Does spiritual surgery hurt? My encounter with John of God (Part 2: My encounter with Medium Joao and surgery day)

Here is part two of my three part series on my visit to John of God in Brazil.  If you missed it, here is the link to Part 1: Getting there.

Day 1 started out with a beautiful sunrise

Day 1 started out with a beautiful sunrise

Joao de Deus, or John of God always states and reaffirms, “It is not me who heals, but God.”  He has, from the beginning said that his healing ability comes from the Divine, and is directed through him.  He says he simply “allows his body to be used” for healing by the entities.  He does not charge any money for healings (most energy healers don’t) and he doesn’t turn anyone away.  He has been healing since the age of 16.  The healings are not instantaneous….like a “rise and walk” kind of healing.  (Although there have been some stories of that kind of result.)  Sometimes people have to come back several times before they see complete results, and some are not healed physically but are changed spiritually.  You have to trust that you will be given what is meant for you.  Trust = faith.  That’s the key to this place…and to everything , really.

Wednesday, I jumped out of bed very excited and ready to walk to the Casa and very thankful that it was a beautiful sunny day.  There are several things to do once you get to the Casa.  You have to get a ticket for the line you want to stand in, get your request translated into Portuguese and then wait in the right line to see John of God.  The day’s events at the Casa are supposed to start at 8:00 am, but one has to remember, this is Brazilian time, so sometimes it’s 8:00 and sometimes it’s 8:30.  But no matter how many people are there on any given day, everyone sees Joao.  On this day there were over 1500 people waiting to see him for various reasons.

00whitephotoMara and I walked down the street towards the Casa and the sun was still coming up over the hills.  I think it was just sinking in that we were really there!  We were dressed all in white.  White clothing allows the entities to see your aura more clearly.  If you forget your white clothing, the streets are lined with shops willing to accommodate you.


That’s not water in the distance…it’s low lying fog.

Just to the entrance of the Casa is a beautiful overlook.  Looking out over the hills we were reminded that we were in the center of Brazil in a very rural town.  There are no real medical facilities for miles, but from talking to the locals, there has never really been an incident or medical emergency here….even with all the sick people that come here to be healed.

Mara and I got on the translation line and waited.  You are allowed 3 requests per visit, but sometimes the translator trims 00usphotoyour list because there really isn’t a lot of time in front of Joao.  I had 3 requests, but after the translator read the first one, he said, “You should just do this first request and see what Joao says to do.  He might give you surgery.”  Did he know something that I didn’t?

We then went to the bookstore and picked up our “Prima Vez” (First Time) ticket.  There is no charge for tickets, this is just how they know the number of people that have gone through the lines.

Then we waited.

At 8:15  the announcer started the day with a prayer in Portuguese.  He said that Joao was happy that we were all here and there were thousands of entities all around us waiting to help us with our requests.  We were reminded that there would be a lot of waiting and that there is no reason to be upset or unhappy if we are not in the front of the line or if someone gets in front of us.  We are placed exactly where we should be and everyone will see the entity, so there was no need to worry.  Then they let the “Current Line” into the back room, (more about current later).

They call the lines one by one.  They repeat everything important in Portuguese, English, French and German.  First was the surgery line.  These were people who were told last Friday to be back for spiritual surgery on Wednesday morning.  After they went in, the revision line was called.  Revision is for people who have had surgery at some point prior and want to see if anything else needs to be done.  Sort of like a check up after an operation.

While the other lines were going in, you waited….and waited…..and waited.  And while you were waiting, there were speakers on stage talking about various things.  Some gave testimonial to their healing, others spoke about what was actually happening here and that we really don’t ask a lot of question or try to make sense of things here because things are done the way the entities want them done and it may not make any sense to us humans.

This is very true.  For example, the town has no idea how many people are going to show up on any given day, but with a limited number of hotel rooms and resources, it always works out.  Guests are even told not to make a reservation at a hotel, just come, because you will end up where you are supposed to end up.  Some of the hotels don’t even take reservations.  We were constantly told not to worry about anything because we would be placed exactly where we should be and we would receive exactly what we needed for our healing.

I am used to “not worrying” and having faith and letting things happen, so that was easy for me, but from the looks of some others it wasn’t easy for everyone.

