Chiropractic for Cancer Prevention

Learn the tools available through chiropractic for cancer prevention and cancer care.

I really love doing interviews (can you tell?) because I get to meet the nicest people and I learn so much!  Then I get to pass it over to you…

I was so lucky and honored that Dr Matthew Meccia, licensed chiropractor, sat down to talk with me about what he does and show me some of his cool gadgets.  I have to say right here, that Dr Matt is the absolute nicest guy.  I could tell right away from the way he talks about his work that he loves helping people and from what he was telling me, he helps a lot of them.  And they don’t all just have back or neck issues! Chiropractic can help with cancer issues too.

If you know a little about chiropractic, you know that it has to do with your spine.  Some think it’s only for back pain or for when you “throw your back out”, but chiropractic helps all illnesses from cancer to diabetes to high blood pressure and more.  Here’s a quick lesson on human anatomy: all the nerves in your body (and there are millions of them) originate from the base of your brain and your spine.  These nerves feed all the major organs.  If a backbone (vertebrae) is pinching one or more of those nerves, it will affect the organ that it goes to.  Chiropractic puts all of the bones back in alignment and in doing that, restores health to all the organs.

But Dr Matt also does some other fancy stuff like CMRT (Otherwise known as bloodless surgery…interesting…).

You can check out our talk here:

For anyone that has cancer chiropractic can help in these ways:

  • increase immunity: when the organs are all doing their job, your immunity improves. A study done at the big Chiropractic University here in Georgia looked at immune function in HIV patients and showed improvement with chiropractic care.*
  • helps with pain:  adjustments to the specific area of discomfort can help decrease pain to that area
  • help with cancer treatment side effects:  adjustments can help symptoms chemo treatments  like nausea, low energy, or gastric problems
  • restore overall health to you whole body: adjustments can help restore overall health to help you recover from cancer treatments
  • find food sensitivities: food sensitivities zap your immune system power, so if you can find a sensitivity and correct it, you will have more immune function to deal with cancer.

Food sensitivities can produce horrific effects in the body, and testing for food sensitivities is part of Dr Matt’s practice.  I thought he was going to bring out some needles to show me how he tests for this, but he uses Applied Kinesiology.  This simply means he uses your own muscle strength to test specific sensitivities.  This is an alternative medicine technique, so you may need to get the mind-opener if you’ve never heard about it before.  Its basis is taken from other energy-based modalities like acupuncture and Qi Gong.

After my interview, Dr Matt offered to adjust me!  I certainly was not going to turn this down.

I am a runner, and I get knee pain (I thought) due to IT band issues which is a muscle problem of the hip and leg and also lower back soreness.  When Dr Matt examined me, he said that my hips were very out of line. In fact, one leg was over an inch shorter than the other one!  That would explain my pain.  After about 20 minutes of adjusting, he said I was good to go.

He did use the Applied Kinesiology to test certain areas of my body for nerve pinching.  He had me place my finger on my hip, and then tested the strength of me being able to hold my arm out.  When I held my finger on certain parts of my back, I could not…even for a minute…hold my arm out, but while touching other parts of my back, my arm was rock solid.  So he adjusted the areas that showed weakness.

What I noticed the next day:

  • My posture was better
  • My bite was better (I grind my teeth at night, and he adjusted my neck…he said it is common to improve the bite after adjustment)
  • My back did not hurt at all
  • My knee pain was pretty much gone with running
  • I had a desire to make another appointment
  • (I’m hoping that also did something for my immunity…although I don’t know what that feels like.)

My daughter has had chronic back issues for years and I made an appointment with Dr Matt for her to see him….

While critics will say there is no scientific evidence for chiropractic helping anything other than back problems,  double-blind studies are hard.  Double blind studies are really the only ones that “the science community” listens to.  Double blind means that the person being treated does not know they are being treated.  Well…it’s pretty hard to get an adjustment without knowing it…

Like any other non-conventional healing practice, the powers that be are threatened.  If we can be healed by treatments that aren’t connected to the American Medical Association or the Pharmaceutical industry, that is not good for conventional medicine’s pocketbook.  I love having the option to seek out and connect with the treatments that I feel called to try.  I’ve seen an acupuncturist with great success, and I am a yoga, meditation, prayer, crystal, angel practicer and I also see my oncologist and gynecologist regularly and I’m a nurse so I know the benefits of holistic conventional therapy as well.

With health, luckily,  you don’t have to “choose just one”!

Have you seen a chiropractor for any issues? or have you seen one for problems relating to cancer?


To contact Dr Matt Click here.

*Selano JL. The effects of specific upper cervical adjustments on the HIV positive patients. Chiro Res J, 1994;3:32-9.

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8 replies

  1. Sounds like you met an outstanding chiropractor. Last year, I visited a local chiro for treatment of knee pain. Perhaps, I went in with the wrong attitude having heard so many negative comments on this profession — over a number of years. I did not have any pain relief. But, did find an excellent massage therapist in his office that I continue to see for overall overall pain management.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment! I think all healers are different and we need to find one that we really connect with. I saw a chiropractor back in the 1990’s for neck pain and was treated like a number…not a good experience. But with Dr Matt, it was an entirely different story….maybe keep looking?

  2. I am very open-minded about complementary treatments, and can certainly vouch that chiropractic can be a life-changing treatment. I had a serious neck injury when I was 12 and was lucky that our insurance paid for chiropractic for a whole year. Just as well because the traditional medical treatments were not effective (strong painkillers for a young child? I don’t think so!). I was expected to have lifelong problems as a result of the accident but nope, I am fine in that regard. I have also had acupuncture for severe sciatica in mid pregnancy. It was practically a miracle. I could barely sit, was in agony and faced a 10 hour flight and had all but resigned to not going home to see my family before the birth. Hubby booked appt as a last resort. I was sceptical but went. I was able to fly completely pain-free, and had a top up treatment arranged by my Dad before I flew home. Doubters can doubt, but let us who don’t want the drugs and nasty side effects and ineffectiveness have a choice. Have I just hijacked your comments section?? Dr Matt sounds like a honey. What are you like with your cute and sweet male interviewees?? A feel a theme happening…

    • Thanks for sharing Kellie! I love that we have so many options when it comes to health and wellness. Next week I am interviewing a sound therapist….I can’t wait!
      Dr Matt is an absolute doll. His energy is so great and he just wants to help people! Isn’t that refreshing!?
      Yep…the sound therapist is cute too….hmmmm……

  3. How cool is that! I love your article and I have an appt w/my chiropracter today at 12 and I’m printing your article! Thanks for doing all the legwork and teaching us what you learn! xoxo

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