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Exactly what IS “detox”?

I am “detoxing” right now (are you getting a visual?) So are you. You don’t need fancy shakes and juice drinks to “detox” your body.  And you certainly don’t need any enemas…coffee or otherwise! Our bodies are constantly being bombarded… Read More ›

Cancer is fun!

Well…..not ALL the time. I was very honored to write a guest post (10 Reasons Why Bald Chicks are Cool) for an very fun chick who writes about “The Perks of Having Cancer”.  Florence is a 44 year old “Cancer… Read More ›

Soy…are you for? or against?

You can put “soy” in the same category as “politics and religion” when talking about controversial conversation. I knew soy was a hot-button issue when I wrote my post about “Little Boys Developing Breasts and the Soy Controversy”.  But lately,… Read More ›