Exactly what IS “detox”?

I am “detoxing” right now (are you getting a visual?) So are you. You don’t need fancy shakes and juice drinks to “detox” your body.  And you certainly don’t need any enemas…coffee or otherwise! Our bodies are constantly being bombarded… Read More ›

Originally posted on Tracey Eakin:
May is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month.  Find out the most effective ways to prevent and potentially resolve this debilitating condition. Many people may be surprised to learn that osteoporosis is not a condition…

Meet Mama Juggs!

I love Twitter.  It’s where you meet the coolest chicks on the planet! (you know who you are)  One day, as I was tweeting, I noticed one of the chicks I follow also follows Mama Juggs.  I was obviously intrigued… Read More ›