Do not adjust your computer screens…

Change is good, right?

Well it was time for a change to The Savvy Sister site. It may look like there a lot of information here, but I felt it would offer readers more options to more information.

Tell me what you think! (um…I already paid for the new layout, so be gentle)

for anyone born after 1979, that black thing with keys is a typewriter

for anyone born after 1979, that black thing with keys is a typewriter

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12 replies

  1. I think that the new look is great! I always love it when I visit the regular blogs to find out they had a blog facelift! I love the side design of citrus!!!

  2. The header will be stronger if you personalize it further, but the layout is clear. I’m sure you’ll be able to tweak it until you’re fully satisfied, but the work you’ve already put into it shows.

  3. Oh I like it! It’s easy to find everything and I love the colors! Great job!! xo

  4. I love the aesthetic of it. It’s clean, but interesting. Great colors at the header, too. Well done!

  5. Nicely laid out sections, and I like that the blog text is still prominent on the screen. Have you considered moving your book link up higher on the screen, say underneath your bio? In any case, congrats on the change! ~Catherine

  6. Good for you & your blog! Sometimes, we all need a change in our lives to make things better! X 😀😀

  7. Your old site had all the recipes together — can I access all your recipes in one click on this new format?

    • Yes…eventually. I am working on making a lot easier to access them and other info as well. I have so many posts that I felt a lot of them were getting lost. It may take me through this week to figure out the new format. Thanks for your patience!

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