Mexico has what the cancer community needs

Namely…..hope.  Why Mexico? Because it takes $1 billion dollars to get one drug approved here in the US and with big pharma running Washington and the hundreds of billions made on cancer treatments, it’s no wonder that the US is trying to keep cures out.

Tony Jimenez, MD

Tony Jimenez, MD

I attended an Annie Appleseed Conference in Florida over this past weekend, (click here to see previous post) and one of the speakers was Dr Tony Jimenez of the Hope 4 Cancer Institute in Mexico. His facility treats hundreds of cancer patients of all stages and ages.  Dr Jimenez lives in California, but works at the Institute in Mexico.  He said he could never have his facility in the states because they would not allow the kinds of treatments he gives to his patients.  Treatments that by-pass big pharma.  Treatments  that cure melanoma.  Yes…cure.

His motto when considering you for therapy is:

  • is this the right therapy for YOU?
  • is this the right time for this therapy?
  • is this the optimum dose to cure you without side effects?

He uses many methods of treatment depending on what kind of cancer you have and other factors such as age and physical health.  He believes that each patient is unique so each treatment should be also.  He uses the 7 principles of treatment:

  1. Non-toxic anti-cancer agent
  2. Optimize immunity
  3. Nutrition and alkalization
  4. Detox
  5. Oxygenation
  6. Elimination of microbes
  7. Spiritual and emotional integrity

How friggin refreshing is this?  Western doctors don’t address even ONE of these treatment modalities. NOT ONE!

He emphasized having a clean gut by using what you personally need to achieve that…whether it’s coffee enemas or juice fasting.  He looks at everything that may be affecting your risk of cancer. Even dental sources of cancer.  Root canals are toxic and promote cancer and he offers dental evaluations and solutions in that area too.

The most exciting thing I heard was that he was just accredited to administer Rigvir, an IV medication that actively seeks and destroys cancer cells. Developed in Latvia in the 1960’s and having over 50 years of clinical trials and virtually no side effects, it might be the single most exciting thing I learned at the conference.  It is a “virus” that attacks and destroys cancer cells and then replicates to destroy them all.


This “drug” is 100% safe.  It is approved (but not in the US….EVER) for treatments of melanoma, lung, colorectal, prostate, stomach, pancreas, bladder, kidney, and sarcomas.  Dr Jimenez, even though he doesn’t have cancer, took the treatment himself for ethical reasons.  He said he felt energized immediately and within 48 hours his immunity as measured by blood count was elevated.  The virus is actually taken from the guts of healthy children (didn’t ask how that was accomplished…) and created.  This drug helps your own immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells within 48 hours….not weeks of months!

Dr Jimenez said that basically all cancer cells are the same.  The only reason others type them is so that chemco can be given.  Since he doesn’t treat with chemo, that is not as important as looking at the needs of the individual.

He emphasized that before treatment begins, his team will get the filtration systems…gut and kidneys…functioning at peak performance.  Makes sense, right?  I remember with my chemo, it was ASAP…who cares if your kidneys aren’t up to par, we have to stay on protocol!

Other treatments include high dose vitamin C infusions, Iscador (mistletoe injections…Suzanne Sommers did this as one of her treatments instead of chemo), coffee enema, juice fasting, oxygenation and many more.

Other therapies used in conjunction with treatments are:

  • Sono-photo Dynamic Therapy: using light and sound waves to target and kill cancer cells
  • Indiba Hyperthermia: local heat to target cancer cells. (Cancer Treatment Centers of America just got one of these machines last year)
  • Aloemed Therapy: Using aloe to repair and stimulate the immune system
  • Aarsota Vaccine: using the by product proteins from your own cancer cells, a vaccine is developed to target the cancer cells. “Knowing the natural intelligence of your immune system is crucial in recovery from cancer”, says Dr. Jimenez.  He looks at not just your blood counts (something all cancer patients get) but he looks at the ratios between certain white blood cells.  That is the key to perfect immunity.
  • Recall Healing: Spiritual an emotional healing that explored your past traumas in relation to your cancer

You can read more about all these therapies on his web site.

