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My job is shit

That’s what you’ll hear them say at the colonoscopy lab.  And being that it’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would take a moment to remind you that if you are 50 and you haven’t had a colonoscopy, this… Read More ›

Here’s How to Cure Cancer

I didn’t need an excuse to travel to 78 degree-and-sunny West Palm Beach Florida, but the Annie Appleseed Project Convention was an excellent one!  I think I would have attended even if it were held in 5-below-snow-and-ice Chicago. For those… Read More ›

A new “food-drug” for depression?

Which term used to describe manufactured natural vitamins by pharmaceutical companies pisses you off more…”medical food” or “food drug”?  Drug companies are getting the memo that nature is better…and they are determined to manufacture nature. Everyone gets “the blues” every… Read More ›