Sugar post updated….so can you have that donut, or what?

Last year I posted on the dangers of added sugar.  Since that post there have been some new studies and new information that continue to point to same thing: excess added sugar in your diet can cause health problems like diabetes, of course, but also heart disease and cancer.  (and I won’t even mention the controversial video by Robert Lustig, so there.)
So here is the new information. Do with it what you want, but you’d better eat your donut before you read it.

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  1. Great article as always. Interestingly, sugar also affects the immune system to the point that consuming just three ounces of honey or fruit sugar (or fruit juice) or sucrose results in a drop by up to 50% in white blood cell activity for between one and five hours -might explain the cancer link. And referring back to your McGolden Arches article, I believe a full-fat mik shake to be way superior to a sugar loaded one…but unfortunately many believe fat-free is “healthy”!

  2. I’ve looked all over and maybe I’m looking too closely…but where is your email address to get in touch with you? I have a question and I can’t see to find a “Contact Me” link or anything. So this is my way of reaching out to you Savvy Sister.

  3. I am so happy that I have an aversion to sugar….I have never liked sweets. (now if only I would develop an aversion to wine…..)

  4. Mmm but on chemo, sugar seems to be the best remedy for metal mouth taste. Trying to switch to agave…
    Thanks as always for your info!

    • When you’re on chemo, you should try to do the best you can, so if sugar works for you, that’s ok. But keep in mind (I can’t help sounding like your mother here, sorry) that the chemo is being metabolized in your liver, so it really is working awfully hard as it is. High sugar (and I mean candy, cookies, etc) is not making it any easier. Agave is still processed sweet….
      What is it that helps with the taste? Are you eating sugar from the bag, cake…cookies…chocolate… what?

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