This is the line overflowing out from the main hall. I didn't know it at the time, but this man in the blue shirt was staying in the room next to us at the hotel.  More about him later...

This is the line overflowing out from the main hall. I didn’t know it at the time, but this man in the blue shirt was staying in the room next to us at the hotel. More about him later…

There were all kinds of people at the Casa that day.  I saw old and young… wheelchairs and walkers… sweet children with obvious mental and physical disabilities….some that were bald from chemo. There were people wearing Stars of David, there was one woman with a Hijab (Muslim head covering) and I even saw a Buddhist monk in full red/orange robe and sandals.  There isn’t a “religion” here.  There is only good energy of God, the Divine, Allah or whatever you call the energy that runs the show. We recited the Our Father and Hail Mary, but the prayer leader said “We are saying traditional prayers, but you should say whatever prayer brings you closer to God.”

This beautiful Hindu picture hangs in the main hall along with photos of Joao with the Dalai Lama, and a painting with a Star of David as the background

This beautiful Hindu picture with Neem Karoli Baba and other Hindu gurus hangs in the main hall along with others like a photo of Joao with the Dalai Lama, and a painting with Joao, a Star of David and the Torah as the background

Then they called the First Time line.  I have to admit I felt a little like a kid at Disney World…waiting on a line for a ride I knew nothing about.  I was trying to pray while I waited…trying to open my heart for what I was about to experience and trying to get in the spiritual mood, but I was excited.  Out of the 1500 that were there, about 800 were in the First Time line.  We walked into the main hall and through the door on the right.

I was immediately hit with a wave of…trying to find the right words here…beauty and love.   It was if I walked right into a sea of good energy.  As I looked to my left just inside the door, there were rows of people, about 100 in all, with their eyes closed, meditating and they were being asked to direct their energy towards us as we walked by.  This was “current”.  On the walls of this first room were huge pictures of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St Francis of Assisi, St Rita (it was St Rita that first appeared to Joao as a child) St Ignatius of Loyola, angels, and other images.  Soft spiritual music was playing in the background.

We then followed the path to the left and now we were in another current room.  This one was bigger and it was the room where John of God was sitting.  The room was long and there were others sitting in rows facing John of God but again, with their eyes closed meditating. This room also had large pictures of religious figures and statues.  Joao (incorporated by one of the many entities) was sitting in a chair surrounded by several enormous 4 foot high quartz crystals with rosary beads draped over them.  Mara was ahead of me with one person in line between us.  We were getting closer now and the feeling was of peace mixed with excitement. Then it was Mara’s turn.  She handed her paper to the translator, who also is one of the Casa’s mediums. Joao/the entity said “Surgery” in an authoritative voice and she was directed out of the room to the left.  I’m not sure what the person in front of me was told, because I was trying to remember what I was supposed to do.   Then it was my turn.  I handed my paper to the translator and he read it to Joao.

When you are in front of Joao you are told to look directly into the eyes of the entity so he can connect with you and know what you need.  I made sure to stare directly into his eyes.  I’ve worked with the public since I was 15 years old.  I’ve seen a lot of eyes.  These were unlike any other eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.  They were blueish-green…sea colored… and they had bits of light brown in them.  I’m sure there was a pupil, but I don’t recall seeing one.  They were big eyes.  The color and appearance reminded me of a blue-green glass marble…complete with swirls and flecks of different shades of blue and green imbedded in them.  Truly amazing!  This entity had a very serious demeanor.  No smiles here…all business.  This was very different than the man I saw laughing and smiling with the volunteers the day before.  I looked right into his eyes, and he closed his eyes and bowed his head briefly as if to acknowledge me.  He then looked at the translator without saying a word and the translator said “Surgery in the morning.”  I never heard Joao say anything to the translator/medium, but the translator knew what he wanted me to do.

I was led out of the room past another set of benches.  When I got outside, I was met by Cecilia, the beautiful wife of our hotel owner, Arturo.  Arturo met Cecilia here at the Casa. They volunteer together as well as run the hotel Santa Maria where we were staying.  Arturo has been a volunteer at the Casa for 16 years.

Cecilia came to the Casa to see John of God from Sweden and met Arturo and married him "Of course," said Arturo, "I am the best man here!"

Cecilia came to the Casa to see John of God from Sweden and met Arturo and married him “Of course,” said Arturo, “I am the best man here!”

