Does spiritual surgery hurt? My encounter with John of God (Part 1 “Getting there”)

We are not human beings going though a spiritual experience…we are spiritual beings going through a human experience.

We are all spiritual beings whether you’ve realized it or not and there is a certain order to things if you pay attention.  (There may even be a reason why you are reading this post that may not be evident to you right away).  I recently made a trip to see “John of God” in Abadiania Brazil.  Here’s what happened.  There’s a lot, so I’ve split the trip into 3 parts: Getting there, My encounter with Joao and surgery day, and The afterthought.

For those of you who don’t know him, Joao Teixeira, or John of God, as he is more widely known, is one of the most powerful spiritual healers in the world.  Spiritual healing is different from energy healing. Joao is a full trance medium, which means he allows his entire body and being to be used by certain entities for healing others.  (Oh yeah, by the way, it helps if you keep an open mind while reading this post.) After the healing session, when the entity leaves his body he remembers nothing about the event.  Joao was born and lives in a small rural town in central Brazil and he’s 71 years old.  He has a family and when he’s not healing at The Casa de Dom Inacio (the group of buildings where he works), he is visiting the poor in the surrounding area for healing and to provide money to them or whatever is needed.  He never learned how to read or write.  Joao has been healing people from around the world for over 40 years and has healed over 15 million people.  Among those are famous people like Oprah, Ram Dass, and Wayne Dyer. (and now, me).


Here’s Joao chatting it up with Oprah

If you YouTube John of God you will likely get videos of him performing physical surgery.  These videos can be hard to watch and to most who don’t know anything about him they will say this is “fake” or this is somehow fabricated because what you are witnessing does not make sense to your human intelligence.  What you have to remember is that there are certain things in this world that are beyond our human brain’s comprehension.  If you put things into human logic terms not many spiritual things would make sense.  It is beyond our reasoning that an entity would inhabit a human’s body and preform surgery with unsterilized instruments to heal physical, mental, and emotional illness.  These physical surgeries are only performed on those who request them.  (He even performed a physical surgery on himself!)  Joao encourages doctors to come from all over the world to watch him operate and they are unable to give an explanation as to why there is no blood, no infection (even though there is no sterilization) and no pain.  Joao hopes that by watching him they can learn something about healing (in a different way of course) to incorporate into modern medicine.

But unlike physical surgery, spiritual surgery is different.  The “surgery” takes place inside the cells of your body.  There are thousands of entities or spirits, that help with operations at The Casa and they continue to help for weeks afterwards.  There are post-surgery rules to follow just like a regular conventional physical surgery.  You even have to get the “stitches” removed on the 8th day. (This can be done from home)

Why did I travel 9 hours on a plane to go to some remote village to be healed by someone I don’t know who is doing things that can’t possibly be explained?  Simple: I was called.

It started years ago.  I don’t know when the first time I ever heard about him was, but I think it was when I was watching a video on YouTube and on the side were related videos.  I think I clicked on a video that showed John of God doing a physical surgery and it was so unbelievable I thought “This has to be fake.”  I was drawn to watch other videos and I read about him on Wikki and other sites, then I’m sure some cat video got my attention and I forgot about him.  Over the past year his name kept coming up.  I kept seeing magazine articles, about him and people kept talking about him.  I would be watching a television program and his name would come up.  My good friend Mara travels all over the world.  She had heard about him too and we were surprised that each other knew about him.  We talked about one day we would go there and see what this is all about for ourselves.  It was just a dream trip at first, but then we kept hearing his name.  The last thing to push us was a friend of hers who was “making a trip”. “Where are you going?” she asked.  “Well….there’s this guy in Brazil….it’s like a spiritual retreat…” “Are you going to see John of God???!!” Mara asked.  He said, “Yes, have you heard of him?”  Even now, when people know I went to Brazil, I don’t say “John of God” right away.  It’s a bit hard to explain and with some I just didn’t want to get the WTF-are-you-thinking look.  It was after we spoke to people who had been there that we accepted this as confirmation and we set a date in January 2014 to go.

Traveling is hard for me because my mother-in-law lives with us and she needs constant supervision.  I didn’t know how I would find someone to take care of her for a week while my husband worked.  But I kept trusting that if I was meant to go, the universe would find a way to get me there.

We set a date for the trip way back in August, just tentatively and we kept believing that it would happen. I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I continued to have faith.   I thought that if my daughters were home from college, they could stay with my mother-in-law.  Our trip was planned for Jan 6.  They were going back to school Jan 6….or were they?  When I had looked on the college website I looked at when the school re-opened, not the start of classes.  As it turned out, they were planning to be home that week!  Thanks universe!

