Cancer is fun!

Well…..not ALL the time. I was very honored to write a guest post (10 Reasons Why Bald Chicks are Cool) for an very fun chick who writes about “The Perks of Having Cancer”.  Florence is a 44 year old “Cancer… Read More ›

Can flossing save your life?

Crazy as it sounds, there is a relationship between flossing, the prevention of gum disease, and your risk of heart disease and stroke, and maybe even cancer. Research has shown, for the past 10 years, that heart disease is more… Read More ›

Is Your Deodorant Causing Cancer?

So your choice might be B.O. or cancer…..well, which one would you choose? The subject of antiprespirants/deodorants and cancer is muddy, to say the least.  There were some internet rumors that started around 1999 that antiperspirants/deodorants cause breast cancer and… Read More ›