I just had to tell you about…

two opportunities that you might want to take advantage of!

One is a free online symposium on the many uses and myths of essential oils.

Over the course of one week – May 2-6, 2016 – you’ll have free access to a diverse collection of speakers, representing multiple doctorate and advanced degrees, respected traditional aromatherapy authorities, representation from multiple essential oil companies, and many of your favorite bloggers.

If you’ve attended online symposiums before, you know how this works: each day’s speaker content will be free until midnight. If you’d like access to the whole event, you can purchase the entire summit here. for as little as $57. Early bird pricing extends to Tuesday, May 3rd!

I will definitely be tuning in to learn from the best.  I use essential oils all the time in creating my MOON organics stuff and I am extremely careful about how I use them.  While essential oils are “natural” they are complex chemicals and need to treated with respect.

The speaker list is impressive and it’s sponsored by the Franklin Institute of Wellness.  Speakers will tell us about what dangers are real and which are not.  There is even a speaker to tell us which oils to use on our pets!

When my beautiful boy had his teeth cleaned and was put under, he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia.  I sat up with him all night and kept a lavender sachet that was charged with lavender oil under his nose and it really helped! But I also know that clove oil is a neurotoxin for dogs and should never be used.  I can’t wait to learn more!


We’re both wounded warriors 🙂

So the other thing I wanted to tell you about is a weekend retreat that I am hosting in Cumming Georgia with my group of healers at Balance Rising.  I am so lucky I get to work with my best friend  (and extremely talented medical qigong practitioner) on these types of projects as we have the same mission and spirit just keeps giving us these jobs to do.

balance rising copy

The retreat is called “The Biology of Bliss” and is taking place October 14-16.  You can see all the info here and register here.  Base price for the weekend is $217 and then the bed you choose is extra. (there are many options for beds and some are better than others so the price reflects that, but the charge is minimal for all)  The price includes everything you will need including amazing plant-based food made by a vegan chef and foodie, everything you’ll need for classes on juicing, smoothies, qigong, sound healing, and more.  We are having music with Montana Skies  musical member Jonathan Adams. (who also is a Tedx speaker and  because of his own journey is extremely knowledgable about gut health and how that affects the brain.)

The setting is the woods by a running stream. It really doesn’t get any better than this…really.

Of course when we do these events we also help a chosen charity.  We’ve chosen Second Helpings Atlanta.  This amazing organization takes unused food from restaurants and local farmers and distributed them all over Atlanta to those in need. They deliver food with a team of over 400 volunteer drivers and have delivered tens of thousands of pounds of food to the needy.

If you are a regular reader, you know me and you know that my mission is to promote health and wellness.  This is just another avenue for me to do that.

That’s it! If you feel called to check out either of these events, please do because that means your supposed to!


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5 replies

  1. Great stuff, Susan! Can’t wait to learn more about the essential oils.

  2. I wish I was on your side of the country. These events sound amazing.

  3. Very interested in the essential oils summit; however, I did not see the name of summit in your information. I did see it would be at Franklin institute of Health. Do we google that to locate the summit.

  4. Wonderful happenings! How do we access the online symposium?

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