Jumpstart 2015 – Eat Smart, Feel Great

Did you ever think of something and then someone else does it and you think , “I was JUST going to do that….but not as good as this!”

Well that’s what happened when I read Kellie’s latest post on one of my favorite blogs :Food to Glow. Kellie is a cancer nutritionist and a hellova nice person. Her recipes always blow me away.

As you know, I don’t promote the intake of dairy, and Kellie does a great job of giving plant-based (vegan) options for most of her recipes. But you know that where you see “yogurt” you can replace with “coconut yogurt”, and so on, so you see it’s very simple to stick with a plant-based plan.

Enjoy! And Happy 2015 to you all!

food to glow

Happy Tummy Tonic // food to glow Happy Tummy Tonic – coming soon!

In frosty January it is so tempting to cuddle up on the sofa with a bowl of carbs (mashed potatoes/spaghetti/brownies/mac and cheese/yada yada…). But yummy as this proposition is, it pretty much goes against the grain (geddit) of our inner urge to do a little January spring clean. And I’m not talking dusting.

If you are anything like me, and some of my fellow food bloggers here in the UK, December was just one long buffet line of temptation. Mince pies, edible decorations, stollen, eggnog, chocolates. Delicious of course, but healthy-diet derailers one and all.

Despite best intentions most of us will be feeling a little tubbier, slower and, well, blah. Because even with restraint on the sweets and cookies most of us will have naturally been eating larger portions of our healthier choices. I know I did. I blame the lack of sunlight. I just can’t see how much is…

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  1. Thanks for the repost and nice preamble, honeybun! Still on my holiday in Florida (*waves slightly northward*) so a bit slow to get my first post up. Must get onto that now! Happy New Year, Susan 🙂

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