I noticed on their website that they’ve added several new therapies like Renouva and Theralac…

His main point was that the terrain of the patient…that is, the current state of their cells and systems is the biggest factor of cancer growth and spread.  Any alteration in homeostasis promotes a “malfunction” and cancer development.

I could have listened to him talk for hours!

Stay tuned for my post on vitamin D and the secret weapon you need to boost blood levels, fight cancer and strengthen bones! (It’s Vitamin K!)

I would strongly suggest you go to the Annie Appleseed web site to join her Facebook page and attend the next conference!  Maybe even throw some funds her way as the project operates on donations.

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  1. I have met Dr. Jiménez and not only believe in what he speaks about…but he is an amazing man with a huge heart… I have had some health issues this past year that I can’t seem to kick and if it turns out to be something like cancer this is definitely where I would go…the DVD series the Truth about Cancer is phenomenal… especially the second set which is the truth about cancer a global Quest… truly good people trying to get the truth out to people I’m sure it doesn’t work for everybody in every circumstance but look at the statistics on traditional treatments of cancer…. great article Susan… we are too often constrained buy traditional thoughts and beliefs and we put a man on the moon and had so many technological advancements but are still using the same treatments for cancer that we were in the very beginning….

  2. My mom went to this clinic. With stage 4 they never should have taken her on,but it caused tonnes of stress on her liver and kidneys and she came back with bad jaundice. She died months later. It never helped one bit. Only left a giant $80,000 hole in our pockets.None of their ‘treatments’ are recognized for cancer anywhere else in the world. They are charlatans. Run far away as fast as you can.

    • So sorry about your mom 😦

    • I have been looking into this clinic and this Dr Jimenez. There is not much info about him or the other M.D’s at the institute and i find his promises to be sketchy.

      I trust Dr’s and clinics that are outside of the U.S. as much i would trust candidates running for presidency. We live in a age if information and eventually the truth has its way to getting leaked out.

      I believe that “big pharma” plays a big roll in why our health treatment is so jacked up but do some deep background research please before you are quick to support this man and his clinic.

      I have found other stories that tell a different story about this Dr. and his clinic.

      • Thanks for your comment. I never suggest that anyone take what they read here as a 100% recommendation. I do think it is important to look at all your options when treating a fatal illness, and then making an informed decision.

    • Please do more research about this before Jumping in with both feet. One of my family members was just diagnosed with throat cancer, so I have been doing quite a bit of research. I found the article and video regarding the alternative treatments in Mexico from a report from the UK. Please use the link below to see the article and good luck!

      • Hi Kerri (although your name is coming up as Lisa too, so hi Lisa if that’s your name)
        First off I am very sorry about your family member and I hope they find what they need to heal.
        Yes I totally agree that there are crooks out there wanting to steal your money. There are treatments that do more harm than good and some are completely off the wall. Dr Jimenez is a well respected doctor in the alternative cancer community. He is a California MD who works in Mexico because the US does not allow for opportunity for certain treatments.
        There are plenty of US doctors…oncologists…with US medical degrees and lots of diplomas on their wall who will steal your money just as quickly as a Mexican doctor will. Please read this:
        It’s no secret that oncologists make buttloads of bucks off of selling you chemotherapy….chemotherapy that kills people a large % of the time (although chemo won’t be listed on the death certificate because the chemo causes heart failure, shock etc and that’s what gets listed or the cancer will be listed)

        I think it’s important for cancer patients to see ALL their options. This article gives some options that are not fully known to us here in the states, but many of them are viable options. Rigvir, the vaccine for melanoma, is very successful.
        I have a dear friend by the name of Mark Roby who is a physicians assistant, 3 time cancer survivor and liver transplant recipient. His book teaches about all the things you need to know when first diagnosed and the treatments that your doctor won’t tell you about because, they just don’t know. I would strongly suggest you get this for your loved one.
        Here is Mark’s website:
        Good luck to you and your loved one! Please let me know how things go!