So the trip was officially on.  Mara works for the airlines and I fly as her companion pass, so we were flying standby.  Standby is sometimes very nerve wracking. It once took us 48 hours to get from Atlanta to Chicago and we had to rent a car and drive from Indianapolis to do it.  We were lucky just getting on the flight to Brazil that we wanted.

When we walked up to the counter, a big smile came over our faces.  We were listed first and second on the list.  That meant we were sitting in first class.  Yesssss! I’m not a snob or anything, but for a 9 hour over-night flight, it’s nice to have a seat that turns into a bed.  (OK, the warm hand towels and unlimited food doesn’t hurt either.)  We changed our money into Brazilian reals so we would have cash when we landed.  During the trip we paid for everything with cash.

The flight was uneventful and we landed in Brasilia, the capitol of Brazil.  Mara speaks Portuguese (which helped a GREAT deal) and had previously arranged for a driver to pick us up at the airport.  It’s a two hour ride to Abadiania and The Casa.  The cost for the taxi ride was R180 ($90 American)  It is essential that you have a good reliable driver when you land.  If you ever go, I suggest contacting Sidney.  He was an adorable father of two who drives his own taxi for a living. (email him at

Overnight flight and fresh as daisies!

Overnight flight and fresh as daisies!

Here we are with Sidney! He's an excellent driver.

Here we are with Sidney! He’s an excellent driver.

He and Mara were chatting it up in Portuguese while I took in the scenery.  Brasilia is like any other busy noisy city.  It actually reminded me of Jamaica/Queens New York, part of New York City only there were more women in Brazil wearing 6 inch heels and halter tops.  Mara had heard of two special churches here in the city, and since it was 9:00 am and we had some time to kill, we wanted to check them out.  Sidney knew exactly which churches we meant.  It was an extra R40 ($20) to take us to them before we headed for the Casa.

The first was a place called “The Blue Church”…actually The Santuario Dom Bosco.  The entire city of Brasilia was built because Dom Bosco had a dream in 1883 in which he saw a city built in central Brazil built on the 15th parallel.  The vision led to the founding of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.  This church was built in honor of Dom Bosco, and what an amazing tribute church it is. But not from the outside.  I guess I was expecting to see a huge blue building, but from the outside it looks like a grey office building.

But then you get a peek inside and it takes your breath away.

blue church entrancephoto

You are standing in a place you can’t describe.    Blue light washes over you and everything else and you are consumed with beauty.  It was an awe inspiring feeling sitting in that church.

The church is made up of these tiny little stained glass windows!

The church is made up of these tiny little stained glass windows!

The second one was an unusually shaped building that looked more like a space museum than a church.  The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida.  From the ground level, only the roof is visible as the rest of the church is underground.  The unusual roof was meant to look like two hands opening to heaven. each of the concrete ribs that form the church weigh 90 tons.

church brasiliaphotochurch 2photo

You enter a tunnel and then emerge into the main area of the church.  There is a replica of the Pieta and several other statues including a replica of a tiny black Madonna (the original is housed in the National Basilica in Sao Paulo, Brazil).  The story goes that in 1717, three fisherman prayed to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (Mary) to ask God for a good catch.  They weren’t having much luck and then they dragged up a headless statue.  They also retrieved the head and it turned out to be a small, 3 foot tall statue of the Virgin Mary.  After cleaning it it was noted to be a statue of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  (The term “Our Lady” means that this was a vision of Mary that appeared to a person or persons in a particular place.) It then became known as Our Lady Aparecida (Our lady “who appeared”).  She is the patron Saint of Brazil and her image and statues can be seen all over Brazil.  Black Madonnas are noted to be very powerful.  Black is considered to be the combination of all nationalities, so a Black Madonna represents being the mother of all nations and all people.  There are many Black Madonnas all over the world.

Patroness of Brazil

Patroness of Brazil

It was then time to travel to Abadiania and to our hotel.  The two hour ride was through green, green countryside.

There are many hotels that line the main street of the Casa.  Mara was able to secure a reservation with Pousada Santa 222photoMaria located about 2 blocks from the Casa.  The owner, Arturo, has been a volunteer at the Casa for 16 years.  Arturo is quite the character, but also a wealth of knowledge.  He is one of the few people that knows which entity is inhabiting John’s body each day, as that information is not told to the crowd and there is a different entity for each session (morning and afternoon).  The hotel was beautiful, the rooms were “no frills” but had everything we needed, and the food was fresh and delicious.  The rooms was R80/night ($40/night) with all 3 meals included.  The food was all locally grown and was brought in during the week.  I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such fresh arugula before, and the papaya were like candy.

Our rooms were at the end of this walkway

Our rooms were at the end of this walkway

A bed is really all you need here.

