Plant-based gluten-free whole roasted Cauliflower! You’ve got to try this one!

This easy vegan, gluten-free whole roasted cauliflower recipe is one that I adopted from a not-so-healthy recipe.  It’s so easy, and uses cauliflower in an unusual way. It’s very visually appealing and very easy!

Cauliflower belongs to the cruciferous family of veggies along with broccoli, kale, bok choy, turnips, arugula, and brussels sprouts and others.  This cancer-fighting family contains photo-chemcials (glucosinolates) that:

  • help protect cells from DNA damage helping prevent cancer cell formation
  • help neutralize carcinogens that we come in contact with
  • have antiviral and antibacterial effects
  • have anti-inflammatory effects…inflammation is the root of all chronic disease
  • induce cell death (called apoptosis which is a normal process in our bodies for dead cells, but it gets slowed or turned off with cancer)
  • inhibit tumor blood vessel formation (known as angiogenesis) and tumor cell migration (metastasis…when cancer travels to other organs)

cauliflowerphotoWhen eaten, glucosinolates break down to form several chemicals such as insoles (a potent cancer-fighting indole is indole-3-carbinol), nitriles, and isothiocyanates like sulforaphane (sulphur-containing, slightly bitter veggies are the healthiest!)

You don’t have to remember these long names you just have to remember to eat your cruciferous veggies!  And what better way than this!

You can make this easy recipe in a flash:

Preheat oven to 400 F.  Remove leaves and botttom of stem and wash whole head of cauliflower.

In a large bowl, (large enough to accommodate your cauliflower) mix coating:

  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon or lime (organic if possible)
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder or paprika
  • 1 tablespoon curry
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • 1-2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 cup Veganaise (or 1 1/2 cup coconut or soy yogurt + 1 tablespoon olive oil)
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk (if using yogurt, omit coconut milk)

Mix very well. Place whole cauliflower in bowl and cover entire head with coating. Place coated head in glass pan and place in oven for 50 minutes. Watch for a nicely browned top. If your cauliflower is large, you may want to cook several minutes longer or tent with foil to prevent overr-browning .(I don’t advocate using aluminum foil, but in this case it’s ok) Again watch for top browning.

Remove from oven and let stand for 10 minutes.  Slice and enjoy!

You can use the left over coating for pasta. Try brown rice pasta with chick peas and raisins and sauce. Click here for the PDF version.

You can see it here:

The center will be less cooked than the edges, so if your cauliflower is ginormous, you may want to cut in half, place flat sides down and follow the rest of the recipe.  It won’t be as visually appealing, but it will still taste great!

Please let me know if you’ve tried this!

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  1. Looks good! I like that you include a video at the end.


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