Soy…are you for? or against?

You can put “soy” in the same category as “politics and religion” when talking about controversial conversation. I knew soy was a hot-button issue when I wrote my post about “Little Boys Developing Breasts and the Soy Controversy”.  But lately,… Read More ›

Drink Like the Professionals

Want to know what top NBA players and dozens of other professional athletes drink to “stock up” on energy?  Are you thinking it is a powdered protein shake or that it comes in pretty colors?  Afraid not!  Please read on…. Read More ›

What’s So Great About Sea Salt?

Sea salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, table salt, French salt, Kosher salt…….what’s the difference? Salt, in essence, is a combination of two chemicals : sodium and chloride.  The way these two chemicals are put together, and the other… Read More ›

Is MSG b-a-d?

“No MSG! No MSG!” I can hear the lady next to me in the Chinese restaurant yelling this at her server as she walks away to put in her order. Why doesn’t this woman want MSG in her food?  (and… Read More ›

Test Tube Meat?

Yes, scientists are now growing meat in petri dishes. Sound tasty? Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina have been working on a product they call “cultured meat” for the past ten years and are ready to unveil it… Read More ›