Cecilia asked what the entity said and Mara and I both said in unison “Surgery”.

“OK, you both will get spiritual surgery in the morning.”  she said in her adorable Swedish accent.  “You will both need to come back for the afternoon session and sit in current in the first current room.  Bring something to pad your butt because the seats are not so good.  Line up at the door at 1:30 and don’t be late because you won’t be let in once the doors close.”

It was sort of weird that both Mara and I were told to have spiritual surgery because out of the 800 that were in the first time line, only about 50 were told to come back for surgery in the morning.  But we were glad we would be doing the same thing.

After the morning session we were all encouraged to partake in the blessed soup.  This soup is prepared daily at the Casa and it is part of the healing you receive here.  You can have as much as you want and there is no charge.   This soup tasted SO GOOD! It was a simple vegetable soup with noodles, but the flavor was amazing.  We all sat together at long tables outside to eat it.

There are several things you could be told when you see Joao for the first time:

  • spiritual surgery the following day
  • sit in current…either the first current room or the room where he sits
  • come back in the 2:00 line (because the entity you saw is not the one who needs to recommend treatment for you..there is a different entity mornings and afternoons)
  • herbs: dried passion flower capsules are prescribed for some.  This dried passionflower called Passiflora.  There are no medicinal properties to it as it is just used to enhance your energy vibration to help healing.  The entity writes a “prescription” on a paper and the proper energy is infused into your bottle, so  even though the bottles all look the same, you are getting the right energy in your bottle.  (Don’t try to make sense of this with your human brain…)Your prescription is filled at the pharmacy on the Casa grounds.  A 40 day supply was $30. Skeptics will say this is how they make money, but this just covers the cost of manufacturing the bottles under Brazilian pharmaceutical standards.  There is no charge for anything else at the Casa.

Spiritual surgery…so what does THAT mean? We asked each other.  We had no idea.  We went to the hotel and had a delicious plant-based lunch, grabbed something to sit on, and went back to the Casa to sit in current as instructed.

Photo taken from

This is what current looks like.                                     Since there are no photos allowed in the hall, this photo was taken from

At about 1:30 the doors opened and we found a seat on one of the pews in the first current room.  I brought a small folded blanket to sit on and Mara brought her jacket and folded it up.  We were told to close our eyes and start to clear our minds.  Some of the direction was given in Portuguese and some in English.  We were told that we needed to direct our energy and prayers to the line of people that was passing in front of us.  We were told not to open our eyes at all and not to cross our arms or legs as this prevents the energy from flowing freely in the room.  (I thought about this later.  When you are talking to someone or trying to have a conversation and they get pissy with you, they cross their arms on their chest, that usually means they are cutting off talking with you and are now talking AT you closed from what you have to say.)  If we needed to go to the bathroom we were to raise our hands and we would be led out of the current room, but we would not be let back in.

Soft spiritual music filled the air and we started meditating.  We were asked to imagine pink and white roses showering on the people walking by.  We were told that we were providing a very important part of their healing and our full concentration was needed.  I tried to focus my intentions and my meditation for those passing us.  At one point I was overcome with emotion and I felt tears running down my cheeks.  I’m not sure why.  I just kept sitting there and focusing my energy and trying to stay in that state of meditation.

Then we were told to slowly open our eyes and stretch, that current time was over.  “It’s what time???” I heard someone say.  “Six o’clock” they said.  We all were looking at each other.  “We’ve been sitting in current for over 4 hours??” It felt like a long time but no way did it feel THAT long!

Quartz is everywhere!

Quartz is everywhere!

We left the Casa tired but again excited for our operations in the morning.   We decided to walk around the various gift shops that line the main street and I bought some crystals for some people back home.  The area of Abadiania sits on  a huge quartz deposit, so there are thousands of quartz crystals of all colors here for you to buy.  You can buy quartz in almost every shop here.  The bookstore at the Casa also sells quartz and the stones are said to be very powerful having been infused with the energy of the entities.

Dr Augusto de Almeida

Dr Augusto de Almeida was the entity that saw me on the first day

There are over 30 entities that enter Joao’s body and preform the healings.   Some of them don’t reveal their identity.  Among those who have revealed themselves are: St Ignatius of Loyola (best known for starting the order of the Jesuits and noted to have said ““For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.”), King Solomon, St Francisco Xavier (a student of St Ignatius), Dr Augusto Almeida, Dr Jose Valdivino, and Dr Oswaldo Cruz.

