Win These Fabulous Healthy Prizes!

I love give-aways! Win these two prizes here.  Nothing to fill out. No survey to answer.  No taste test. Click on the photo and “like” the FB page to be entered.

Win these!!

Win these!!

The Pink Kitchen cookbooks are written by Lisa Grey. Lisa used nutrition to fight her cancer and stumped her doctors by doing it.  She has great recipes and great dietary advice for anyone who wants to not only combat cancer, but anyone who wants to get healthy.

The table top mister is a really great idea for anyone who hates using butane to propel your cooking spray.  Most cooking sprays (like Pam) use Butane gas to propel the oil out of the can.  While you can’t technically eat a gas, I don’t like th idea of my oil being coaxed out onto my skillet by lighter starter.  Pam and other cooking sprays also contain soy products and preservatives.

To avoid all that and just get the oil (thank you) I found this wonderful mister. (Mister Right, I like to call it) I can use whatever oil I choose, and I can even flavor the oil with fresh herbs.  I put the cap on and pump it 7 times to put air into the bottle.  The air forces the oil out when I push the sprayer. It sprays continuously for enough oil to cover a 10 inch skillet or a small salad. When I want another spray, I just pump it again.

I love it so much. I gave them away as Christmas gifts to my sisters!

You can win these fabulous prizes!

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