Natural home-made burn ointment heals like crazy (pictures included)

Pictures from a burn treated with a home-made natural remedy that you can make too!

Since my cancer diagnosis 6 years ago (feels good to write that!) I have been researching and developing my own personal care products to use instead of submitting myself to synthetics and chemical preservatives.  My research has led me to find amazing natural ingredients that are extremely powerful.

One such ingredient is sea buckthorn seed oil.

Native to Europe and Asia, the sea buckthorn bush produces a bright orange berry.  Oils are taken from the pulp of the berry (sea buckthorn oil), or from the seed (sea buckthorn seed oil).  The oils from both are used widely for many ailments.  It seems to have strong healing properties especially on the mucous membranes, like the inside of your mouth, and many use it to heal canker sores and mouth ulcers. It also works wonders on burns.  Interestingly, when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident happened in 1986, sea buckthorn seed oil was collected and distributed by the Soviet government to those suffering radiation burns because of it’s effectiveness, low incidence of side effects, and ease of use.

There have been no reported or noted negative side effects from using the oil.

I am currently developing, through my company, MOON Organics, a serum for those undergoing radiation therapy for cancer.  Radiation treatment can sometimes produce burns and irritation on the skin which can be annoying and painful.  (anyone who has had a bad sunburn can relate…but this one can last for weeks)  I am using sea buckthorn oil along with other powerful natural ingredients to help heal and soothe these burns.

From time to time, myself or my family will have a skin issue that needs treatment.  Being a registered nurse, I know what needs medical treatment, and what I can help myself.  On April 15th at about 8pm, my daughter was at a friend’s house and bit into a microwaved “hot-pocket”.  (not the dietary item I would feed my own child, but you know how that goes with teens) The contents spilled out onto her lip and chin causing second degree burns.  Second degree burns involve the second layer of the epidermis causing redness, swelling and blistering of the skin, and usually take about 2-3 weeks to heal (sometimes more if infection is a factor)

Second degree burns can leave a scar, so I really didn’t want one on her beautiful face.  I knew I had to heal it fast.

second degree burn

Burn caused by  a “Hot Pocket” (not exactly a healthy snack…I told her those were bad for her…)

I immediately made an ointment from Sea buckthorn seed oil, kukui nut oil, and aloe butter (equal parts aloe and kukui nut oil… 2.5 ml each, with 8 drops of sea buckthorn seed)….all powerful healing and soothing plant ingredients.  She began applying the ointment 2-3 x /day. I instructed her NOT to pop the blisters , but let them go on their own.  The trick to reducing scars is to keep the area moist.  When the area was no longer “open”, she applied tea tree oil as well. (tea tree oil has been a well known healing oil used for hundreds of years…available at most pharmacies in the US) The ointment was discarded after 1 week.

Here is the same area April 20th 8pm, 5 days later.

The area is pretty much healed, and there will be no scar!

These types of burns can sometimes take weeks to heal.  She will continue to apply the tea tree oil until it is completely gone.

The purpose of this post is to show you that there are many natural ingredients that can do the same job or better in treating minor issues than over-the-top triple antibiotic ointments with chemcials and preservatives.

One example of the power of nature…my cancer was treated with a chemotherapy (Taxotere) that came from a component of the yew tree that grows in western United States.

This is not meant to be used as medical advice and I certainly , under no circumstances, mean for this to serve as encouragement to ignore medical treatment as ignoring medical treatment in certain instances can have severe consequences.  For ANY burns that involve an area larger than the palm of your hand or for ANY second degree burns on children ALWAYS seek medical help as the burns can cause fluid loss and serious effects inside your body.

However, for minor issues, there are usually great remedies…sometimes in your own pantry.

For more information on burns click here

For purchasing natural ingredients go to Mountain Rose Herbs (click the link to the right)

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30 replies

  1. hello,

    what would you recommend for burns left after using sandalwood oil for scars?

    it has left white spots not spots white depigmented skin.


    • The white spots are scars in the dermis that leave an are of de-pigmentation. There’s not a whole lot you can do for lacking pigment due to a scar. Are you sure that this white spot is due to a burn? There is also a condition where the skin grows a fungus within the layers of the skin. is it possible that’s what it is? Do you have the white spots anywhere else?

  2. My boyfriend is currently in his last two weeks of radiation for rectal cancer. He’s miserable! His groin and back side are so burnt and peeling. Will tea tree oil work and if so how is it diluted…exactly! I need to help him. He cries when he showers.

    • So sorry about this but I’m glad he is at the end of treatment.
      The BEST oil to get is organic sea buckthorn seed oil (NOT plain sea buckthorn which is the berry). The seed oil helps to heal and regenerate new skin cells. This oil was actually given out to the public in Russia during the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant accident for radiation burns. You can get it on Amazon. Make sure you get organic It’s about $ 20/ounce but you can mix it with organic tamanu or aloe butter. Please let me know how he does with that. ❤

  3. I had uterine cancer last year and Melanoma this year, I put a blend of melaleuca(tea tree), lavender & frankincense with coconut oil on the incision site, it healed so very quickly. Truly amazing what this blend has done for the skin on my arms, I believe, keeping reoccur events of the melanoma from happening!! I now brush my teeth and wash hair with essential oil blends along side other natural products.
    I am cancer free this day as I write I KNOW in part due to essential oils and illimination of all chemicals from my environment. I give God all the glory for He’s the ultimate healer & my life is miricle to prove this. May God bless your blog Savvy Sister!

    • Thanks for sharing! Yes I agree that all the healing comes from God and he has provided us with the earthly natural ingredients to make what we need. Not sure if you’ve read David Stewart’s book Healing Oils of the Bible but I highly recommend it! Would you be open to private emailing me about ypur experience? If so email if not Thanks for visiting my blog! ❤

  4. Research comfrey root oil, I’ve seen it heal burns overnight. It works so quickly you have to use sage or thyme on open wounds to avoid sealing in bacteria.

  5. thanks for the tips! love stuff like this…but from where did you find the sea buckthorn seed oil and aloe butter?

  6. I used a similar home made ointment for healing freeze “burns” from having skin cancer removed from my nose. it cut the healing time in half this time from last. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Also dito on tea tree oil, I keep a bottle in the kitchen for burns, so now tea tree, and coconut oil for skin issues

  8. I used coconut oil on a burn, and it took the pain away, and healed fast.

  9. I had a small burn under my eye one time which was caused by oil that flew out from a pan during my cooking. I used Vitamin E and the scar went away. The natural remedy is always good. I didn’t know that Tea Tree Oil can be used to heal skin burn as well.

  10. Thanks for this information! My mama sure could have used this remedy while undergoing chemo.

  11. P.S. years ago you would have been burned at the stake for coming up with these “witchy” home remedies 🙂

  12. wish I had known about that stuff for my radiation burns!
    Cancer Warrior

  13. WOW! great info Savvy Sis. I love that you gave a personal example. And tea tree oil is so great for so many things..i am using it now to help with my sinus infection…4 drops in boiled water..and i breathe it in 2x a day.

    And so great you are making a natural remedy for radiation therapy patients. YOU ROCK!


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