti-oxidants and photo-estrogens) that fight cancer, so when you look at the whole food, the sugar is outweighed.

      The sugar referred to here, is of course refined added sugar.

  2. Unfortunately … you could probably call me Mr. Twinkie …

  3. You’re going to force me to start making healthier choices, aren’t you?? 😉

  4. Great post Savvy Sis! Sugar (as well as meat, diary and yeast) is also one of those foods referred to as…highly acidic…and cancer cells LOVE processed sugar and acidic foods..they feed off of them.
    Thanks for posting this!!

  5. Those all sound bad. I don’t think I need worry about PMS, but I am pulling the candy bar out of my wife’s hand right now!! Haha, just kidding, she rarely needs my help.

  6. So sugar doesnt just make you fat, it makes you look old, too? That sucks!!

    • AND puts you at risk for cancer, diabetes, AND drains your liver, imbalances your adrenal glands, over taxes your nerves, and deletes your B vitamins. It contributes to allergies, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, and abnormal hormonal fluctuations in both women and men.
      Studies show it takes about 6 weeks of weaning your self off sugar to get to a place where you don’t crave it.

      Thanks for your comment!

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