An unhealthy recycle bin……

My sister showed me this photo of a recycling bin she snapped while on her morning walk.  We both had a good laugh for obvious reasons.



The poor woman (is that a sexist assumption?) that ingested the case and a half of Tab (do they even still make this stuff?) and a 100 calorie fruit cup (I’m assuming the 4 cans of cat food were for an actual cat) probably thinks they are being healthy because they aren’t drinking regular soda.  Maybe they’re trying to lose a couple of pounds and they were inspired to “THINK PINK”.

Whatever the reason, they are sadly very, very, wrong 😦

Study after study (a new one just released this week) shows that drinking diet sodas actually makes you GAIN weight.  There are many reasons for this, but the scariest one is that it causes something called metabolic syndrome.   Metabolic syndrome is a group of traits caused by poor lifestyle choices.  The traits include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat and high cholesterol along with a fatty liver.  In a nutshell metabolic syndrome is when your liver can’t handle the crap that you are forcing into your body and it is unable to do it job.  You end up very unhealthy and at risk for major chronic illnesses.  (Another term for this is “insulin resistance”.)

Metabolic syndrome is happening to countless Americans every day.  It was typically a disease seen in only a small group….alcoholics and those who had other serious diseases.  But today over 34% of all Americans over the age of 20 have metabolic syndrome.  We have the food industry to thank for that.

The #1 cause of this syndrome (that leads to heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer) is poor diet.

A poor diet that includes diet soda.

I really want to go back to this woman’s house and just leave her a note with three words written on it….”stop the madness!!!”

Just for the record…there is no healthier drink on the planet than H2O (chlorine filtered of course)  

And for all the environment conscience folks out there (I hope that’s all of you) this zero calorie, zero energy-unit drink takes 30 units of energy to produce.  That makes zero sense.

tab copy

Friends don’t let friends drink Tab (or any other soft drink for that matter…)

Do you drink diet soda? And if you do…why?

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24 replies

  1. OMG Tab lolol!! Horrible stuff, but unfortunately they do still make it… My moms friend still to this day drinks TAB all the time (we’ve been friends at least 10 years…)!!

  2. Never going to drink that bad stuff again!!!

  3. I don’t drink ANY soda, ESPECIALLY not diet…no no no!! This is awful and I hope that recycle bin starts to fill up with water bottles! Although I am not keen on those either, HAH!

    • Well my sister passed by again and it was filled..once again…with Tab cans. But this time there was a newspaper in there as well, so maybe she read the article about the research linking diet soda to obesity!

  4. I used to drink 2-3 cans of diet soda a day but cut it out at home a few months ago. I don’t miss it and now have a diet coke now and then when eating out or traveling. I had one on the plane home from Fitbloggin’ and none since.

    Unlike those that said it doesn’t taste good to them after quitting I still love the taste!

  5. I am happy to report that I have not had a soft drink of any kind in over a year. Prior to getting cancer however, I could easily guzzle one to two liters of diet cola A DAY! Rather than “giving up” my pop, I “replaced” it with de-chlorinated water with a splash of lemon juice.
    A very informative post as usual (this one should go in your next book:)

  6. I have completely eliminated all soda from my body. I took a sip of one the other day to see if I missed the taste, and it was like drinking iron filings. I don’t know what those taste like, but that’s what popped in my mind when I took that sip. It was gross. I highly suggest that everyone give these up and then try them again, you will be so grossed out!!! It tastes like what it really is — CHEMICALS!!

  7. Stopped drinking sodas completely two years ago … and I haven’t missed them.

  8. We used to drink cola with pizza on Friday nights . . . but that stopped long ago. At some point, pop just stopped being appetizing. Now it just isn’t appealing at all – wayyyyyyyyyy too sweet. ~Catherine

  9. a great post & you are so right too!😉

  10. Sadly, my recycle bin used to look similar to that – only with Diet Dr. Pepper cans. However, I gave them up in October and have only had 3 since then – and those were only because I had a headache and needed some caffeine. They don’t taste good anymore and I don’t crave them at all. 🙂

  11. Abhor the stuff. I have been trying to get my sister-in-law off of it for years for all the reasons you posted. Sadly, still trying. But I persist. This photo gave me a great chuckle on yet another rainy day on the US East Coast. Thanks!

  12. I do not. But, for many years I did. I think you have to “come down” off of it like any other addiction because of the garbage that’s actually in the drink.

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