The medium volunteers at the Casa know which one of the entities is working that session because of the mannerisms of Joao.  Some of the entities are very strict and stern and others are very gentle and nice.

At dinner at the hotel that night, we asked Arturo who the entity was that saw us.  He told us it was Dr Augusto Almeida.  Not much is known about Dr Augusto.  I thought that maybe he bowed to acknowledge me because he was a doctor and I’m a nurse…but I’m not sure.


We came back here several times.

While shopping we found a great coffee shop where they had these incredible vegan/sugar free chocolate cakes.  I never thought I would be able to find plant-based desserts in the center of Brazil, but these were little hand-made goodies sold at a coffee shop owned by an Irish guy.  I I have to admit, it was a bit weird when we walked into the shop and there was Irish Celtic music playing!

I ordered a lemon, ginger and honey tea and we sat in a very Brazlian courtyard and talked about our day.

Thursday morning came and we put on our white clothes to get our operation.  The day started as they all do with a welcome and prayer.  Current line goes in first, and then surgeries.  While I waited in the surgery line in the main hall, I saw Medium Joao on stage.  He was scanning the line of us waiting to get surgery. He stood and looked the line up and down and then up again.  As I walked closer to him something looked odd.  And then I looked into his eyes.  These were not the same eyes I had stared into the day before!  I couldn’t believe it so I looked more carefully.  No, these eyes were definitely slate blue with a dark black pupil and these eyes looked a bit smaller than the ones he was “wearing” yesterday.  His facial expression was different too…not as stern, but still serious.  Like a man hard at work.

Definitely different colored eyes…

We passed through the current rooms and went all the way back to the surgery room and Joao entered the surgery room from a back door off the stage.  The surgery room is just a small room with pews just like the current room.  There were images of religious figures and statues too.  I noticed a woman in the corner of the room with her arms outstretched gazing towards heaven.  She was one of the mediums.  Her gaze looked like she was in a deep trance.  I actually thought for a second that she was a statue!

I peeked into the small rooms off the surgery room and I could see several people lying down on beds.

As we sat down on the bench, I noticed Joao standing next to us.  We were told to close our eyes and put our right hand over our heart and open our hearts up to what the entities were going to do for us.  Once again, I don’t know why but my eyes filled with tears.  At one point I felt a definite whoosh sweep down over me from head to toe.  After about 10 minutes, we were told to get up.

Get up…OK Susan, get up.  My legs felt like noodles! Why?  I stood up and we walked outside to get our instructions.  As we left the surgery room we were given a small piece of paper with a scribble on it.  This was our prescription for Passaflora pills.  The surgery group was divided into different languages.  The English speaking group waited until everyone came out and was seated. Once again we had the pleasure of getting our instructions from Cecilia who told us everything we needed to know:

1.  Take a cab back to your hotel.  Do not walk around or do anything else today.  When you get to your hotel go straight to bed and lie down for 24 hours.  You should try to sleep, but if you can’t sleep you should lie with your eyes closed.  Get up to go to the bathroom and eat only, but nothing else.

3.  Do not lift anything heavy for 8 days.  Your surgery makes you weak just like physical surgery.  You have to get someone to lift your bags if you are flying home before 8 days. (we were)

2.  Do not enter the main hall until tomorrow afternoon.  Your energy is very open right now and the strong energy from the main hall would not be good for healing and could actually make you sick.

3.  Do not eat any hot pepper, drink any alcohol (in fact there is no alcohol in the town because the entities think it is bad for your health), do not eat any fertilized eggs (who eats those??) stay out of the sun and no exercise for 8 days.

4. No sex for 40 days.  (What??) Sexual energy is strong and draws energy down into the pelvic chakra.  This will interfere with the healing energy.

5.  Get the Passaflora prescription filled right away and start taking them 3 times a day until both bottles are finished.

6. On the 7th night after surgery, so next Wednesday night, the entities will come and remove your stitches.  You should wear white and place a glass of blessed water next to your bed, thank the entities for helping you and go to sleep before midnight.  Do not get up until after 5 am.  Say a the Lord’s prayer and a Hail Mary and drink the blessed water.

