Get breathalyzed…for lung cancer

A new lung cancer test measures the amount of a tumor enzyme in your breath.


I love when technology is not only cool, but can help save lives as well. Enter NaNose. (even the name is fun to say…) Presenters at the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology explained a new technology that allows detection of lung cancers…even very small tumors…to be detected in one’s breath.  The NaNose detector can even tell how big the tumor is and can differentiate between different types of lung cancer.  It was able to detect lung cancer with a 90% accuracy…even when the tumor was too small to biopsy.  All this by just blowing into a tube.  This test may be soon be available for home use, which I think is fantastic!

This may give some validity to the stories of dogs “sniffing out” lung cancer in people.  There are hundreds of stories like this…and not just for lung cancer, but for other cancers as well.

dogs skiff


What is actually being measured from the tumor are VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds.

ON a side note, think about this: a cancerous tumor emits VOC’s and so do chemicals like paints, solvents, carpeting, and air fresheners that are used every day.  These chemically produced VOCs cause serious respiratory problems and deplete the ozone.  Something to think about the next time you buy carpeting or want to paint.  There are plenty of “no VOC” products out there and they’re just as easy to use and nice to look at as the harmful ones. 

We take clean air for granted, but in reality we don’t know what the hell we’re breathing….

Lung cancer is the biggest killer of all cancers…more than colon, breast, and pancreatic combined.  Prevention and early detection are the best ways for survival.  Those at risk are, of course, smokers. Smoking accounts for 85% of all lung cancer deaths.  Which sucks for everyone that contracts lung cancer because there is a stigma attached.  People can be such asses when it comes to cancer and projecting their judgement.  I truly believe this is the reason for the lack of funding for lung cancer research…even though it is the BIGGEST KILLER.   Or maybe it’s the catch phrase.  “Save the lungs” just doesn’t have the same appeal as “save the juggs” now does it?

Here’s the link to the entire article.  There’s no release date for this test, but I would think it’s coming soon to a doctor near you.

And here’s a link to my other piece…..


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  1. Very interesting … thanks for keeping us informed in the newest developments for detection and treatment of cancer. You are a great encouragement!

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