Hosting a healing event in Atlanta! Would love to see you!


I am so excited to be co-organizing this mind, body, spirit healing event! The event will take place April 18th, 2015 in Atlanta and will provide abalance rising copy full day of raising awareness to your own power to heal using your body, mind and spirit.

My long journey to health and wellness advocacy has allowed me to cross paths with many fascinating and exceptional healers.  A lot of them live right in my own back yard.  So my friend Mara and I thought it would be a great idea to bring them all together for a day of health and healing so everyone could learn and grow!  We are calling the name of the series “Balance Rising” events.

 Click here for the PDF version of the flyer

We LOVE Chuice!!

I LOVE Chuice!! Click the image to see why!

If you are in the Atlanta area, or even if you’re not, I encourage you to come to this one-day event!  We are excited, honored and thankful to have the event hosted by Chuice at their headquarters near midtown, in a beautiful space that was formally an event kitchen.  Everyone at Chuice has been so incredible in helping us put this together.

Chuice is not available everywhere (yet!) and if you haven’t heard of it you soon will.  This amazing blend of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts and seeds, provides energy on the go and the wholeness of the ingredients provides path to optimal health.  There are many things that make Chuice unique but the most obvious one is that it is a drink…that you chew.  The nuts, seeds, and some of the other ingredients are whole so you chew them with the juice.  This is actually the healthiest way to ingest juice as the chewing action begins the release of digestive enzymes that help break things down and start the process.  If you’re drinking without chewing, you’re missing something.  Chuice reminds you to chew so this important step is not missed.  It also feels much more like a meal to me, and the flavors are delicious!  You can use Chuice as a meal replacement or as a supplement or snack.

Ladell Hill

Ladell Hill

There are a couple of things that impressed me about Chuice.  One was the fact that all the fruits and vegetables are selected and cut by hand!

They only use the best and freshest fruits and vegetables.  The other is the mission and story behind it.  Chuice’s founder Ladell Hill wanted to create a product that was easy to include in one’s diet, but also one that didn’t contain the unhealthy processing and chemical preservatives that were so prevalent in the “quick energy” products out there.  He made sure to include not only fruits and vegetables, but also spices and herbs with the nuts and seed, because he knows the important health benefits of those nutrients.

You will love the space that Chuice has provided for this event! It’s perfect to experience everything the day has to offer.

Cindy olahThe day will start off with an incredible yoga session taught by Cindy Olah, master level yoga instructor and owner of Sacred Garden Yoga in Marietta.  Cindy is from Peru and has extensive experience with many healing modalities and self-awakening tools.  Her yoga classes are not just about moving the body, but truly reaching and expanding that space within us that harbors spiritual growth and renewal. Click here to learn more about Cindy.

Guitar headshotWhether you are an experienced yogi or have never taken a class, prepare to be rejuvenated!  The Savasana portion (the end or the “cool down/meditation” part of the yoga session) will be enhanced by Jonathan Adams.  Jonathan is a professional musician who uses sound therapy to awaken  the chakras and heal stress, anxiety, and other issues.  The sound Jonathan uses comes from Tibetan singing bowls and other Native American instruments.  As he plays the bowls, the tonalities will stimulate certain chakras, or life force centers.  The effect is like nothing you’ve experienced.

After yoga, Jonathan will speak on his experience with sound therapy and tell you how you can tap into this healing modality. Click here to learn more about Jonathan.

Eli EnglishEli English ND, is a certified naturopath and owner of The Herb Shop in Marietta Square Georgia.  Eli will share her experience with biofeedback and how you can use this tool to identify the causes of your health and wellness blocks.  Eli has extensive experience with many illnesses and has extensive knowledge about the use of herbs and supplements for your own personal optimal health.  She will speak specifically on “Solutions for when you feel like your “Running on Empty” and Biofeedback for Stress Reduction”.  To read more about Eli English click here.

back cover pictureCynthia Belmer is an amazing love coach and best selling author of the book “Meeting Freedom: How I Let Go of Who I Though I Should Be and Revealed My Authentic, Unstoppable Self”.  Born in Lebanon, Cynthia has led a very interesting life and it’s allowed her to really see the power of self love and forgiveness.  She will show you how to get your love-power back using these tools. Click here to read more about Cynthia.

Lunch will be amazing.

Sucheta RawalSucheta Rawal is an award-winning food and travel writer, cooking instructor and philanthropist.  She is the founder of Go Eat Give, an organization that promotes awareness and acceptance of global cultures through food, travel, and community interaction.  Sucheta will be preparing a delicious plant-based exotic lunch (much of it gluten-free) and demonstrating how to cook one of the dishes.  All participants will get the recipes for everything she makes.  You can read more about Sucheta here.
Untitled1Joyce Dillon, RN, MN, BCC is a life coach and uses specific tools to help you see how to get the life you you want.  Through “life visioning”, she will help you to sort out the areas of your life that need help and show you how to get the life you were meant to live.  To find out more about Joyce please click here.

06-214x300Laina Orlando experienced a unique spiritual awakening and her story is fascinating.  Since that time she has been coaching people to awaken their own magnificence through the power of awareness.  Laina will take you through a series of exercises to help you begin to tap into that power. Click here to find out more about Laina.

DSC_0069 2To wrap up the day, Mara Anthony will bring everything together with a qigong demo and lesson.  Qigong is a form of energy movement, and Mara will show you some simple moves you can do anytime to get the energy flowing in the right direction for healing and elevating your consciousness.  To read more about Mara, click here.

We couldn’t think of any better way to spend the day than with these heart centered teachers and healers.

You won’t want to miss it!

The entire day with all the goodies, give aways, lunch, and full speaker program is only $63!  After 50 tickets are sold at this price, the price will go to $77, so don’t delay in signing up!  Even at one hundred dollars it’s a great deal!


A portion of every ticket will go directly to fund Go Eat Give’s mission of bringing cultural awareness through food, travel, and community work.  Go Eat Give’s vision is to build strong meaningful relationships between citizens of different nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds. By learning about how people actually live, what they believe in and value, they are able to create their own opinions and eliminate previous stereotypes and bigotry.

Please e-mail me with any questions, and please come up and say “hi” to me if you are one of my readers.  (I’ll be the one making sure everything goes smoothly.)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Where do you get all of your energy, girl? This looks awesome. Wish I could go.

  2. Wow Susan! What an amazing lineup!

  3. Susan you have no idea how much I would love to be there!Unfortunately not able to come all the way from Newfoundland 😦 It’s gonna be wonderful.Good luck!

  4. Good luck with your event — it sounds awesome! Wish I was closer than 4.000 miles away…

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