Does Spiritual Surgery Hurt? (Part 3: The afterthought)

So in this last part of this three part series, I will try to sum it all up. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 for those who want to start from the beginning.

Walking back to our hotel on Friday night, after we had experienced all we could handle, we noticed a man standing in the courtyard.  He motioned to us to come see something and pointed to the grass.  There was a huge frog sitting in the grass looking at us.  This frog looked like he had just swallowed a rat….it was that fat.  The man had been watching the frog for some time and said that he believed this frog was not a frog, but a toad.  We discussed what the difference was between a frog and a toad (I still don’t know).  He then told us he was pretty sure the frog/toad was poisonous. We slowly backed away from where the frog/toad was.  Then he started to pull a video up on his phone.  We thought it would be some revelation that told us what kind of frog/toad this was and if it was indeed poisonous.  But it was a video of a small Asian child eating food and laughing.  We both said “ that your daughter?”  He said,”No it’s not”.


We weren’t sure of the meaning of this encounter but it was memorable for two reasons.

1.  That man was the same man I had unknowingly taken a picture of two days before and posted to Facebook.  I had no idea that he was staying right next to us.  We also saw him at the same restaurant where we had dinner later on.  It was just weird.  Maybe he was put in our lives to show us this tremendous frog. (We did find out that it WAS indeed a frog and it WAS NOT poisonous.)

Image 12.  The frog is very symbolic. For us to see a frog on our last day was fitting because the frog symbolizes:

  • cleansing: cleansing negative energy, detoxify, or inspired you to take on a new perspective,  If a frog shows up, it may be to encourage you to clear old opinions and beliefs.
  • symbolizes the cycles of life: it reminds us of the many cycles of transformation and rebirth in our lives.
  • symbol of transformation: a calling to experience change in your life.. It is called to support your transformation in a subtle but powerful way.
  • spirit, mystery, magic: those who encounter the frog might be inclined to walk between planes, whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional and enjoy playing in the magic of life.
  • The frog is often seen as a rain-maker.….which brings me to the next event…

That night there was a crazy thunderstorm.  It rained.  no, I mean it really rained like you see in the movies when they are in the Amazon Rain Forest.  I have never seen it rain this hard in my life.  It was very symbolic…like a cleansing of sorts….(thanks to the frog/toad).


When I woke up I was a bit sad.  It was our last day.  We would be leaving for the airport at 7:30pm to catch the last flight to Atlanta.  We did a bit of shopping and ate lunch at our favorite coffee shop.  We also bought some of those vegan chocolate cakes for the flight home.

My kind of lunch!

My kind of lunch!

Fresh Ginger Lemonade!

Fresh Ginger Lemonade!



Tastes like a Hostess Cupcake!

We decided to venture down a deserted street.  Not really sure why, but Mara seemed to think it was a good idea, and I thought “what the hell” so I followed her.  Down a dirt road we went not knowing what we would find…a garden?  a shop?  or this:

But to our pleasant surprise, we found a little hidden oasis called the Moitara Cafe.  It’s really a cafe, crystal shop, swimming pool, house for rent, and reflexology, if you want to know the truth. You can e-mail them (moitarapaz<at> if you want to book a stay…or find out how to find them.


The road less traveled indeed.

Sam, Tracey, Me, Mara

Sam, Tracey, Me, Mara

We asked the owner, Sam how people were supposed to find this place, and he said, “We don’t advertise.  We just know that the right people will find it.”

Well, we must have been the right people.  And there were 6 other right people in there too.  Sam said he came here 8 months ago and bought this place because it was just too beautiful to leave.  They serve lunch and you can pay a small price to swim in his pool.  Good thing we weren’t allergic to cats because Sam and Tracey had about eleventy-seven of 9900photothem and they were everywhere.

I ordred carrot-coriander soup and Mara ordered tea.  There was a fortune on Mara’s tea bag tag and it was written in German.  There were four men in the cafe, and they all were foreign, but none of them were German.  Everyone had to come over to see if they could translate it for us.  They each had their own translation and then they collaborated to come up with a final translation.  It was “Some men are hard…some men are soft.”  It took a tea bag to tell us this?

