You know what really bugs me?


I live on a wooded lot and I have to say, the bugs down in this part of the south are terrible.  Some of them look prehistoric!

I refuse to use any of the DEET products (read why here) because of health issues and because I know there is something better and healthier out there.

I tried a new natural product called Away.  Away repels bugs within a 4-5 foot distance and it’s safe for kids, pets and you.  It’s not a spray, but a collection of dry botanicals.  

There are several ways that it is supplied.  I chose these little pouches (see below).  The pouches look like tea bags but are filled with stuff like lemongrass, cinnamon, citronella, rosemary and castor oil.  I found they worked great when I attached one to my upper body (like where you would put a name tag…Hi My name is Leavemealone) and one to my hip on my belt loop.  I used safety pins to attach them.



They did a great job of keeping me “bug-free” while I worked outside in my mosquito infested yard.  You can also purchase a tin filled with these ingredients that you would put on a table top or in an area that you were sitting. I like the fact that I didn’t have to put anything on my skin.

It’s not hard to find natural products that actually work.  Luckily companies like Away understand us and our needs to stay healthy in all areas of our lives…even the pesky areas.

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  1. If it worked on your Southern bugs it should work on our Scottish midges (the scourge of Scotland). I will defo see if I can order some. Daughter going with school to Honduras next year and they kit them out with all kinds of DEET stuff so this sounds like it could be an alternative, although malaria-carrying critters aren’t anything to mess with…

  2. Great to see you blogging again, Sista! Brilliant as usual:)

  3. Very interesting. I’ve seen products like this before but felt sceptical about their efficiency. It’s nice to hear it actually works. Another great method – a bug zapping badminton racket. Well, it just looks like a badminton racket. Really, it just zaps bugs when you push a button.

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