Here’s How to Cure Cancer

I didn’t need an excuse to travel to 78 degree-and-sunny West Palm Beach Florida, but the Annie Appleseed Project Convention was an excellent one!  I logo copythink I would have attended even if it were held in 5-below-snow-and-ice Chicago.

ann-fonfa-3For those of you who don’t know her, Ann Fonfa, creator of The Annie Appleseed Project, is a powerhouse cancer survivor who was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 and was determined to find better, non-debilitating treatments for her cancer.  In her search, she found a boatload of information and others and connected with others who were having great success with non-conventional treatments and therapies.  She set up the Annie Appleseed Project in 1999 and since then millions of people have accessed this site for loads of information that you won’t find at your oncologists office.  Ann is truly a gift to the cancer community.  You can click here for a great interview.

The Annie Appleseed Project has been hosting the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Conference for the past 7 years and each year the speakers get better, and the conference gets more crowded.  The theme this year was “Many Paths to Wellness”.  There were internationally known speakers as well as survivors who had beaten their cancer without conventional treatment.  Yes…beaten cancer without drugs.  It’s being done every day as I learned here.

Anne makes sure that the meals served in the hotel during the conference are healthy, wholesome and organic and the water is filtered and room temperature.  Herbal teas, iced green teas and fresh fruit were available in the meeting rooms.  She even arranged for a juicing company to supple fresh veggie juices during the breaks, and she told us that some of the food was actually local as well!  I’m sure that’s not an easy accomplishment, but it is so appreciated!  I usually need to stock up on healthy foods to have in my hotel room during these kinds of things, but thankfully not this time.  I was also really happy to see one of my favorite snack companies, Beanitos was a sponsor this year.

There were themes that ran through most of the speakers in the conference this weekend.  Phrases that I kept hearing over and over were ones like:

  • the terrain of the patient (meaning the current health state of the tissue where the cancer would…or wouldn’t… grow) for cancer growth
  • inflammation = state of disease
  • when fighting cancer immunity is vital
  • mainly plant-based diet
  • alternative treatments do work for all stages
  • there is hope
  • cancer-fighting lifestyle

Unknown-3The Keynote speaker was Dr Keith Block creator of the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment and author of Life Over Cancer.  Life Over Cancer explains what every cancer patient needs to know about getting the right treatment for them.

Dr Block’s approach to cancer is to take conventional treatments like chemo and radiation and combine them with a personalized alternative complimentary treatment to enhance conventional therapy and also reduce side effects.  Some of the photos he showed of patients in his center were remarkable (patients doing yoga, on the stationary bike, or getting a massage…while their chemo was infusing) and he had some amazing stories of success.  His philosophy goes against current conventional recommendations of avoiding antioxidants during chemo as Dr Block and his team feel that the environment in which the cancer cell is growing is just as important as the cancer itself and that means a mainly plant-based diet of clean foods, supplementation, exercise, and connecting mind to body is crucial during treatment. (Hmmm…sounds familiar.

  • He spoke about cancer stem cells, and how these stem cells that are at the root of all cancer proliferation and that they cannot be destroyed by chemo and radiation.
  • He also advocates chronomodulated chemo, which is the timing of the chemo therapy to certain times of the day.  His team noticed that certain chemotherapy agents work better fiorst thing in the morning, and others at bedtime.  His team will time your chemo so you get the maximum benefit.  His studies indicate that with perfect timing there is a decrease in adverse effects by 50%, and a 4x increase in 5 year survival.
  • He spoke about the benefits of the reishi mushroom and how it clearly suppresses tumor growth factors.
  • he spoke about studies show that the death rate and recurrence rate is reduced when chemo treatments are finished vs when they have to be stopped due to side effects.  Alternative treatments reduce the side effects which allow the patients to finish chemo.
  • He uses IV nano-circumin to target to tumors (as some other countries are)  Side note: Oral nanocurcumin is only available for purchase in Viet Nam currently. There is promise of IV curcumin (plus bioperine…black pepper) being used in the US in conjunction with at least one chemo agent doxorubicin (adriamycin, or as recipients like to call it…”the red devil”) to increase efficacy and reduce side effects like bone marrow suppression and heart toxicity.
  • He also spoke on the use of a diabetic drug called Metformin (used currently for type II diabetes) and its use in cancer prevention. He agrees that the data is mixed right now…(I think it’s interesting that a drug that decreases your blood sugar and your insulin is being studied to fight cancer don’t you?  Why not just get to a optimal weight and lower your sugar intake while they are studying this….)

