People who cure themselves of cancer?

Cure” cancer? No one can do that.

True, chemotherapy does a good job of killing cancer cells, but once you have cancer, there is no guarantee that it won’t come back.  (all women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, for example, have a 30% chance that it will return as stage IV) That’s why we use the term “no evidence of disease” for people who have “beat” cancer.  It means the cancer might be there, but modern technology can’t detect it.  If modern technology could detect cancer, we would see that there are cancer cells constantly forming in everyone’s bodies, but bodies know how to get rid of them.  It’s only when they have the proper growing environment, that the cancer cells grow and attach to organ tissue and start growing a blood supply of their own.  Once that happens, the cancer becomes “part of you” and also has a pathway to anywhere else in your body.  The closest lymph nodes are usually their first home away from home.

Primary cancers are contained in the body part where they originated. Stage I, II, and III (that was me) means the cancer hasn’t set up residence in any other organs or parts like bones, brains, lung or liver.  Stage IV means the cancer has metastasized to another body part.  It’s stage IV that kills people.  The average life expectancy for metastatic breast cancer, for example is 2 years.  There are treatments, but they don’t always work, or they work for a while and then quit.

But there are some cases where stage IV has turned back into “no evidence of disease”.   It does happen.

Sherry Bishop

Sherry Bishop: stage IV star

One such case is a vibrant, beautiful, woman named Sherry Bishop.  Sherry went from stage IV to “no evidence of disease” and is now sharing her story of how lifestyle changes along with thought pattern and emotional changes got her on the cancer-free highway.  You can read her story here. (Sherry’s Recipe for Beating the Odds)

But is promoting true success stories to others giving them misinformation and false hope?

Tami Boehmer: stage IV thriver

Tami Boehmer: stage IV thriver

Should I stop promoting books by stage IV cancer survivors like Tami Boehmer author of From Incurable to Incredible? , a book that tells the stories of 27 terminal cancer patients who beat the odds? Should I stop selling empowerment and hope with our book 100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It  that gives over 100 ways to reduce your risk of cancer and live happy and healthy?  Should I stop buying copies of “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani for everyone I know?   (Anita’s story detailing her extremely awe inspiring case of returning to a full and happy life after being on life support for end stage lymphoma was a life changer for me.  Truly fascinating. You can read a synopsis here.)

Here’s what I am NOT saying:

  • I am not saying that you are guaranteed a cancer-free life and you will live to be 100 if you follow a certain path.  No one can guarantee that.
  • I am not saying that those who die of cancer are failures because they couldn’t keep themselves alive (as has been suggested to me by stage IV cancer patients).
  • I’m not saying it’s your fault that you got cancer because you did something wrong (something I have also been accused of promoting)
  • I’m not saying that cancer is caused by one identifiable food, chemical, or thought

Here’s what I AM saying:

  • I am saying cancer, like all illnesses responds positively to positive lifestyle changes: diet, exercise, meditations, affirmations, gratitude, forgiveness, peace
  • I am saying that there have been lots of people who chose not to get traditional treatment for cancer, adopted lifestyle changes and are doing fine
  • I am saying that there is no “down side” to getting all the facts when you have an illness and that you should seek out those who are thriving with what you’ve got against the odds.
  • I am saying that you should love your doctor, but also know he/she is human and is only quoting medical/legal jargon when he/she tells you what your “chances of survival” are
  • I am saying that there is HOPE in every situation and the term “false hope” is an oxymoron

The whole reason I started this blog in 2005 was to share what I could find out about improving your odds of surviving cancer.  You can reduce your risk of cancer by lifestyle changes.  not because I think so, but because it’s true.

Please share your thoughts on this.  I’d love to know what you think.

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8 replies

  1. So well said Susan! Ya know…I used to hesitate to share what was working for me in fear that I would cause somebody to feel guilty about getting cancer …or fear that I would cause them stress because they aren’t able to implement lifestyle changes…then I realized that everybody (cancer or no cancer) needs to know better health…needs to realize what a huge impact our lifestyle has on how we feel…physically and emotionally….so I started to share what I have learned..Thank you for sharing my story!

  2. Hello, I think the same as you do but would not have been able to describe it that well. Beautifully written. I really like it. It makes me want to read all the books you are talking about!

  3. Well said throughout … no human can predict the outcome of cancer, either for someone else or for themselves … but we live our remaining days, weeks, months, years embracing hope and life … while realizing that death is inevitable for us all. Cancer made me more aware of my mortality, it didn’t make me more anxious to realize it. Every day of life is a gift and we can choose to treasure it. Bottom line: I agree with your well thought out words above.




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