Naked Juice and PepsiCo can suck it

Last week Pepsico owned Naked Juice agreed to settle a lawsuit that stemmed form deceptive labeling.  PepsiCo had labeled the crappy fruit drink “All natural” when its ingredients were anything but.  Good thing consumers are getting smarter.  A class action lawsuit was filed and won.


But even after a courtroom victory, justice may not prevail in this case.

PepsiCo has agreed to remove the labeling and pay $9 million to the class action group.  However as part of the settlement, they won the right to under-publicize the ruling and they put a gag order on the plaintiffs.  That means that no one is going to find out about the settlement unless they stumble upon it in a few magazines that will publicize it briefly.

Also, usually with class action lawsuits, any unclaimed money goes to a non-profit that is related to the lawsuit.  In this case that would be truth in labeling non-profits…as in the labeling non-profit groups that tried to pass Proposition 37 in California, requiring companies to label their products if they contained GMO foods just like they do in Europe.  The same law that PepsiCo funded to the tune of $2.5 million to defeat.  Conveniently for Pepsico, no money will go to labeling non-profits because the terms of the agreement stipulated that the unclaimed money in this case will go to the Mayo Clinic and local Legal Aid groups.  Two great organizations, but neither has squat to do with labeling laws.

You can read more of the details of the suit here in Living Maxwell.

You can also sign a petition asking that the unclaimed funds go to Food Democracy Now.

Here’s their petition.

Please take a minute when you are drawn to the pretty labels with fields of green and rainbows that say “organic” to find out who is behind the manufacture of that product.  “Cascadian Farms” for example, sounds like a great company, but it is owned by food giant General Mills.  A spin off of Kraft owns Boca Burgers, Back to Nature and Green & Black organic chocolates. (sob)

You can visit the Cornucopia Institute for interesting info on the ownership of organics, who owns all the seeds in the world and other stuff that makes you think.

Knowledge is healthy power.

Special thanks to Savvy Sister Jayne for giving me a heads up on this one.

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10 replies

  1. FINALLY I got a letter about my claim that I filed over a year ago and they denied me saying it was a fraudulent claim! I am so heated! They are the fraudulent ones!

  2. Thanks for working counter to the under-the-table-unfriendly-to-the-consumer-stipulations of this settlement … appreciate your heart and passion here and your willingness to keep us all informed … good job!

  3. All of these big companies are desperate to trade on healthy-sounding names and healthy/ethical products that have a good reputation. I guess money talks (G & B, Aveda, etc). Thanks for highlighting this for us. I don’t think these kind of shenanigans are quite as prominent in the UK and EU (or labelling and marketing laws are stricter), but where the US goes we eventually follow.

  4. Thanks for your always timely tips — I just read (5 minutes ago in my local paper) that Green & Black chocolate bars are on sale and was planning to pick some up (for my daily dark chocolate ‘medicine’). Now I know not to! It’s hard work to eat ethically! But well worth it!

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