We were told that the healing will continue to take place over the next 40 days.  If we ever come back to the Casa we would get in the “revision line” to see how the operation did.

My passiflora pills

My passiflora pills

0086photoWe headed over to the pharmacy with our prescriptions.  The paper had scribbles on them and they were different, but there were some similarities.  We were told that the energy infused into the pills we get is just for us and not to share pills with anyone.  We got our pills and went to bed.

This is what the next 24 hours was like.


It sucked.  It was the hardest part of the whole trip.  I was like this from 9am Thursday until 9 am Friday. (Mara and I did cheat and eat lunch and dinner together….we didn’t think the entities would mind)  I was surprisingly tired and I did sleep most of the time, but….

I couldn’t WAIT to get up on Friday and take a shower!  Since we weren’t allowed to go back to the Casa until Friday afternoon, we did some shopping in the morning.  So even though there was no rain, we were correct to bring our umbrellas…for the sun!  After a morning of shopping, we had lunch at the hotel.

We went back to the Casa that afternoon and we sat in the main hall just soaking up the good energy.  We would be leaving the next day, and we wanted to get as much good energy as we could.  This place is so beautiful and peaceful I really didn’t want to leave.  No wonder so many stay for weeks at a time and come back time and time again.

Mara got a ticket for the “second time” line to ask about some family members and to see if Joao thought they should come to the Casa for healing.  While we waited for that line to be called, the speakers were taking the stage.  Mara translated some of it because most of it was in Portuguese.  The speakers were saying that even though you get healings, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and your health.  they were saying to drink water and not so much soda…you need to exercise and practice meditation and prayer every day for healthy body and mind.

At the end of the day, I felt tired but great.  We went back to the coffee shop and stayed until pretty late.

When we got back to our hotel, there was a man standing in the courtyard.  It was the Korean man from the picture above in the blue shirt.   More on that in the next post!

If you want to find out more  you can read more about John of God here

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14 replies

  1. Loved this thank you, so very helpful and sweet ! I am preparing for a visit with Joao in four weeks and cannot wait! Have been devouring info to prepare and sorry for this seemingly silly question… but for the post-surgery instructions not to lift anything “heavy” … if I wind up traveling home within 8 days. (I’ll be there two weeks but of course don’t know when or if surgery will happen.) What is the definition of “heavy” would you guess? 10 lbs? 20 lbs ? I am a nurse as well, wondering if it’s akin to after regular physical surgery which I think is in that range. Have main luggage on wheels and would get help for that but wondering about my carry on which is also on wheels, but wondering if I could pick it up, it’s not too heavy. Thanks so much.

    • I am so jealous that you are headed there! Could I hide in your bag? LOL I think “heavy” was over 8 pounds but I can’t remember. I do remember that when we asked for help with our bags, everyone was used to it so they would say “I understand” When we even started to explain. It’s a very weird feeling and you won’t want to lift anything at all….I would err on the side of not lifting it. I would always tell myself “You didn’t come ALL THIS WAY and go through this to mess it up on picking up your bag!” Please let me know how things go!! I wish you well!!!

      • Hi, i just came back from surgery. I am little bit afraid if it changes your personality. I like the way i am and got a little bit scared. Did it change you?

  2. That was awesome! I have always wanted to see John of God! Thank you and Blessings 🙂

  3. Oops, I just found part three. Thanks again for sharing, it really is inspiring 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting this, it’s really inspiring. Did I miss part three? I don’t remember seeing it come in.

  5. Wow!! I read this the other day but wasn’t able to comment! How are you feeling now? Are there any changes that you can relate to your experience? I would love to hear about them! ♥ Thank you so much for sharing your experience…great posts! xo

    • Mara and I were just talking about this last night…I definitely feel a shift in my level of peace in my heart. I know that I’m not alone in this crazy earth experience and I have to just trust that if I stay connected with the Divine, I will be shown my purpose, but I shouldn’t work so hard at locating that purpose. I also got confirmation that you need to just enjoy life! It’s a wondrous place! Things are going very well with everything that I was struggling with at home before I went….Almost like I took a long cold drink from the “love and light” fountain and it replenished my energy 🙂 Thank so much for reading! Part 3 will sum things up and tell you about a very profound experience we had when we found an oasis in the middle of the woods!

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