His final statement was “The environment of the cancer cell is more important for cell life or death.  If you take the cancer cell out of it’s “growth environment” [high sugar, high insulin, dehydrated, high acidic, etc.] it will die.

Note to Dr Block: I thought you were cool even before you showed me your “Surfing in Antarctica” photos.

Over the next week of so I will be posting excerpts from the conference and things that I think would benefit you as far as lifestyle goes. Stay tuned!

Judy Fitzgerald, Me, and Ann at the conference

Judy Fitzgerald, Me, and Ann at the conference

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14 replies

  1. Fantastic stuff. In my work I am not really sanctioned to promote anything but conventional but I do give some suggestions of complementary therapies to go alongside (with doc approval or awareness), but I do keep an open mind,read loads and love knowing more about alternatives. As you know I am a big fan or curcumin so I will be following up on the Vietnamese oral nano-curcumin. I currently endorse culinary uses of curcumin with black pepper, cardamom and coconut or almond milk but I hope more standardised curcumin-piperine compounds come here soon. I wish In was at the conference with you all. I would have been riveted. And full, by the sounds of the catering! I will check Annie A website to see if lectures online. Thanks so much for sharing. I am just sorry I haven’t been commenting more. Love your posts!

  2. WOW! This is great stuff. Wish I had been there with you….maybe next year. That conference in Hollywood is looking mighty tempting for this year!

  3. Gobbling all this info up Susan….thank you so so much for taking the time to share…I’m so excited and await with baited breath for the next update! Sharon and I heard about metformin usage at a conference in Philadelphia a couple of years ago….and…there’s my curcumin and black pepper again! LOVE IT!!! So So true…why not create an unwelcome environment for cancer cells….its a win win…no cancer and you feel great!! BTW….I haven’t had any meat, fish, chicken or dairy since Feb 9th (I had already eliminated red meat…but still ate some chicken and fish)….I feel great and don’t miss it!!

    • Thanks Sherry! Interestingly, there were a few speakers who said grass fed meat once in a while was beneficial. But they were also quick to add that each person is very different in their needs and only you know what your body needs. Like you, for me, I just don’t see any need for it and I’ve been off all animal products for about 5 years now. There was a great lecture on Vitamin K2 (MK4) which apparently is only found in animal products and natto (a fermented soy food). I’m going to post about that next week. The Vitamin K MK4 was the one thing that was very compelling…it helps the Vitamin D and calcium to know their place. The calcium goes into bone instead of heart which causes heart disease and you are much less likely to get vitamin D “symptoms” with higher doses, which happened to me (I was getting palpitations that subsided when I cut back on the D to 4000 mg from 5000 mg) The thought now is that we all need to shoot for a vitamin D blood level close to 100 mcg/dl.
      There are some great resources as well and I’m going to post them all at once. So much to tell!!
      Maybe next year we can both take notes 🙂

  4. Great info!! thanks for sharing this…Sounds like a wonderful convention and a very worthwhile organization.

  5. Where do you get the liquid reishi extract? Sounds so promising. It really makes sense that if you make the terrain very healthy that defective cells can not thrive.

    • We were given liquid maitake at the conference for free (Mushroom Wisdom) Here is a reishi liquid, but I’ve never tried this brand You can get reishi in pill form. I also take Shiitake, Reishi, maitake blend capsules. Lots of mushrooms have benefits…Turkey tail, chaga, shitake….you just decide which one calls to you. I took this one for a while but it was so expensive….
      Thanks for commenting! You can search “mushrooms” in this blog and read all about the different kinds.

      • Thanks for the information. I have been taking a Turkey tail capsule for about a year but wondered which mushroom is improving immunity the most.

        • it really depends on who you talk to. At this conference it was the reishi, but I’ve seen great research on the turkey tail. The chaga is supposed to be “the most powerful” mushroom for immunity…I think including some form of mushroom in important and I don’t think of one or the other as a “magic bullet”. It has to be a part of a healthy cancer-fighting diet and lifestyle plan. Thanks for the comment!

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