Breast Cancer Survivor Badass Give Away!

Yes, all breast cancer survivors are badasses.

I didn’t want to wait till October to give this stuff away, so i’m doing it now.

I was contacted on my 100 Perks of Having Cancer Facebook page by Jennifer from Cancer Resource Center of the Desert in sunny Cali, and we decided it would be cool to do a give-away.  Fashion designer Ray Valenzuela created some really innovative survivorwear that makes really good sense (I sure wish I had them when I was going through treatment)

Take a look at the video to see what you’ll get.  (or read the following)

Like and share the Facebook post to enter to win! Contest ends Sept 24th, 2015

Cancer Resource Center of the Desert is an amazing place. Check it out here.


This would make a great gift for yourself or for someone you know who is going through treatment.

Thanks for reading! Stay well!

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6 replies

  1. Susan, I didn’t know you are a breast cancer survivor too, God Bless! I just emailed you about your paraben-free products.

  2. Will be sharing your post, Susan! Great giveaway! I am assuming of course it is US only so I will say that.

  3. Shared on FB on personal page and my blog page! What a great gift! Thanks!

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