I only counted 7 “um”s


My first radio interview was nerve wracking. Ordinarily, I would be a wise-ass and joke around, but my funny bone was silenced due to fear. I wrote a sign and stuck it in front of me that said “DON’T SAY UM”.  It worked to a certain extent.

Also…the host didn’t tell me he was going to read my bio before we got started.  If I had known that, I wouldn’t have padded it to this extent.  (Good thing I left out that science fair award for my experiment, “Bell Bottom Pants and Social Rejection” that I received in grade 4.)  Once you get through that it gets much more exciting.

Click here to listen.


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18 replies

  1. Great job Savvy Sis!! I did not hear one “um!” Congrats!!

  2. Good Job! I would be super nervous! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed listening to your interview as well, you interviewed great! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  4. How fun!! I would have said plenty of UM’s or I would have been touching my hair a lot. I guess if it’s radio that’s not a big deal HA!

  5. Susan, you were awesome…even my 17 year old daughter was impressed…and she is NOT easily impressed. In fact, I think she gained a new respect for her mother because I am even associated with you. You were completely professional, and I did not not notice even one “um”. BTW….congrats on the “bell bottom pants award”…..loves ya!
    p.s. that MOON organics lip gloss is doing wonders for the “Canadian Winter Dry Lips Syndrome” THANKS!

  6. Fabulous!! I loved getting to hear your voice. Fantastic interview – such great information! Way.to.go.Susan!! 🙂

  7. PS kudos for the interview. You sound fine to me. Very poised.

  8. I was listening with rapt attention and unfortunately the audio player cut our during your recount of your acupuncture experience.Aargh! Will try this again on another device. Damn technology/dork who runs the technology! Are you from the north? You sound like my auntie in Maryland. In a good way 😀

  9. Great job, you are AWESOME! I passed this along to several women I know, hope they are inspired as much as I am, love ya!

  10. Very informative interview! I thought you sounded prepared and well-spoken.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview — I learned some new tips and it all confirmed that I am lucky to have such a savvy sister.

  12. Ummm only means you’re giving thought to your answer…..

  13. Loved it Savvy Sis! You rock…such great info…I am passing this one on…

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