After Mara’s tea bag incident and my delicious carrot coriander soup was done, we headed back to the hotel to pack up and catch Sidney’s Cab back to Brasilia to head home.

Those of you who know me, know that my guardian angel’s number is 222.  Whenever I see 222, it’s her winking at me to let me know she’s around.  When we got to the counter I looked up at our flight number:


So back we flew, with Pasiflora pills in hand and a renewed sense of spirit in our hearts.  Over these past days, I have felt my fears and worries lift from me and today I can say that several things are now “working” for me that weren’t.  Things have “clicked”.  Life is good.  I’m singing in the shower and shit like that.

I don’t know if it was the trip, or just my focus on how amazing life is, but one thing is for sure…..this experience has left its mark forever.

I will miss you Abadiania!

I will miss you Abadiania!

To get everything you need to know about your visit to Abadiania, you can go the Friends of the Casa.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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15 replies

  1. Susan, i just did surgery and i am a little bit scared that will change me in some way. That can something bad happen to me.
    Did it change your personality? Friends family?

    • Oh how great! No nothing bad will happen at all! I felt so peaceful when I got back. Mara, my friend that went with me has been back 3 times and is there now for a 2 week stay with her mom who is ill. The visits are really helping her mom who has a serious illness. I definately felt like I had been through a spiritual experience and I felt things I was amazed at, but it was all good. My family doesn’t really understand this type of spirituality, so they don’t really talk with me about it, but it hasn’t really “changed” me. Why are you so afraid?

  2. Hello Susan, Fantastic review !!! I absolutely love the way you have narrated your journey. I was planning to take my son to JOG due his health condition. However, someone told me about some horrible experience after getting surgery from JOG. As per him, he started hearing some invisible voice, commending him to do various tasks in some particular way. He was tired of taking such orders and wanted to live with free will, again. I got very scared hearing him and cancelled my casa trip. My son is too young and innocent for dealing with such entities / spirits. Could you please honestly guide me ?? I would appreciate from bottom of my heart.

    • I can only speak from my own experience. My friend Mara who went with me has actually gone back 3 more times with her mom who is ill. Each time, her mom doesn’t want to leave because of the beautiful experience she has had. As you know, this isn’t magic and healing…any kind of healing doesn’t happen all at once. there are spontaneous healings but that is rare. Healing is a process and sometimes takes time. I can tell you from my experience, there is only light and love there. The feeling at the casa is one of relaxation and joy. I wouldn’t leave if I didn’t have to! I would say that if you are being called to go then trust your instincts. I’m not sure what happened to the person with the bad experience, but I would say trust your heart. Please let me know what happens with your trip! ❤

  3. The Moitara cafe is for sale. please contact me on for details.

    • I will dream about waking up every day in this paradise…if only this was the life I was meant for….hopefully someone who has been waiting for this will see it and respond! Thank you for a wonderful experience! ❤

  4. Just came across your site searching to confirm who the entity was with the big blue stern eyes – almost sure it was Dr. Augusto. All I remember was the eyes staring at me. I was heavily sobbing because just a moment before reaching him, I had for a moment turned to look at a huge crystal to the right of me with a multitude of colors and was so profoundly affected that I was half hysterical sobbing while I looked into those blue eyes and couldn’t stop. Visited for 2 weeks end of February and have to say I enjoyed your blog because I could relate to much of it. One thing I can totally agree with – even though we each had profoundly different experiences of healing, one thing is for sure – can also consider my life totally changed forever. Even now I still feel very much part of the Casa and the entities as healing has continued. Are you aware that JOG is coming to Omega in NY end of September?

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! It’s hard to explain your experience to someone who really doesn’t know who he is and what the casa means isn’t it? I didn’t know that JOG is coming to NY….I may have to check it out! Thanks!

  5. Loved having this experience through you! Beautiful.

  6. Thank you, Susan. Yes, beautifully written and evocative. One of my friends from Santa Fe went to see John of God. I will email her the link to your site. Blessings, Jennie

  7. Thank you for sharing your special experience with us…loved hearing about it! xo

  8. Beautifully written Susan….I can feel your spirit coming through….love it….who knows…maybe someday….
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

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