Super Blood Moon will happen this weekend… what?

This Hubble telescope photo shows thousands of galaxies…yes galaxies in just one tiny corner of space. But this photo reflects how the galaxies appeared over 3.5 billion years ago because that's how far away in light years these gems are. So what you're looking at could be totally gone in what you perceive as YOUR reality of now. Mind blown.

This Hubble telescope photo shows thousands of galaxies…yes galaxies in just one tiny corner of space. But this photo reflects how the galaxies appeared over 3.5 billion years ago because that’s how far away in light years these gems are. So what you’re looking at could be totally gone in what you perceive as YOUR reality of now. Mind blown.

Astronomy is fascinating. The things that science discovers about space, the moon and stars makes your head rotate on its axis.  Take the moon for example. It’s just a big rock in outer space spinning around earth, but it can effect the tides and as a nurse I can remember how it effected the labor and delivery ward.  Some people have extreme mood swings during lunar cycles as well.  And the wolfman…well, we all know how that went.

“Super Moons” are when the full or new moon is closest to earth.  It can be a much more powerful time for those whose moods are effected by the moon.

But when a super moon is eclipsed as well, its’ pretty special.  The moon can appear blood red because of the refraction of light from the sun as the earth’s shadow falls on it.  Hence the name: “Blood Moon”.  There is a Blood Moon mentioned in the Bible. Revelations 6:12: “I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood;

Since there aren’t any reports of the sun going out, I don’t think we have to worry about the apocalypse.  But that’s not where I’m going with this……

The color is caused by the earth's shadow in the atmosphere.

The color is caused by the sun’s light refracting on the earth’s shadow.

The Blood Moon that will begin on Sunday Sept 27th at 8pm EST and peak at 10:37pm EST, is a part of a series of 4 Super Blood Moons this year called a lunar tetrad meaning there were 3 other lunar eclipses in this calendar year making this one #4 for the year 2015. The maximum number of lunar tetrads that can occur in a century (100 year period) is 8.  The 21st century, or the years 2000-2100, will have 8 lunar tetrads.  The last time a century had 8 lunar tetrads it was in the 9th century!

So what does this have to do with health and cancer?

OK, here goes.

When you look at human history, there are certain markers that delineate certain periods of time….the Dark Ages, the Age of Discovery, the Industrial Revolution etc.  But the eras of time don’t show themselves until another one begins.  For example, those living in the Dark Ages, didn’t know it was the Dark Ages.  It wasn’t like they woke up the morning of 512 AD and said, “Dang…today is DARK! It wasn’t this dark yesterday!”

I believe we are currently living in these “delineation years”, or periods of great change.  And others agree…including the Mayans.

I had the pleasure of seeing Gregg Bradon speak in May of 2012. Gregg is a scientist, author, life explorer among other things.  His books The Divine Matrix and Deep Truth are very mind opening. Gregg studies ancient cultures and also studies the happiness-factor of existing cultures and the connections we all have with each other on this planet.  He is an expert on  Aztecs, Myans, and ancient Peruvian culture in general, and as you would suspect, in May of 2012, because of the Mayan calendar, the questions on everyones lips was “Is the world going to end 12-12-12??”

It obviously didn’t.

He said the Mayan calendar is routinely misinterpreted.  They didn’t say the world would END on that date.  This was simply the delineation for a new time…a new era.  Or maybe the world will end…the world as we know it.  The years of 2012-2016 were deemed as a “transitional period” going into the new era which would begin 2016.

The name of new era beginning 2016 was translated as “The Age of Meeting Ourselves”.

Meeting ourselves means knowing who we are, where we came from, where we are going and what we are capable of. There are many powers we possess but don’t utilize. Our potential is massive.

Now, any jump from era to era requires a big change in thinking.  Belief systems are based on information attainable during that time period and opinions and beliefs are formed based on those discoveries.  I believe we are seeing the beginning of a shift in the belief system of healthcare and health & wellness in general. (and if I may say so…it’s about fu*kin time!)

67b426e9d9f1b5fcba48e5efa75ed292We are shifting from relying on someone else (doctors, surgeons etc) to “treat” our illnesses and ailments to taking responsibility for avoiding those ailments in the first place by using natural healing modalities, energy work, and other forms of alternative medicine.  We are beginning to realize that we are capable of healing ourselves through mind, body, spirit practices and that practicing these techniques in a group setting is even more powerful.  We are beginning to realize that we are all connected through a (once) invisible thread of energy so that our thoughts and actions don’t just stay with us alone, but translate into a ripple that touches every living being on the planet. We are beginning to realize that the things that exist on this planet are all we need to stay healthy.  Plants, nature, air, water, energy, love.   I believe this kind of consciousness has been growing with increasing gusto for the past 50-60 years.  We are far from living this way obviously, but we have to start somewhere.

Are these series of Super Blood Moons marking the entrance into this new age?  Because once we figure out the key to self healing and know how to stay balanced, healthy and happy using nothing but our minds, thoughts and practices, there will be a lot of pissed off companies and government agencies.  New ways of thinking will cause a major shift in consumerism.  The cost of those Superbowl ad spots will plummet.

Awakening: becoming aware of realities that surround us that were not visible or sensed before.  This can happen gradually or all at once. (for an “all at once” story, see Jonas)

Since my diagnosis with stage III cancer, I have been gradually “awakening” to forces and powers that I possess, given to me by a higher force or power (that I call “The Divine” “Spirit”…. or “God” when I’m in church LOL) that allows me to connect with people and things in such a way that eliminates all fear.  My opinions on money, possessions, fear, life in general, has taken a sharp detour and I’m really enjoying the ride.  Some of you are shaking your heads in agreement….some of you are just shaking your heads.

Some of the things that have shifted my awareness are books like Dying to be Me, and trips I have made, and other experiences that I have felt, heard and seen and cannot explain with the laws of nature.  (that’s a whole other post)

I believe that in this new age, we will define new laws of nature that have to do with personal energy, thought manifestation, and strengthening connections with other living beings to create a system of life based on the only thing that transcends everything else known in this world and the only thing that is truly real: love.

Pretty deep shit, eh?

Notice how kids are being born with natural intelligence and insight? With talents and knowledge that defies logic and reason?  Is it evidence of human evolution and the start of a new era? It’s going to take time and patience (getting out of the dark ages took 1000 years) but historians looking back at this period of time will know.

So enjoy the Super Blood Moon and the last of the 2015 lunar tetrad! May the force be with you!

Just in case you were wondering, the only mushrooms I had today were my shiitake mushroom extract for cancer prevention.

Those of you in North America and South America will get to see the Harvest Super Blood Moon, with the east coast getting the best view. Read more here.

BTW, I’ve been told by a healer I admire and trust to stay positive during this moon. Its energy is unusually heavy which means if you’re down, you’ll be sucked WAY the hell down.  Stay positive and focus on keeping your energy light and happy!  Get out in nature or listen to some uplifting music! Surround yourself with people that make you laugh and have fun. ❤

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5 replies

  1. A very interesting post, my friend! 🙂

  2. Hey, somehow I missed this post along the way. Great food for thought. Funny, last night I had a conversation very similar to what you are talking about in this post. Namaste!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! Dying To Be Me is extremely powerful, one of my favorites. I also like A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and most of the books Wayne Dyer liked and spoke of that I have read (as well as his books). My interest in astrology and ayurvedic knowledge seems to parallel what you are delving into, also. I love your site. Thank you again for sharing yourself and your wisdom with us!

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