  3. Hello, please tell me this is true and not some kind of scam,because we have had such a devastating experience at a so called Cancer specialist hospital in Michigan. My beautiful 28 year old daughter has been diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer and she underwent 3 rounds of Carbo/Taxol and they say she became platinum resistant ( they knew this before they gave it to her yet didn’t tell us ) and they wanted to give her Avastin which has fatal side affects (But they are low says this Dr. yet I spoke to 2 people who had devastating side effects) My daughter has switched to all vegetable, no meat, no dairy diet, and is taking Laetrile, Essiac, Frankincense and Vitamin D. Her mother and I are scared to death and want to get her the best possible outcome so her and her husband can raise her 2 handsome young boys ages 10 and 4. Could you please send me more info of how and what we can do to get her help to beat this awful disease and beat the odds and give her back her amazing life she deserves. Sincerely, Jeff

    • First off, I am so sorry about your daughter. Cancer does, as I’m sure you know affect the entire family.
      The treatment I heard professionals speak of are not a “scam, but like all treatments, it is not 100% a sure thing. I wish there were something that would 100 cure her, but like cancer itself, the treatment if often not simply one answer. It is true that the clinics outside the states do offer more options because of the restrictions in the states, but again, every treatment modality needs to be carefully investigated and chosen based on your daughter’s need. Very smart for her to kick dairy and meat, as these are definitely affecting the cancer growth, and include veggies and fruits to cleanse the system. There are many other treatment centers here in the US that offer alternative therapy….The Gerson Institute ( and Cancer Treatment centers of America ( are two. Sort of close to Michigan is The Block Treatment Center(Chicago),( which has great results too with alternative treatments that can be used in the states.

      As I said, every body is different…with different systems, stresses and strengths. It’s not just the body that needs changing but the mind and spirit too. These are things that you probably don’t know about your daughter….her feelings of hope, self worth, connection with spirit, and thoughts about the universe. Please feel free to connect or have her to with me on my e-mail or Skype. My e-mail address is Don’t lose hope so she doesn’t. xxxoo

  4. Wow, what an interesting post!!! Sometimes I get so frustrated by what goes on in the states. I will tell you that you’ve got me frightened about something. I already have one root canal and my dentist tells me I need another one. Do you know what you can do instead of a root canal that’s healthier? Celeste 🙂

    • Don’t be afraid, just do whatever you can do about your teeth and make positive changes in all other areas of your life to make up for it. I actually called a natropathic dentist for a consult to see what can be done with mine. I had one done about 2 years ago and it still bothers me. I know that I have another tooth going that way too, so I want to prepare. Not sure what they can do but I’ll post about it when I go for my consult. Maybe someone else has the answer and would like to comment here? Thanks for commenting!

    • There are biological dentists in the U.S. who provide less-toxic and more natural dental services. They use materials that are safer for the patient and the earth. All the ones I’ve met do muscle testing to see if a patient is sensitive to materials. I know of one in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Michael Baylin, and two in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dr. Bill Wolfe and Dr. Ieva Wright. You can Google biological dentists or environmentally friendly dentists to find someone near you. I’ve had all sorts of dental procedures without reactions, including root canals, post and crowns, and laser surgery. Good luck! Jennie

  5. I had a WONDRFUL team of doctors in Newfoundland…..but….I was told nothing about diet, exercise, supplements or non-traditional therapies. I think that our doctors are “brainwashed” in med school to believe that conventional medicine is the only way. If we are going to make real change, it has to start in med school. That’s where we need to lobby for change. Even one course might make a difference.

  6. I’m sorry….but western medicine at times is a JOKE! I seriously shudder thinking about some of the shit the Dr’s try to pump into their patients instead of taking a more holistic approach. Sorry, but my inner hippies loves a natural way of doing things!

  7. If you are interested in Rigvir, you can visit virotherapy gobal webpage here:

  8. This is very interesting stuff and totally new to me! Thanks for posting.


  1. Great news from USA! | Cancer virotherapy

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