Turkey Tails Prevent Cancer

Before you go lopping off the ass flap to your holiday turkey, let me clarify.  Turkey tail mushrooms prevent cancer.

It is not news to this blogger (and not news to anyone who has read my mushroom post) that mushrooms provide some powerful magic to enhance immunity and help defend against many illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue, hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.  Mushrooms have been the subjects of numerous studies looking at their ability to enhance immunity and lower cholesterol.   The big three varieties, reishi, miatake, and shiitake are known to have the strongest anti-illness and anti-cancer properties and are usually the stars of most studies.

cancer turkey tail

Turkey tail mushrooms come in a variety of beautiful colors!

But recent results earlier this year from a study performed at the University of Minnesota and funded by the National Institute of Health, show a definite enhancement of the immune response and a measurable rise in NK (natural killer) cells in breast cancer patients who had been treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and took turkey tail supplements.  NK cells are responsible for the destruction of “invaders” like bacteria, viruses and cancer.  Enhancing NK cells would protect your body from a wide variety of illnesses and best of all, you can do it with naturaceuticals, not pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of the study was to see if NK cells could be enhanced after being knocked down by chemo and radiation in breast cancer patients.  Women were given up to 3 grams, 6 grams and 9 grams of dried turkey tail per day.  There were virtually no side effects.

turkey tail cancer

“Hey! I’m the Wonder Woman mushroom! I’m good looking AND I can kick ass!”

Turkey tail mushrooms, or Trametes (or Coriolus) versicolor as it is known to science geeks, has been used as a legitimate treatment in combination with chemo and radiation for cancer patients for over 30 years in Japan and China, and more recently in Australia.  Clinical human trials have demonstrated that the enzyme PSK extracted from turkey tail mushrooms has a definitive action on the suppression of cancer cells and has been shown to inhibit metastasis, or cancer popping up in other body parts.  Medical doctors, not just natropaths in Asia, are prescribing PSK and PSP as treatment for post cancer patients to increase survival times and reduce recurrence of their cancer.

Because of the US FDA’s regulations (and probably because pharmaceutical companies can’t make a buck on natural non-patentable products) you will never see it as a treatment here even though it would make a difference to millions of people, as it’s not just breast cancer patients that would benefit from this inexpensive, easy to use supplement, but anyone with any cancer, immunity disease, or just those who wanted to boost their immunity to prevent illness.

Gobble Gobble this up for cancer prevention.

Lucky for us, we have access to the extract used in the study and we can get it without a prescription.  Paul Stamets, a mushroom afficianado owns a company called Fungi Perfecti Inc.   One peek at his website and you know this guy is the 5-star general of the shroom platoon.  His mushrooms are all organic, which is important in general, but even more so when buying mushrooms.  The dried mushrooms and mushroom extracts are dosed by milligrams and are consistent.  You can get 500 mg capsules of organic turkey tail mushrooms here. 

Or you can buy kits to grow your own.

cancer treatements mushrooms

This mushroom is getting our attention in more ways than one.

Or if you need “sugar to make your medicine go down” you can get 100% pure Vermont maple syrup infused with turkey tail extract from Wild Branch Mushrooms.  All mushrooms are organic.  I’m not a big fan of added sugar, but c’mon!  Can you think of a better excuse to add a tablespoon of pure maple syrup to your oatmeal in the morning than fighting cancer?!

Of course I am just presenting this information for your information so you can go out and get more information.  I am certainly not suggesting that taking these supplements will cure anything.  But if taking a supplement of something that you would eat anyway just might help you and there are no side effects, it might be something to consider.  As with any supplement, you need to discuss it’s use with with your healthcare professional.

I still will take my reishi, shiitake, miatake capsule combo, and i will still include mushrooms as part of my regular diet, but I also ordered some of the turkey tail infused maple syrup….for research purposes of course.

Summary of PSK studies

Animal study showing reduced metastasis PSK

See Paul (Shroom Platoon General) Stamets talk about growing his turkey tails

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20 replies

  1. I love mushrooms!! After my mom had a surgery for cancer, we saw maitake a lot on our table.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this funky breed of mushrooms. I get annoyed when other countries know more and use more plants in cancer treatment and the UK just pooh poohs anything that isn’t in a pill or infusion. Thanks for the links, m’dear. Great post.

  3. Yes Victor. I thought they must be colored that way because they want us to notice them. As if they are saying “Pick me! I can make you healthy!”
    Here is a link to Sloan Kettering’s site. While they don’t list turkey tails, the reishi has similar PSK properties although not as strong.

  4. Pray, how do mushrooms defend against HIV/AIDS?

    • They increase leukocyte production and increase NK (natural killer) cells. So they would defend against any infection that you would fall prey to with AIDS.
      Basically, increase immunity.
      I don’t see any evidence that they actually kill the virus, but there is so much out there, I haven’t read everything…

  5. I have never seen this kind of mushroom!! Maple syrup with it infused?! HOW cool!!! I am NOT a mushroom fan, but that may just be something I try!

  6. Those are some incredible looking mushrooms. No wonder they’re super-powered healthy! ~Catherine

  7. Ass flap. I always enjoy learning the proper names of things. I’ve always loved mushrooms. Now I have more reason 🙂

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