Mary’s Gone Crackers….again

I don’t know who Mary is or even if there is a “Mary” (really….)but if there is I want to hug her and thank her for satisfying my taste buds in such a wholesome way.

photoIn case you don’t know, Mary’s Gone Crackers is the name of an company the produces organic, whole food, gluten-free, crispy pieces of heaven.  The crackers are made with all wholesome ingredients like flax seeds, sesame seeds, and brown rice.  You can find them in most poplar grocery stores now that the word is out that they are amazing.  A bit pricey, ($4.99/box) but if you can actually stop eating at one serving (13 crackers) it will last you longer than 1 day.

1photoAbout 5 years ago I gave up yeast (which was the BEST thing I could ever do for the health of my body aside from giving up dairy) and in doing so I eliminated crackers from my food choices.  So I plugged along very happy to use veggie slices to dip my hummus into, until one day I bought a box of Mary’s Gone Crackers.  I was sold.
These gems come in many flavors like Jalepeno, Herb, and Black Pepper…but the new flavor is SUPER SEED and it is by far my favorite!  The addition of pumpkin, sunflower, and poppy seeds to the already perfect mix gives these new crackers a full sweet flavor.  This boosts the iron, calcium and protein content of these crackers…but really who cares?  The taste is a home run!

If you’re thinking about trying this new flavor, or if you’ve never tried Mary’s Gone Crackers before, I suggest you go for Super Seed.

Mary Mary quite contrary….your crackers are mutha friggin amazing!

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4 replies

  1. Wish we had them here in the UK! Luckily we do have some fabulous seed based crackers similar to as you describe. But, I have a dehydrator and need to get off my lazy arse and make my own! One day…

  2. Been going crackers with Mary’s Crackers for years and LOVE them…Costco now sells in bulk…!!

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