No matter what you think of the decision, Bradley’s diet is a KO

Timothy Bradley won the welter-weight boxing title this week training on a plant-based diet.

For those who think that athletes (or anyone else for that matter) must eat meat, cheese, and eggs to be healthy, I present the argument…all 146 pounds of him….lean & ripped.

Timothy Bradley is one athlete who adheres to a strict vegan diet during his training for fights and continues to eat mainly plant-based during his off- training.

There are those who continue to believe that plant-based diets are for the weak and malnourished.  Does Bradley look malnourished to you?

All this muscle was built by not eating any.
image photo by Steve Marcus

There are plenty of athletes that are vegans.  Carl Lewis, nine time olympic gold winner stated that his best track competition year was the first year he went vegan.  The list of vegan athletes continues to grow. Here are just a few:

Bill Simmons: prof body builder

Alex Dargatz: prof body builder

Kenneth Williams: body builder

Jake Shields: martial arts champion

Tony Fiammetta: fullback for the Dallas Cowboys

You can see more at Great Vegan Athletes.

If you want to go vegan, but you’re using these excuses:
  1. You won’t have energy
  2. Your body NEEDS meat
  3. You are planning to become a welter-weight boxing champion
Hate to break it to you, but these excuses don’t work anymore.

Bradley’s vegan diet not new among athletes 

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7 replies

  1. Thanks Savvy Sis..for showing all that say plant based people are thin and weak…we may be lean, but we are anything but weak! A few other athletes to add to your list (most are 100% plant based, some embrace during training/in-season and are mostly plant based off season) …. Tony Gonzalez..tight end, Atlanta Falcons record holder for all time most catches, most TD’s and most yards gained for his position, Jon class strength trainer..James Wilks..champion ultimate fighter, Matt Danzig..boxer featured in documentary Forks Over Knives, Brendan Braizer..champion endurance athlete and author of THRIVE, Scott Jurek..ultra marathoner, Rich class ultra endurance athlete and author of Finding Ultra… and the list goes on….thin and weak??? I say LEAN AND MEAN!!

  2. Pac-Man was robbed he clearly won the fight. However, Bradley is in amazing shape, and took a hell of beating and looked fresh afterward. He is in amazing shape.

  3. A great & inspiring post!!

  4. This is good! I am thinking it would fit with one of my perks where I say, “I am just a pork chop away from being a vegetarian.” I could even add something like, “I am seriously considering giving up meat all together. The only thing stopping me is the off chance that I may decide to become a world class body builder in my fifties. I really need to keep my options open.” Whadda ya think, Sista?

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