THIS is the reason healthcare and health in the US sucks


Help yourself to some crap that will keep you coming to my office for a looooong time!

My sister sent me this photo who said a friend took it while she was waiting for an appointment in her doctor’s office.  IN HER DOCTOR’S OFFICE!

Notice the cancer promoting artificial sweetener in the back.  I’ll bet this MD thinks he’s “being healthy” by offering baked chips instead of regular and offering “whole grain” crap crackers and high fructose corn syrup granola bars!  There’s no picture of the drinks but I can only guess what they were…Gatorade, Coke and Diet Coke.

Unfortunately, this is the mentality of most of the doctors in the USA.  They don’t make any relationship between food and disease and if they do recommend a “diet” it is most likely that disease promoting American Heart Association Diet.  I worked in cardiology for over 20 years and even with the decades of extraordinary work of Dr Esselstyn and Dr Ornish showing that eating a whole food plant-based diet can not only prevent but actually reverse heart disease, the cardiologists I worked with would not even mention their names because they thought patients wouldn’t be able to follow their diet.

Can you imagine if you had a life threatening illness and the doctor said, “Well, we have the cure, but we think it’s too hard for you to do so we’re not going to tell you what it is.”

It’s the same with cancer.  A whole food plant-based diet is the best for avoiding cancer and preventing recurrence. In fact eating a whole food plant-based diet getting at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies can cut your risk of cancer by 30%.

I spoke at an event this past week where Dr T. Colin Campbell was Skyped in for a short lecture.  He explained how nothing will change unless it comes from the ground up…that is, the grass root efforts of those who know the benefits of eating a whole food plant-based diet getting the word out so people know that there is hope.  we can’t depend on the medical professionals to do it.

A cancer-fighting diet is one that has no meat, dairy, sugar, or yeast…but more importantly as the things that are eliminated are the things that are included: fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole unrefined grains (but limited wheat) nuts, and healthy monounsaturated oils like organic olive oil.

Yes, that’s what I follow but it took me a few years to get here. Healthy people aren’t built in a day….

Here’s the reason I chose to eat plant-based in a nutshell:

Meat (red meat, chicken, fish) contains animal protein.  Acidic and full of unhealthy Omega 6 fatty acids and antibiotics, it does nothing to help prevent cancer.  Acid prevents healing and creates an environment for cancer growth.

Dairy: Acidic and contains hormones, cancer promoting dairy protein:casein, and IGF-1…all cancer promoting. Read more here and here

Sugar: We’re talking about refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc.: cancer thrives on sugar and is the reason for liver and pancreas failure. To learn more read this and download the PDF file here

Yeast: Yeast destroys your gut microbiome which destroys your immune function and makes you more susceptible to cancer and other illnesses.  It also can make you crave unhealthy food and can lead to “leaky gut syndrome” which can cause autoimmune type reactions like chronic headaches, joint pain and severe allergies.

Now look at what should be included. (Because a whole food plant-based diet is about including foods and avoiding others)  Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and seeds, nuts and a small amount of healthy mono oils all help to fight cancer.  The nutrients, enzymes, and phytochemcials contained in fresh plants-based foods are exactly what you body needs to prevent and fight cancer.  Meat, dairy, sugar and yeast have nothing to offer for cancer prevention or fighting. Zip. Nada. Niet.

Take a look at Dr Campbell’s short speech.  He is not backed by any lobby or special interest group (there is no vegetable council…)  There are dozens of writers and bloggers that make a living off of denouncing the work of this now 70-something-former-dairy-eating-over-200-published-studies-Cornell professor-marathon runner.  Those who oppose him are most likely on the payroll of the beef, and/or dairy council, and they’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to shut him down because if people start realizing that this food means health,  it means the demise of the beef, dairy and egg council AND it also means an unemployment check for lobbyists and government officials on the take.

Dr Campbell grew up on a dairy farm.  While he served on the US government nutrition committee to determine recommended daily allowances of nutrients like fats and proteins, he saw firsthand the corruption and influence of the beef, egg and dairy council on the US RDA limits.  (Schools that don’t offer milk for example, don’t get federal funding)

Take a look if it interests you. Don’t look if it doesn’t.

Thanks to Healthful Habits Inc for allowing me to post!

If you want to learn more about a plant-based diet you can read books:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-based Nutrition

The China Study

or take a cruise!

I am an advocate for taking charge of your health by choosing what is right for you.  I thought I was eating healthy when I was diagnosed with cancer…skinless chicken, baked potatoes and diet drinks.  I couldn’t have been more wrong-er-er. Thankfully I’ve continued to make changes and I will still continue as I learn new things and adjust.

I’ve been accused of having an agenda.  My only agenda is spreading the word of cancer prevention and hopefully helping in its eradication.

What do you think? Can what you eat cure your illness?



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11 replies

  1. The mind boggles. Truly. I know doctor’s don’t get any really training in nutrition, but still. Aside from the lunacy of what is on offer in this office, why did he/she think any of his patients need a snack or drink (other than water cooler)? I may be completely wrong but I imagine a good proportion of his/her patients are there because of obesity-related illnesses. Hmmm.

  2. Great post, Suze. It is much different here in Canada…lol. NOT. What I don’t get is how doctors do acknowledge how diet contributed to heart disease, but not to cancer.

  3. In an odd twist, I think I actually became too alkaline with all my green to detox during lyme treatment. In an attempt to fix my post antibiotic gut, I cut out almost all sugars. “Lean meat and veg” is what my doc said but since I can only take so much veg, it’s a lot of animal protein. Hopefully it works and I can go back to green. Three weeks and I do feel better. Any thoughts, ideas?

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m sure you know your body, and it’s hard to comment on your situation because I don’t know all the details, but with what we know about how the body works, it’s almost impossible to become “too alkaline” without a metabolic abnormality occurring (like a kidney issue for example). The very process of metabolism causes acid to form as waste in the body, so the body is constantly fighting against acidity. Add to that meat, dairy and stress, and you’ve got a real fight on your hands. That is the reason to cut back on acidic foods: so that your body has a chance to neutralize and avoid an acidic environment which cancer loves. Fixing a post antibiotic gut involves including as much fructans (veggie and fruit fiber) as you can. Some foods have more fructans than others. Avoiding sugar is also part of the strategy. Short term dietary fixes shouldn’t affect longterm health…I can’t figure one reason for actually intentionally including meat in your diet…..there’s no upside and so many downsides…it doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s just my take…

      • Thanks for your answer! I have been trying to figure stuff out for a few months. Maybe it’s more gut pH thing. IDK. Hopefully it is just a temporary reset tactic.

        • It may not be what your including…it may be what you’re excluding that makes you feel better….the most common gut crasher is wheat and dairy…Good luck to you! I know I suffered for years until I gave up dairy and then i asked “Why didn’t I know about this sooner??” Let me know how you do and thanks for taking the time to comment!

        • Thanks so much. Hopefully my body will fix itself with time 🙂 I am dairy free and no intentional gluten with mostly whole food low carb. Time maybe the secret ingredient…thanks and I will let you know how it goes. 8)

  4. That doctor is giving out that crap so he can stay in business! What a crime…It is a doctors responsibility to be educated in the benefits of food as medicine…just like they are educated in learning about the pharma medicines they administer and prescribe. Dr Campbell is the best thing that ever happened to the health care industry! We need to educate ourselves on the important info he is sharing..don’t rely on your doctor! Great post !!

    • Thanks for your comment! I honestly think it is just ignorance on their part. I used to watch what doctors ate. Some got it, but most were grabbing hot dogs and diet soda. Maybe someday…..

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