Chemobrain? or PTSD?

As much as 35% of all people that have gone through treatment for cancer have full blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And up to 80% exhibit some symptoms related to PTSD.

We most often think of PTSD as something that affects soldiers, but when you look at a cancer diagnosis, we share a lot of the same trauma: facing death…severe stress…shock…loss of body parts….you’re a different person after it.

The statistical numbers for cancer survivors and PTSD were staggering to me when I read them last week in CURE magazine.  Coincidentally, I had an interview scheduled with Michele Rosenthal CPC, NLP, CHt, a PTSD survivor and PTSD expert.  Michele has a horrifying story in that when she was 13, she had an allergic reaction to a medication that made all of her skin come off.  She spent weeks in a burn unit in isolation.  She struggled for years with strange symptoms until she stumbled upon an online test for evaluation for PTSD and answered “yes” to 20 out of the 22 questions to diagnose it.This led her to seek the help of a trauma-trained professional and eventually a PTSD diagnosis.

Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal

After finding the help she needed, she now spends her life helping others with this diagnosis and is trying to bring awareness to the cancer community about the reality of PTSD for cancer survivors.  Her websites Heal My PTSD and Change You Choose have a wealth of info and offer hope to those who can’t figure out way they feel the way they do. She also has a podcast and blog that are pretty nifty too.

OK…technology is not my strong suit….so I was all set up to do a video interview online, but the program (of course) wasn’t working.  I then said…no problem, I’ll just do audio….but when I listened to it, Michele has a 70’s Jimi Hendrix reverb echo.  Other than that, the interview is extremely interesting and informative.

We all just think our symptoms are due to our treatments, hormones, stress, worry, medications side effects, etc, but have you ever thought that you may have PTSD?

Take a listen…it may just change your life.



You can find Michele’s books When the World Interrupted and Change You Choose and also access to her webinars and radio show “Changing Direction” on Heal My

You can find Michele’s answer to healing your life after trauma on her website Change You

Please share with someone you think might benefit from this info.

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4 replies

  1. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2003 and in 2006 I lost my job, had a custody battle with my abusive, alcoholic ex-husband that continued through 2012. I was diagnosed with PTSD and I still struggle with my reactions. I work hard in identifying what my reactions should be in a given situation to avoid over reacting to minor issues. As time progresses I find I am more in control of my reactions and no longer have a fight or flight response as my first response.

  2. Very interesting … thanks for sharing!

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