A bed is really all you need here.

Make sure to bring extra bags for the toilet paper!

Make sure to bring extra bags for the toilet paper!

Mara, Arturo, and me.  He loves to play loud 80's disco music in the dining hall (but he gets scolded by his wife)

Mara, Arturo, and me. He loves to play loud 80’s disco music in the dining hall (but he gets scolded by his wife)

A few things about this rural town: the septic systems can’t handle toilet paper, so you have to throw them in the trash.  Luckily I knew this and brought small zip lock baggies to contain my mess.  Also the water has just “on” and “off” so if you’re looking forward to taking a nice hot shower, you’re going to be disappointed.  The water was warm which was fine in this climate.  Bring everything you need because to go “into town” to get something is not very convenient and there is no “convenience” store on the main strip.  Also the water is not drinkable so you have to buy bottled water.  You can buy regular water, or blessed water that has been blessed by the entities.  They are both the same price, so of course I chose the blessed water to drink.  You can only get blessed water at the Casa and a few places on the main strip.  It cost $1.50 for 1.5 liters, or you can get 5 gallons for $5.  Our hotel had internet access and several of the other one’s did too.  If you hotel doesn’t, you can pay for access at some of the places there, and there are also phones that you can use with your credit card.

The meditation garden at The Casa

The meditation garden at The Casa

We strolled onto the grounds of The Casa, looked in the bookstore where they sell crystals and books, looked into the main hall where the stage is set and you would wait to be called in line, and looked at the beautiful meditation garden.  The orientation meeting for first timers was set at the Casa for 5:00pm.  It was given by Arturo, our hotel owner.  The most important instruction he gave was “Patience, patience, patience”.  You do a LOT of waiting.  Joao sees people every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday You’re only in front of Joao for about 10 seconds.  The rest of the time you are waiting in a line.  There are several lines :

  • First Time line: if you’ve never seen John of God before
  • Second Time line: if you’ve seen him but want to ask something else
  • Operation line: if you’ve been told you need spiritual surgery
  • Revision line: if you’ve had a spiritual surgery and want to have it looked at to see if more needs to be done
  • 8:00 line: just named that because it starts forming at 8:00 (you would be told to get in this line if you needed to)
  • the 2:00 line: just named that because it starts forming at 2:00
  • Translation line: to have your requests translated into Portuguese
  • The good-bye line: on Friday, you get to say your thanks to Joao

We were also told to wear white if we could because the entities can see your aura better.  As we left to head back to the hotel, Joao was hanging at the coffee shop talking with some of the volunteers.  There are 33 paid employees of The Casa, but all the other mediums are volunteers  Joao was smiling and laughing and he looked very approachable. But we didn’t want to seem like star-struck groupies, so we decided to leave.

The prayer triangle is in back of the stage.

The prayer triangle is in back of the stage.

Before we left the Casa grounds though, I had taken several pictures with me to put in the prayer triangle.  There are 3 wooden triangles on the grounds where you can place pictures of loved one who need help.  You write their names, ages and where they are from and their request on the back of the picture and place it in the triangle.  I had some friends and my family’s pictures so I placed them in the main hall triangle and said my prayers.  We left the orientation feeling very excited but being prepared to wait.  We walked back to the hotel, did some shopping, ate a wonderful dinner and went to bed.  The weather forecast said the entire week would be raining (it is rainy season this time of year) so we both packed our umbrellas.  Little did we know we would need them, but not for the rain.

The weather reports said rain, but the spirits had other plans…I awoke to a glorious sky.  My energy was so high and I couldn’t wait to get up and out to The Casa.

The view from my hotel room window....truly magical.

The view of the sunrise on day 1 from my hotel room window….truly magical.

Please stay tuned for part 2: My encounter with Joao and surgery day.

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  1. Amazing stories. RIP Wayne Dyer. A man who told many stories about John of God. All true.

  2. Great Post, only a little too short!! Can’t wait to read more. You make it appear so real, like I’m actually back in Abadiania. Please continue with the miracle stories from the entities and John of God. And Daughter of the casa Gail Thackray…much to tell

  3. I am waiting with bated breath for part 2 — I am so glad this was a wonderful experience for you, can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Hurry up with Part 2!

  5. You have me all sucked in and then… stay tuned for part 2! 😦
    I look forward to reading about the rest of your visit.

  6. I was in awe the entire time reading this amazing post…now I want to go….maybe this is the part 1 of my “calling” thank you Savvy Sis for sharing!

  7. Oh my gosh, I don’t want to stop reading! Hurry hurry, I want to hear more! I can’t believe you went ~ I am so excited to hear all about it! Truly, I pray this was amazing…so far, it sounds incredible. So happy for you!


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