Cool Hip Holiday Gifts for the Health Conscious

As the holidays fast approach I can’t help thinking of gift giving…and getting.  Yes, I’m grateful for everything I have and of course I would never tell a gift-giver that I didn’t like their gift (to their face), but for someone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a Fry-Daddy doesn’t really make me say “Wow! Just what I’ve always wanted!”

So if you have loved ones (or have someone you need to impress) that are health conscious, check out these nuggets I happen to run across:

When you order you don't get two the same!

When you order you don’t get two the same!

Handmade Glass Drinking Straws:  These are almost too cool for words.  Even my (trying his best to be) health conscious husband loves them!  The benefit of the glass straw is many:

  1. Drinks taste amazing! They really do, no lie, and I never realized how the plastic straws can affect the taste until I started using the glass. No worry about plastic by-products tainting your drinks.
  2. They are re-usable.  To anyone who cares even a tad about the environment, this is huge.  Plastic straw never biodegrade…ever, so that means that long after we are all gone, the straw will remain.  if the glass straw breaks, it’s 100% recyclable.
  3. They come in many sizes and thicknesses.  How many times have you needed a thick straw for a smoothie, and been left with nothing but a drink stirrer sizes straw?  It sucks…um..I mean it doesn’t suck.
  4. They are so cool.  You will really be a huge hit (if that’s your goal) when you break out the colorful unique handmade glass straw collection at your next party.  “Where DID you ever get these?” they’ll ask.

So click here to see more of them and click here to get yours and buy some for others.   While you’re there check out Summer’s beautiful handmade glass feathers!  The unique feather pendants are a great gift for anyone: health conscious or not.  Tell Summer that The Savvy Sister sent you!

tea copy



Tea Brewer:  Most health conscious folks drink hot tea, and loose tea can be healthier because you have a lot more choices to get organic tea with no additives.  But I have to admit, I hate those loose tea balls.  They’re a pain to fill, then there’s the extra step of cleaning it, and the tea gets stuck in those little holes….am I alone here?  This “Magic Tea Maker” makes it easy-er.  Just place the loose tea in with the hot water, and let steep for a few minutes. When you’re ready to drink, just place the brewer on top of any mug, and the filtered tea flows into the cup!  Brewing this way allows for the tea to fully expand giving a better flavor.   While you’re there you can choose some nice teas to go with the brewer. Click here for Capital Teas.


pot copy



If you have a real teapot enthusiast, this very unique fish themed Japanese pot is cast iron with an enameled interior.  It comes with a cast iron coaster and is functional as well as a conversation piece.  You can get it here for $42.




Yaktrax: These ingenious things slip over your outdoor shoes so you have goof traction in the ice and snow.  True die hard exercisers don’t let

yaktraxwalker_glow the weather affect their hikes, walks, or runs.   Yaktrax are lightweight and easy to get on.  I bought these for my brother-in-law one year (he lives in New York) and he loved them!

There’s a really good chance that the person you are thinking of buying these for doesn’t even know they exist!  And…you might be saving them a fractured coccyx!

Click here  and pick the person’s activity to get the perfect kind.

Meditation Cushion:  Those who are healthy are healthy in their mind and spirit too!  I love these meditation cushions made with love that are organic and beautiful.  the company was started by a single person with a mission back in 1979 and the company has grown since then.  I just love all the options for cushions.  There are very expensive choices(if you’re trying to impress) and cushions under $20.  They even have some made with buckwheat filler.

Anyone who practices meditation would love anything from here!

Click here for the organic selection, but there are literately dozens of other styles and prices.

cushion copy


100% natural skincare: Health conscious women use 100% natural skincare with no parabens, phthalates,or additives.  Here’s a cute little bag that contains some goodies that are sure to please:

  • 1 sample sized “A Fresh Start” spearmint scented facial cleanser with Borage and Meadowfoam seed soils to moisturize as they cleantry me copy
  • 1 Kiss Softly lip moisturizer with 12 natural ingredients and organic peppermint and spearmint
  • 1 “Good & Dirty” Moroccan mineral mud mask kit made with Rhassoul clay and Dead Sea Salt
  • 1 same size”Your Softer Side” lemon/lavender hand cream with shea, babassu, and horsetail butter (a fern…not from real horses)

It comes in a cute cotton bag with a purple ribbon and a gift card for your to write in. Click here to get yours.

(Ok… this is a bit of shameless self promotion…so sue me.)

100 perks picFor the cancer survivor: My co-authored book!

This 450 page cancer survivor manual is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever had a cancer diagnosis or for anyone who wants to avoid cancer! You can read some sample chapters and see what all the hype is about here.  An Amazon best seller, it’s loaded with great advice, recipes, latest studies, and good advice to help the body, mind and spirit obtain and remain healthy and happy.  Get yours here from Amazon or get it here to get a signed copy.





For those who think holiday gift giving has gone too far…

and would like to make the world a better place instead, let me tell you my favorite charities.  I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to donations of money to anyone, so these are charities that pass my test:

Doctors Without Borders: These are medical professionals that go where medical help is needed…period. Consider giving in the name of someone you want to give a gift to.  Click here for info.

Action Against Hunger: Highly rated and highly efficient, they know how to help those most needy.  Click here for more info

Seva Foundation: How cool is it to give sight to the blind?  I love the way your donation can be customized to give specifically to where you want and know that your personal donation made such a huge difference.  This is a great gift to give in the name of someone you love! Click here to see all the loving options.

And then there’s always gifts that don’t cost money…like a foot rub, smile, or a big hug.  I would trade in my latest electronic gadget for one of those in a minute!


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7 replies

  1. Well, anyone reading this comment, just to say that I can vouch for Susan’s gorgeous and effective vegan skincare products. Don’t hesitate, click on her link! All of the other gift ideas are good too, but probably don’t make your skin as kissably soft. 🙂

  2. Fabulous gift ideas, Susan. I would be thrilled if I received any of these as gifts!

  3. I love that you included charities in your suggestions. Our society has gone so crazy with “buy, buy, buy” we often end up giving and getting gifts that are completely useless just because we feel we have to buy something. Giving to someone who actually needs it in someone else’s name is a great solution to this dilemma.

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