When I Grow Up, I’m Going to Weigh 300 Pounds

…especially with McGolden Arches announcing they are “voluntarily” going to be the first fast food chain to list their calorie content on their menu board.  Wow.  Thanks Mickie D.  It was made a law, but you can be the first if you want to.  It’s not like it’s going to matter one iota to the fast food masses that partake of the stuff you call “food”.

Go to their “we are great” press release and you can see statements that are interesting if nothing else.

  • “The new Happy Meal is anticipated to introduce about 100 million cups of apples annually into the diets of McDonald’s youngest customers.”

First, this means that McDonalds  plans to serve 100 million kid’s meals next year.  That number just floors me.  And it’s no comfort for parents to know that they have “made the decision” to omit pink slime from their Happy Meal burgers.  In case you didn’t know, pink slime is dog food quality meat by-products treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill the e.coli and make it “safe” for human consumption.  (It is illegal to sell pink slime outside the US.)  Their customers are supposed to feel good about the fact that they are no longer putting this in Happy Meals?

“Oh, by the way, we’re not going to be serving you dog food anymore…..aren’t we nice?”

Getting back to the apples…. they don’t really think the kids are eating those calcium citrate treated slices they get with their Happy Meal, do they? “Into the diets of their youngest customers”, but not into their stomachs, I can assure you.

  • “McDonald’s…revealed several 2013 menu innovations in test that will include recommended food groups from the USDA’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines.”

They are including food groups other than the sugar and fat food groups? I’m pretty sure any other food group served will have a sauce made from sugar and fat.  I can hardly wait.

  • Under the heading “Children’s Wellbeing” it states: “Fat free chocolate milk was added as an additional beverage choice (for Happy Meals)”.

They see this as a good thing?  The healthy option, non-fat chocolate milk contains sugar, fructose, and added salt.  And everyone knows I’m not a big dairy fan for anyone but especially kids. (better be careful…the National Dairy Council might put a severed cow’s head in my bed tonight.  Got IGF-1?)

“We’ve made a lot of good progress toward our nutrition commitments and we recognize there’s still more to do,” said Senior Director of Nutrition for McDonald’s USA Dr. Cindy Goody, PhD, MBA, RD

Dr Goody, that is the understatement of the year.

(Hmmm..how long do you think executives at McDonald’s searched until they found a nutritionist to represent them with a name like that?)

OK enough said, I’m preaching to the choir anyway.

Recent statistics state that 75% of McDonald’s sales (over $17 BILLION) come from customers who visit the store at least 10 x/month.

1996 McDonald’s burger

If you think there are no preservatives in their food, check out this to see  what a 12 year old burger looks like, and the never ending story of the “burger lady”.

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8 replies

  1. I love this post.. and sadly I love a good McChicken too, once in a while. However lately I just can’t stomach the thought of eating one of those. It contains 1/3 of my daily allotment of sodium. This whole corporation is truly making America more sick. It makes me sad to think some people depend on McD’s for lunch and dinner. Really good post, and thanks for the link to the 1996 hamburger, yeesh!!

  2. Healthwashing at its finest. Loved your take on it though. Gave me a good chuckle 🙂

  3. I think they should just outlaw McD”s and the like, so call food places. It’s just nasty, plain nasty!

  4. 10x a month, I haven’t been there in years…………..:)

  5. RD with the name Goody, working for McDonalds? That almost sounds made up, but we know it isn’t. Sadly. Great and horrifying homework Susan. That’s what I come here for – and the insightful way you present your research. And, I just looked at the burger article from 2008. Egads. I wonder if she still has it.

  6. AMEN! Corporate hocus pocus talk and trying to make themselves look like heros. Hopefully more people like you will tell the real story.
    Thanks Savvy Sis

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